Rick and Morty: Mortastrophe is a story-driven game released for the JoyCon in 2021. It is based on the Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty.


It is hard to describe the gameplay of Mortastrophe because it is constantly changing throughout the game, often parodying many other games. For example, Level 2 starts out as a 3D platformer but becomes a first-person shooter when the boss battle initiates. There are sequences parodying Super Smash Bros., Portal, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more games.


The game starts with Rick working on a machine with Morty pestering him about how he always neglects his grandchildren. Rick tells him to quit whining and pass him a screwdriver, but Morty refuses until Rick apologises to him. Rick sighs and apologises to Morty- at that moment, another identical Rick and Morty appear from a portal and shoot the Rick. They then plug a headset onto the dead Rick's Morty and explain that certain Ricks are "malfunctioning" across the multiverse, and that his Rick was one of them.

The Rick and Morty that killed the malfunctioning Rick are revealed to be from the C-137 Dimension. They then enter the Mysterious Morty's mind to search for clues about the origins of the malfunctions. Rick explains to Morty that the Rick they had killed would never show empathy to his Morty. After some platforming through Mysterious Morty's Imaginary World, they discover a memory of that Morty receiving a Special Serum from another Morty, known as the Dark Morty. The Dark Morty then uses his own portal gun to disappear.

The memory then shows Mysterious Morty injecting his Rick with the serum, which causes him to twitch uncontrollably.

C-137 Rick and Morty take off the headset and Rick traps the Mysterious Morty in a portal loop (one on the floor, one on the ceiling) as punishment for his stupidity. They then fly the ship to the Citadel of Ricks to break in and steal their classified Morty Files.

After some sneaking, the game becomes an FPS and Rick and Morty must fight Krombopulos Michaels, who has been following them. After they take him down, it is revealed by Rick's scanner that he had also received the Special Serum. They then find the Morty Files and discover that Morty wellbeing is declining across the universe. The Ricks fear that this could lead to Mortygeddon, the ultimate Morty uprising. The files also show that Dark Morty has been travelling across the multiverse convincing Mortys to join the uprising.

Morty suggests brokering a peaceful deal between Dark Morty and the other Mortys, but Rick tells him Mortys are stubborn and that there will be a few deaths.

At that moment, the Council of the Ricks finds them and they are forced to flee back to Earth. The Council of the Ricks sends Krombopulos Michaels, who is still affected by the Serum, to hunt them down, as well as Testicle Creature, who is still vengeful, Gearhead, and an army of Cronenberg minions.

Rick and Morty arrive back at home, where Summer, Beth and Jerry have all been possessed by an evil Hive Mind. Rick places the mind headset on Jerry's head to defeat the Hive Mind, in a turn-based RPG boss battle. The Hive Mind warns of great unrest in this universe and disappears.

Rick, Morty and Summer (now freed) follow a Morty distress signal and discover a Morty crashed on a desert planet covered in Cronenberg minions. After defeating them, the Morty reveals himself as the Dark Morty, who was using this as a test of reactions. The three of them wake up and it is revealed that when they arrived, they were attacked by Cronenberg minions and brought to the dark Morty, who planted psychic chips in their heads, making them think they were fighting Cronenberg minions.

Dark Morty uses Rick's brainwaves to read his mind and gain all his intelligence. He then disappears through a portal.

Rick, Morty and Summer travel to the Megaseed planet to collect Antimega Seeds, which have the reverse effects. Rick plans to use these seeds to reduce the dark Morty to the way he was. While here, they run into the Testicle creature, who sends them all to Time Prison.

However, they arrive at the worst of times. A riot is happening, with all prisoners trying to escape. One prisoner steals rick's portal gun to escape, and the three follow him to a random universe ruled by giant ants.

Meanwhile, the Testicle creature is fired for letting the three get away again and goes into a deep depression. He is offered a Serum to learn eternal happiness from the Dark Morty. He accepts and is instead turned into the Hulk.


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