This paperclip is a magical blessing.It can be used like a spear or bended into some kind of sword.I shall call it.....Rick Jr.

Rick is the protaginist of Rick:the Game and one of the first stiponegals.He fights using a unbended,sharpened paperclip which he names "Rick Jr."


Rick has legs made of magnemite and his body is a toothpick.He has two wood peelings as arms.One hand is made of more wood peelings.The other is made of copper.His head is a seed that has been split,giving him shark like jaws and teeth.He always keeps his paperclip wraped around his body when it's not in use.


Rick is probably the most level-headed stiponegal there is.He however,like most stiponegals,uses dirty humor and is an awful curser.


Spear:Throws Rick Jr. like a spear

Swordnado:Spins around with his paperclip

Frenzy Man:Rapidly slashes about with Junior

Certain Death:Attacks a group of opponents viciously until there all dead

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