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Riddle's Epic Adventure!
AmericanBoxart REA!
The American boxart of this game.
Developer(s) Gssl


Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
JP: March 18 2015

NA: March 19 2015

EU: March 23 2015

OC: March 31 2015

Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013E7RatingCERO A
Genre(s) Adventure, Platform
Series Riddle series
Media Included Wii U Disk

Riddle's Epic Adventure! is a 3D adventure platformer and puzzle game developed in 2015 by GreenStar Studios and published by Fantendo for Wii U. This game is the brand-new first game of the Riddle series and GreenStar Studios' original series release.


It was peaceful and nice in the Planet Alpha. Riddle and Gush were resting in the village of Sky Hights. Suddenly, a giant shadow cloud had extremly appeared. There was Serpentusa, the queen and ruler of Planet Omega, and her minions. She half-destroyed Sky Hights harshly and took the Gem Stones for herself in the temple of queen Queen Soulia, the guard of these stones. It's a big problem because these stones are the heart of all the natural elements of the whole universe. If these are token, there will be a disturbance in the whole universe without those elements. It's up to Riddle to save this madness and put the world in save, with his beloved fellow Gush and the princess of Sky Hights, Heart, who also enters the party. They must surrpass many areas.


Riddle's Epic Adventure! is a platform game which you play in 3D environments though with gameplay similar to 2D games. Riddle is the only character who can uses his elemental Gem Stone powers, additionally some platform hazzards and enemies, 11 areas on different locations, various gimmicks and different allies who helps during some levels, such as Bulleye and Ryugoon. You can also play with other characters such has GushHeart and Needle. Each of them has their unique ability and many ways to play. Riddle's Epic Adventure! wants that the players concentrate to platform-action and puzzle-mysterious levels, and it also includes multiplayer gameplay up to 4 players for a better multiplayer experience. The game has 4 file slots and has different languages others than default ones (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Japanese). The aviable ones are Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.  


Like it was mencioned, each character (Riddle, Gush, Heart and Needle) has his own ability with different controls. But they have also the same default moves like moving or running, but each of them has his own unique stats: one character is slower than the other but stronger than the other too, e.a.. You can perform these moves by playing this game in different ways, including the Wii U Gamepad 32px-Wii U GamePad.svg (this tablet is necessary for some levels): The Wii Remote (sideways) 32px-Wiimote Sideways, the Wii Remote with the Nunchuk Wii and Nunchuk, the Wii U Gamepad, the Wii U Pro Controller WiiUProControllerIcon, the Wii Classic Controller 33px-Wii Classiccontroller and the Nintendo Gamecube Controller Gamecube Controller.

Default Controls

Actions/Moves: Wii Remote (sideways) Wii Remote + Nunchuk

Wii U Gamepad Wii U Pro Controller / Wii Classic Controller (Pro)

Nintendo Gamecube Controller
Move, walk, swim slowly 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 Nunchuk.. 16px-ClassicController Stick L.svg / D-PadWiiU 16px-GCN Stick (move slowly with de D-stick)
Dash (while moving), hold items and objects (throw to release), attack while not moving 1button Bbuttonton ClassicController y/ClassicController x 16px-GCN Stick (to move)

Gamecube Button B (to attack and hold items)

Jump, double jump, swim faster
Crouch, slide (on a slope)
Rolling long jump
Use inventory items
Talk to someone nearby / Choose answer, select answer

Special Attack Controls

Riddle's Controls

Power-Up Controls

World Map Controls


Playable Characters

Riddle Gush
Riddle Gush
Riddle is a balanced character. He's always happy, energetic and cheerful creature who lives in Star Heights with a heart of courage. He was the only chosen Doody who goes to save the world. He must catch all the Gem Stones when Serpentusa took them to rule the world and the universe to put all the natural elements in normal. Without these elements, the world will be ruined without water, fire, ice, plants, air, electricity and earth.

Riddle can perform Star Whips and Star Shots with his tail to defeat enemies. He also can stretch on poles and cliffs and swing on them. Punches and kicks are also handy to defeat enemies. Riddle is the only character who can use Gem Stones for his advantage.

Gush is a good jumper but he has lacks of speed. He's Riddle's best friend and best ally for years, even when they born together (they're not brothers or something). He decided to go to adventure with him no matter what it happens. Everyone likes his magnificent hair [-vectorDestiny.].

With Gush's hair, he can defeat enemies and clean mysterious spots to find hidden items or objects. He also has a hairbrush that is useful to attack enemies too. Don't worry, his hair will stil clean.

  • Speed: Star REA!Star REA!
  • Power: Star REA!Star REA!
  • Jump: Star REA!Star REA!
  • Speed: Star REA!
  • Power: Star REA!Star REA!
  • Jump: Star REA!Star REA!Star REA!
Heart REA! Needle(Riddle)
Heart Needle
Heart is a speedy character but she doesn't has much power. She's the princess of the Sky Hights and the daughter of Soulia, the queen. She decided to help Riddle in the last level when he rescued her from the boss. Lately, she has a relationship with Riddle but she keeps it as a secret.

Heart can perform fighting-style moves such as karate. She also can throw Heart Bombs.

Needle is powerful but he jumps lower than others. He's an abandoned Doody for a long time. He worked first for Serpentusa because he didn't found his parents a long time. Later, after a fight with Riddle, he discovored that Riddle was his lost brother for years thanks to their identical birthmark in their cheaks. Now he's ready to help Star Heights and the world.

Needle can perform ninja-like moves, such as Invisibilty with his violet cape, Vanishing, Needle Shots and fight with his Needle Sword to defeat enemies. He's a good type to fight against enemies.

  • Speed:Star REA!Star REA!Star REA!
  • Power:Star REA!
  • Jump:Star REA!Star REA!
  • Speed:Star REA!Star REA!
  • Power:Star REA!Star REA!Star REA!
  • Jump:Star REA!






Areas and Levels

There are 11 areas in Planet a, including a special area after clearing the game. Each area as 5 levels and 2 boss-levels (mid-boss & boss). Level 1 & 2 are levels that you must explore the area better. After a mid-boss, level 3 is a level full with platforms, level 4 is a level with puzzle mysteries or rescue friends from Sky Hights. Level 5 is pretty challenging: it has different gimmicks of each area. The boss is divided on each area: The Poisonous 8 has his own ability.

Image: Name + Description: Levels:

Star Heights

This is a tutorial world where the levels are pretty easy to learn. There's also a village where Riddle lives. You can talk with people by helping them and asking for hints, buy items and weapons and also recover your health and playing some minigames. You can also visit Queen Soulia to 

  • Miiverse Plain
  • Level 0: Pineapple Plain
  • Level 1: Tutorial Town
  • Level 2: Grumbling Garden
  • Mid-Boss: 
  • Level 3: Cookie Cliffs
  • Level 4: The First Mission
  • Level 5: Ryugoon's Encounter
  • Boss: The Brown Venom

Watermelon Wood

A big woody forest with large trees that you can't even see the ground above of them. 

  • Level 1: ZigZag Forest
  • Level 2: 
  • Mid-Boss
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • Boss: Yellow Venom

Banana Beach

Get the sunshine above your head and splash into fresh water. In this area, you will find some shells. It may be handy for some reason.

  • Level 1: Seaside Sands
  • Level 2: Wet Coconut Cave
  • Mid-Boss
  • Level 3: Seaside Storm
  • Level 4: The Blue Venom

Date Desert

A lethal caloric desert.You must find shadow parts to survive. Further in this area, you will see a temple full with water.

  • Boss: The Orange Venom

Ice Cream Snowland

Finally some cold adventure! But don't freeze yourself! Giant snowballs, falling frozen ruins and slippery grounds will ruin you day.

  • Boss: The Cyan Venom

Juicy Jungle

An energetic and fresh tropical area where plants and fruits doesn't stop growing up forever. 

  • Level 1: Bouncy Bean Path
  • Level 2: Vine Chasm
  • Level 3: Flower Fest
  • Level 4: Exploring the Swamp
  • Level 5: Cave Crackers
  • Boss: The Green Venom

Strawberry Storm

Ruined day and so much storm there. Thunderbolts and powerful winds will cause you damage if you were touched by these.

  • Boss: The Gray Venom

Cheesy Clouds

Feeling high today? That's right! You're above the clouds! There's almost no ground so watch your fall.

  • Level 5: Ryugoon's Flight
  • Boss: The White Venom

Fruit Tech-Factory

Serpentusa's old technologic and dangerous factory. She doesn't use the factory anymore but there's something that might be useful.

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3: Goin' Along with Cogs
  • Level 4: Switch Shift
  • Level 5: Rocket Riding
  • Boss: PN-8000

Sugar Space

Out of space! In this area, you will fall slowly and jump higher. But you can breath there so there's no problem. Further in this area, you will see Serpentusa's new factory.

  • Boss: The Poisonous 8

Planet Omega: Serpentusa's Imperium

A dangerous and villain kingdom ruled by Serpentusa. This is where she guarded the Gem Stones to making her more powerful and rule the world. There's so much traps and and enemies.

  • Boss: Serpentusa's Arrival
  • Final Boss I: Serpentusa's Final Stand
  • Final Boss III: Serpentusa's Realm

Final Escape

After beating Serpentusa, Riddle and his crew must escape from her imperium's destruction and put the Gem Stones in place.

  • Level 1: The Great Escape
  • Level 2: The Return of the Realm
???SPOILERS A special area.



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  • This is the very first game from Riddle.