SSB Metroid Series
Universe Metroid
Availability Starter
Final Smash Omega Hypermode

Ridley is a newcomer character in Super Smash Bros. Combat and is available from the start. Ridley is Samus' archnemesis, and a high-ranking Space Pirate captain. Ridley first got on Samus' bad side when he killed her parents and destroyed her planet, leading to her getting adopted by the Chozo. Known as the "cunning god of death", Ridley seems to always come back after Samus has beaten him time and time again. Ridley is one of the most despicable villains in the rogues' gallery of Nintendo, being a xenophobic tyrant who views anyone who isn't him as below him. Ridley's appearance in this game is a cross between the appearence of his clone in Metroid: Other M and his apperance in Super Metroid.


Ridley has the fourth-largest frame in the series thus far, and this is only because he is crouching over. As a result, Ridley is a very large target...on the ground that is. Ridley has some of the slowest Smash attacks in the series, although they are very powerful. Although Ridley is very sluggish and clumsy on the ground, once he takes to the air he is one of the most dangerous characters in the series. With aerial mobility rivalling only Jigglypuff, five jumps, and powerful moves that can both combo and send opponents flying. However, despite having all these advantages, Ridley still has his weaknesses in the air. Many of his potent launching moves have horrid endlag if they miss, making Ridley have to be very sure in a kill to launch opponents. Despite this, Ridley is still an incredibly deadly force in the air. Ridley on the ground is much harder to work with, but some powerful, albeit slow, smash attacks keep it as an option. His jabs are also very good for getting opponents into the air.

Ridley's large frame may make him seem like a heavy character, but he is actually quite light. Only being around Mario's weight, Ridley's status as a large target with a low weight value makes his survivability rather limited. In order for Ridley to survive effectively, he must be constantly be on the offensive, bombarding opponents with deadly attacks and keeping them in the air, so he won't get launched himself when he has to land on the ground.


  • Neutral attack - Ridley slashes forwards with one claw, then slashes upwards with the other. Very slow, but good range and can get opponents into the air for incredible aerial combos.
  • Forward tilt - Ridley slashes forwards with his claw, sliding forwards.
  • Up tilt - Ridley slashes upwards with his claw. Very slow, but good for getting opponents into the air.
  • Down tilt - Ridley jabs his tail in-between his legs, hitting all opponents in his way.
  • Dash attack - Ridley trips, slamming his head forwards into opponents.
  • Forward smash - Ridley winds his tail up before shooting it forwards. A very powerful Smash attack, but can only be used at full charge and has tremendous end lag if it misses.
  • Up smash - Ridley reels his head back before breathing a stream of plasma above him. A potent finishing move on the ground.
  • Down smash - Ridley charges up and then spins around with his tail outstretched, sending all opponents flying within it's range.
  • Neutral aerial - Ridley tucks into a ball and loops around, hitting any opponents within it's range.
  • Forward aerial - Ridley slashes both of his claws forwards. Good for "wall-of-pain" style comboing.
  • Back aerial - Ridley turns around and quickly blasts plasma from his mouth.
  • Up aerial - Ridley claps his wings above his head.
  • Down aerial - Ridley performs his iconic "pogo-tail" from Super Metroid, aiming his tail down and charging downwards towards opponents. This move is a potent way of attacking opponents on the ground in a way Ridley can manage, but if he misses he either falls to his doom or has to deal with tremendous end lag with his tail stuck in the ground.
  • Grab - Ridley grabs the opponents with one claw.
  • Pummel - Ridley stabs the opponent with his tail.
  • Forward throw - Ridley throws the opponent into the air and shoots a plasma ball at them.
  • Back throw - Ridley casually tosses the opponent behind him and whacks them his tail.
  • Up throw - Ridley hurls the opponent upwards.
  • Down throw - RIdley slams the opponent into the ground and grinds them into the dirt before breathing plasma on them.
  • Floor attack (front) - Ridley stabs his tail in front of him and springs back up.
  • Floor attack (back) - Ridley stabs his tail behind him and springs back up.
  • Floor attack (trip) - Ridley springs up on his claws.
  • Edge attack - Ridley stabs his tail through the stage. Similar to his boss fight in SSB4, but not with nearly as much range.
  • Standard Special - Plasma Sphere - Ridley quickly shoots a plasma sphere from his mouth, which doesn't travel very far but explodes on contact with opponents.
  • Side Special - Dragon Dash - Ridley hurls his body forwards, slamming into any opponent in his way. In the air, this attack is twice as fast.
  • Up Special - Takeoff Hurricane - Ridley delivers a devestating flap of his wings, which sends off a devestating gust of wind which sends opponents flying away, although it does no damage. This move provides Ridley spacing necessary to overwhelm opponents with aerial attacks.
  • Down Special - Varia Armor - On the ground, Ridley curls up and gains super armor. The armor lasts for 7 seconds, protecting him from damage. He can still be grabbed and thrown during this time, and can still be knocked back, but he does not take damage as long as the armor is in place. In the air, Ridley stops where he is and slams into the ground, sending opponents around him flying.
  • Final Smash - Omega Hypermode - Ridley dives into a pool of Phazon and reemerges as Omega Ridley. Omega Ridley then flies around the stage, bombarding opponents with phazon-infused plasma. Omega Ridley's design is an original one based on its appearence in Metroid Prime 3 and Ridley's standard appearance in this game.

Victory Theme

A flourished remix of Ridley's theme, which appears every time he is fought from Super Metroid onwards.

Alternate Costumes

  • Ridley's default coloration
  • A red coloration more based around his Super Metroid appearance
  • A more royal purple coloration with green eyes based on Metroid Other M
  • A blue coloration based on "Ridley X" from Metroid Fusion
  • A coloration with more muted colors, being based on his Super Smash Bros. Brawl appearance
  • A white coloration
  • A coloration based on Metroid: Zero Mission
  • A green coloration similar to Kraid
  • A red coloration similar to Crocomire
  • A lime green coloration
  • A blue and red coloration
  • A costume with various mechanical parts, called "Meta Ridley" by the announcer
  • A gag costume with a top hat and monocle


  • Ridley's development cycle was assisted by BaganSmashBros., a modder who developed a playable Ridley for Brawl mod, Project M. As a result of this, many of Ridley's attacks are similar to those shown in the mod. The "dapper" outfit Ridley has is a tribute to him.

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