Rico, Klaymen's number 1 best friend

Rico is one of the Main Chaos in the Neverhood. He is Klaymen's best freind and isn't the brightest chao in the gang. He is goofy and low dimwitted.

Battle For The Neverhood

Rico is immune to the spore Kogg pored on the Neverhood along with his freinds and he joins his best freind Klaymen and his immune freinds on an adventure to save the others. Rico also has an interest towards Esmeralda, who gets mutated into a Boomer at the Land Of Sweets.

After defeating the overweighted glutt, Rico gets a smack in the face by Esmeralda for staining her apron, even though Rico saved her.

In the end, Rico and his freinds swim back to the Neverhood with Kogg defeated.


Rico's special move is throwing his bobble like a boomerang that can hit far away switches.

  • Bobble Rang: Throw your bobble like a boomerang at enemies and switches
  • Flip Kick: Do a kick back flip to send your enemies flying through the air.
  • Ring Toss: Throw rings around you to zap foes.
  • Sonic Wave: Perform a loud scream that echoes pain to your enemies.


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