Rift is a popular video game franchise focusing on the two son's of father time who often have to save the world from evil. The game is a 3D platformer type often with combat element's in game too letting you fight enemies instead of running away from them You can also reverse time in some game's letting you travel in time before a boss fight. They focus on rift and his brother rob who has green hair and goggles


Rift Release date:2006 Platform's:Xbox 360 and PC this was the rift franchise's first outing it was originally a 2.5D platformer with 3D element's thrown into the background. There was also boss battle's which were 3D and you would fight and these bosses would have a gimmick such as a lava worm boss where rock's could only hurt it and properly kill it

Rift 2 Darkness Rising Release date:2008 Platform's:Xbox 360 and PS3 Rift actually went 3D with this game. Father time accidentally open's a seal releasing a evil being known as Zha'Aragi or when translated from african The king of evil and darkness where he tries to kill father time and so Rift must go through many world's to save father time and take down Zha'Aragi as he finally learn's how to master his time travelling power's so he can travel to past and future version's of stage's like in sonic CD.

Rift 3 Purge of Evil Release date:2010 Platform's:PS3 Wii as Rift 3 Evil Rising and Xbox 360 This time a storm occur's opening a purge releasing evil and chaos so Rift has to travel to the source of the storm via time travelling and destroy it so everyone's safe from evil. Also there's a evil spider queen who want's to turn people into mutant spider people and so she take's father time so robbie has to rescue father time in a mini game called dig deep which is like a cross between dig dug and bomber man where you actually bomb the evil spider's then you do some platforming with rob and rescue father time aswell as battling the evil spider queen

Rift 4 Cancelled Planned release:2012 This was a cancelled rift game that only had a trailer which had some impressive environment's due to it taking place in a kingdom called Aravass which is hidden in greece which is quite beautiful. The game had a darker tone because In-game people actually died from a evil corporation called Quadro Tech who want's to destroy the kingdom and take it over making it the company's own metropolis they own and use. The villain was different instead you fought the company and the CEO Eric stanton who has inhabited his uncle's money.

Rift Edge of Time Release Date:2014 Platform's:PS3 and PC this was one of two reboot's to bring Rift back to the general public which failed despite having actual time-travelling and good combat it still bombed in sale's only making around 14 dollar's in america and in the UK around 29 pound's the new developer's bright spark was worried that would fail on it's own merit's and would be bad-mouthed by critic's because of course critic's found it having a terrible messed up story and corny and cheesy dialogue for both the NPC's and the villain's.

Rift Lost Future Release Date:2014 Platform's:PS3 and PC as well as a cancelled port to the 3DS as Rift 3D This game was a bit darker due to it being set between two future's a good high tech future where crime is cut down because there's more law enforcement's and a robot terrorist want's to destroy the city for revenge because his dad was killed by the mayor and a mad max like apocalyptic future where the world is a huge wasteland and radiation has filled the lake's. Black market's are making more money in this future and rift befriend's a group of kid's from a crashed plane as well as a bounty hunter known as glenn who is rob rift's brother in this future who turned to bounty hunting to make money. The villain in this future is a evil general called Frost who is a evil man with a objective to kill all of humanity and create colonies on mar's.


Rift:The lovable hero who is childlike and naive he is quite innocent in the first game but in lost future he grow's more mature after the event's of the cancelled rift 4 and edge of time He use's a grappling hook and a nano rifle which fire's nanobot's which slowly kill a enemy from the inside eating the heart and lung's it was created by his brother after a company called nanoplex gave his brother a reward for giving his concept to the board of director's from the company so rob made a nano rifle for his brother.

Father Time:The god of time himself who married a unnamed and unseen woman and looked after two of her kid's rift who had a prophecy where he was the chosen one to save the world from a cataclysm and rob who was the one to protect and battle a dark aura of evil. He is seen in rift 2 and rift but not seen in the later game's as he disappeared for business.

Rob:The older brother who later at the end of rift edge of time goes into a coma and become's a prince being granted demigod like power's after becoming a prince such as trading his soul for immortality and he's more agile as a prince as well as mastering sword's and the scimitar which a arabian prince kept to protect the princess who was his sister.

King of Darkness:The villain of rift 2 and 3 Because he created the storm in rift 3 and in rift 2 he was reincarnated by father time and tried killing his two son's and leeched father time's power.


Originally there was four design's for rift originally he was going to be a boy who could morph into a wolf and battle evil at midnight as the sworn night wolf there was three more design's.

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