SSB Metroid Series
Universe Metroid
Availability Starter
Final Smash Omega Hypermode
This page is about Ridley in Super Smash Bros. Combat only! For the character in other contexts, see Ridley.

Ridley is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combat, and is unlocked from the start. Ridley is the main antagonist of Metroid, fighting against Samus Aran due to him killing her parents, and the leader of the Space Pirates and a former lackey of Mother Brain. Ridley appeared in the first character reveal trailer. Ridley is a relatively slow character on the ground, but can take a state of flight with the use of his Up-B to become much faster, but much lighter. Ridley is considered a counter for Little Mac, being mostly air-based and having unique aerial grabs. On the ground, Ridley is slow and isn't very effective as an attacker, but has a lot of weight, allowing him to get into the air. 


  • Standard Special - Plasma Sphere - Ridley charges up a large sphere of concentrating Plasma before shooting it forward quickly with extreme power and an explosion occurs, sending opponents flying. This is the most powerful fire attack in the game, but Ridley is vunerable while charging it and it has a long chargeup time.
  • Side Special - Dragon Dash - Ridley speeds forwards, with his claws outstretched. If opponents are in Ridley's path while he is boosting forwards, they are sent flying. Ridley can glide out of this attack if he is on the ground.
  • Up Special - Aerial Hurricane - Ridley flaps his wings as fast as he can, sending wind below him which fans out gusts of wind which push away opponents, allowing Ridley to go into his flight mode. If opponents manage to get close to Ridley despite the wind, his wings can hurt them. If this attack is used in the air, the attack will have the same effect, but Ridley will fly higher.
  • Down Special - Tail Spear - Ridley winds his tail back before stabbing it into the ground, or opponents. If this attack hits an opponent from the air, it stuns them, as well as bringing Ridley quickly to the ground. If this attack is used on the ground, it has the same effect with the exception of bringing Ridley to the ground, but the attack has less range.
  • Final Smash - Omega Hypermode - Ridley dives into a pool of Phazon, and comes out as Omega Ridley, before firing a large beam of plasma from above the stage. Eventually, Ridley is hit with a blue beam and returns to his normal form.


  • Ridley's design is an altered version of his design from Metroid: Other M, with darker colors, different mouth shape, and smaller wings.

Victory Theme - An excerpt from Super Metroid's Ridley Theme

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