Ridin' Double is the seventh episode of series 2 of Super Mario. It aired on 22nd June, 2015.



Rievoah finds a racing car in her father's garage. She gets Toad to hold on as she drives it, and Toad says it reminds him of a racing contest about a decade ago (referencing Mario Kart: Double Dash). Rievoah then thinks it will be a good idea if she phones up a bunch of people to take part in a racing contest. Toad gets concerned about this, but agrees.

Toad asks Toadette and Toadokay to participate in the race. Meanwhile, Rievoah gets Tiarer and Bobbert to join in too. She also asks Berinda to join in and find a partner. Berinda phones up Larry, getting him to team up with her. Finally, Lemon wants to race, so Rievoah teams him up with Chain Chomp. Rievoah then says that it will start at 10:00p.m. on Saturday. Tiarer says that sounds quite late, but Rievoah says it will be fine.

BJ Toast finds out about this and lays item boxes and cones on a bunch of roads without permissions. Police Guy says he is breaking the law, but BJ Toast ignores him and makes himself the race's host. As the race kicks in, Police Guy gets Princess Peach to hop in a go kart with him and help him track down everyone.

Meanwhile, King Bob-Omb and Petey Piranha watch the lot race and notice some arrows pointing in the directions to go. The two then decide to switch the arrows and replace item boxes into a cave. Rievoah and Toad are in the lead and are the first to reach the cave. Rievoah, however, doesn't remember a cave being in the race track, and gets suspicious. Police Guy notices the cave when he and Peach get to it and looks shocked.

Rievoah and Toad end up in a dirty pit as well as everyone else coming after them. Lemon gets scared, but Chain Chomp gives him a ride. The group notice a long, wide bridge. Rievoah then gives Toad a piggyback and says the race must continue on foot. Because of this, Chain Chomp gets far quickly, giving him and Lemon a big headstart. BJ Toast, meanwhile, says that the race is "heating up".

As Chain Chomp gets to the exit of the cave, King Bob-Omb and Petey Piranha appear and block the enterance. Rievoah makes it to the end, tired out, with Toad still on her back, and gets angry when she sees King Bob-Omb, threatening to blow him up. BJ Toast gives Rievoah, Toad, Lemon and Chain Chomp some Fire Flowers, with Chain Chomp spitting the fireballs out of his mouth. They take out Petey easily, but King Bob-Omb has a second idea. He pours water on a Goomba statue, which causes the area to heat up, with a ten minute timer going off.

Berinda arrives, with Larry slowly walking after her. Larry says that King Bob-Omb has set off a secret bomb that he set there 18 years ago. He tells everyone that this cave used to be a Bob-Omb Factory. Shortly after, Tiarer and Bobbert come. King Bob-Omb notices Bobbert and calls him a traitor. He tries to grab Bobbert, but Rievoah sneaks up behind him and pushes him down a cliff.

Bobbert then tries to blow up the rocks blocking the way before Peach and Police Guy arrive, moving the blocks away. The area opening also stops the time bomb. Police Guy then says that they should never come here again. But whilst he is talking, Toadette and Toadokay race to the flag pole. With no time to spare, Chain Chomp grabs Lemon as they touch the goal, getting 2nd place. Rievoah gets Toad to quickly run to the end, with them getting 3rd place. Berinda and Larry grab the flag next, claiming 4th place, and the team of Tiarer and Bobbert finish last, since Tiarer is not interested.

Police Guy then treats everyone, including BJ Toast, with cookies in his house.


  • This is the first episode that features Lemon but does not feature Rosalina.

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