RiftPG is a game created by Sorastitch in RPG Maker VX Ace. It is still under heavy development but three updates, Beta, Gamma, Omega have been released. The next update, Scorpio, is coming "soon" but has no set date for release.


The story starts out with Erica in a meadow, not knowing where or who she is. All she can remember is her name and something about "Protocol-91". She comes across the Fairy Spring, where she meets a mysterious blue haired man who urges her to go into a black sphere.

She arrives in Dimensional Desert, a desert dimension said to be close to the end of the multiverse and as such is highly unstable. She meets a maid named Ghei, who also does not know where she is or who she is. They enter into another black sphere.

This time they find themselves in Sky City. They meet a demon named Terrance, who tries hitting on both of them, but joins the group regardless. They find that a demon named Zim is blocking a black sphere, similar to the first two. After defeating the sphere, Zim swears revenge and they go into the sphere.

They find themselves in the dimensional rift, a collection of worlds and dimensions that are being connected through the black spheres. They encounter the blue-haired man again, who reveals his name is Travoltis Foster and that Erica is his wife. He then kills her. Travoltis disappears and Ghei and Terrance look for another portal. They meet Ricea, a quiet but caring fire elemental who claims she's late for something. They enter another portal.

The story switches over to David, a robotic boy. He has to defeat three robots who are in his room. After defeating them, he leaves his room, to reveal he lives in a long-abandoned wing of a hospital. A giant robot shuts him down, claiming "Protocol-91" is unstable and must be shut down.

Erica wakes up in the Underworld, and comes across shadowy men who refer to her as Mrs. Foster and told her she "could have stopped it" and "but you didn't". She comes across the ruins of a castle and goes in. Her friends meet her there, along with Ricea, who greets her oddly.

After going back into the Dimensional Rift, they meet the Keeper of Dimensions who tells them Travoltis is causing trouble in Richardson. Turns out Travoltis isn't even in Richardson, but he used to live there. The kids also talk about a man who uses his mind powers to fend off people while he goes on violent rampages and screams out "Mjonir!".


character entries to be put here



The first update is known as Beta. It consists of four locations: Fairy Spring, Dimensional Desert, Sky City, and the Dimensional Rift. It features only slimes, robots, and Lamias as enemies. Erica, Ghei, and Terrance (with optional party member Samus) are all playable. Out of all the builds, this is the one that is deemed the simplest and the worst.


Gamma was the second update. It changes a lot from Beta, such as level layout and enemy encounters.

  • Added new areas: Humble Bee Inn and David's Room
  • New Party members: Ricea and David. Samus is now found as optional party member in the Humble Bee Inn.
  • Added Boss: Zim. There's also a second fight with him and GIR, but that's not accessible in the game itself. You can still fight it if you have RPGMAKER VX ACE LITE TM.
  • That weird hole in the first room has been replaced with a normal hole.
  • Slimes appear in the first room now.
  • Portals have been moved around so you have to go around the rooms a bit.
  • Sky City has Glass Men as enemies now.
  • Dimensional Desert has Pokeys as enemies.
  • Names have been added to the rooms, they now show up when you go in them.
  • Title Screen has been changed entirely, music and everything.
  • Terrance's introduction has been slightly changed.
  • Portal to Humble Bee Inn was added to Dimensional Rift.


Omega was the third update. It was the last update for a while.

  • Engine was updated to the full edition of RPG Maker VX Ace.
  • Added new areas: The Meadow, Dimensional Desert East, Houses and Shops in Sky City, David's Room, The Hospital, The Underworld, The Ruins of a Castle, Richardson, and Hoho.
  • Every NPC has two or more things to say now.
  • Lots of Travoltis's dialog has been changed.
  • Added several new items such as Genie's Lamp, Cursed Armor, Travoltis' Knife, Eraser Eraser, Anti-Virus Program, Pink and Blue Egg, and Golden Chunk.
  • Samus has had a overhaul and can now be found in Richardson instead.
  • New party members (David, party members hatched from Eggs)
  • Lots of new enemies: Liberty Queen, Funky Forklift, Radiohead, Superbot, Angel, Flora, Anti-Virus Program, Super Virus, Witch, Experiment 2.0, Rainbow Reaper, Grappler, White Magic Girl, Skype Alert, Young Quest Takers (Male and Female), Golden Man, and Grey.
  • A few new bosses: Zim and Gir, Frank, Gaurdian Angel, Mordecai and Rigby, Zim Phase III and Travoltis Soul.
  • Dimensional Desert has gone through another overhaul.
  • Sky City made less of a ghost town as well as a overhaul there as well.
  • Iron Erasers have been placed around the maps.
  • New PK attacks. Only David can use them at the moment.
  • New PK-only ability: Teleport. Teleports players to the first four dimensions: Sky City, The Underworld, Richardson, and Hoho.
  • and much, much, much more.


Scorpio is the fourth update. The game returned to development on January 1, 2015 and the Scorpio update was put out on January 4.

  • New enemies: T-Rex, Retro Enemies, Crystal Queen, Gambler's Regret, Clown Mafia, and more.
  • Added new areas: Outside of Richardson, The Sewer, Behind the George Forge, and more.
  • More NPCs
  • Sky City now has doors.
  • Richardson vastly developed.
  • Mafia quest, Apple Kid quest, and Hospital quest added.
  • Secret boss fight in the Dimensional Rift: Mordecai and Rigby.
  • Lots of new attacks.
  • New items: Repel, Max Repel, Escape Book, Teleport Book.
  • New music.
  • New sound effects.
  • Game can be played up to Hoho and then the dev room is given.


Sorastitch initally created the game as a test to see what he could do in RPG Maker VX Ace Lite. The game quickly turned into a much more complicated game the more he worked on it and getting the hang of the program. He released the Beta version a few days after getting the program.

Eventaully after a trip to Biltmore he came up with "most of the story" and put most of it in the Gamma edition. Eventaully he was conflicted on whether he was going to get the full program. He did, and then decide to lengthen the story so he didn't have to condense his original vision.

In July 2013 the game had to cease development due to the creator being incredibly busy. The Omega version was released on July 1, with everything that had been worked on put in.

Unused Content

A ton of unused content exists, such as an unused David sprite, a bigger version of Ghei's portrait, Ness and Touko sprites, and "Boat Boy", an unused character. Several unused enemies also exist but exist in the game with fully implemented moves and graphics, suggesting they will be in the Scorpio update.

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