Rick Wheeler
Rick Wheeler as he appeared in both the F-Zero Anime and the anime-inspired games, F-Zero: GP Legend, and F-Zero Climax.
Full Name Rick Wheeler
Current Age 23
Gender Male
Species Human
First Appearance F-Zero: GP Legend (2003)
Latest Appearance F-Zero Climax (2004)
Rick Wheeler is the overall main character of the anime, F-Zero Falcon Legend, next to Captain Falcon and Jody Summer. He was once a highly-respected member of the police force stationed in New York City back in the year of 2051. He would hunt down various criminal organizations and individuals which plagued the city, one of his most-wanted being Zoda, a deranged mob boss with an insatiable appetite for mayhem and despair. Rick had a girlfriend in this timeline named Haruka, whom he loved dearly and was prepared to propose himself to her. Prior to this big decision, Rick is suddenly called to a downtown chase involving Zoda and a stolen getaway vehicle. Dropping all compassion aside for the time being, Rick focuses all of his strengths and efforts into bringing down this dangerous fugitive once and for all! However, it turns out that even after all of this time, Zoda still has some tricks up his sleeve ready for his arch-rival, as he shoots the driver-side door of his vehicle off with a rifle as he's driving, Rick in pursuit, and sends the detached car part careening for Rick's windshield.

The extent of Rick's bodily damages were so massive that he couldn't have possibly been revived by current medical science technology of the era, which is why he was put into cryo-sleep shortly after and kept in a stable condition of suspended-animation for 150 years, awakening in the year 2201. After being awoken by Dr. Stewart and Jody Summer, Rick was enlisted as a member of the Elite Mobile Task Force and ended up with the Dragon Bird (a machine Dr. Clash was working on at the time) after using it to pursue a Haruka which he believed still existed in this timeline. He is to race in every F-Zero Grand Prix in which wanted criminals who are after the big prize money offered for their own evil gain take part in from now on.


Super Smash Bros. Universe

Rick Wheeler appears as a playable fighter in the game, Super Smash Bros. Universe. He is a clone of Captain Falcon, and substitutes electricity for fire for all of his moves. In addition, one of his alternate costumes changes his appearance to his role as Captain Falcon from the end of the F-Zero Anime where he became the new Captain Falcon. This costume changes his Final Smash to the Blue Falcon GT. Rick Wheeler is one of two playable F-Zero pilots whose machine isn't seen racing in Mute City. The other is Kent Akechi.

F-Zero U

Rick Wheeler returns to the F-Zero franchise once again in F-Zero U as the pilot of the Dragon Bird. In addition, his alter-ego Young Captain Falcon appears as a selectable character with the Blue Falcon GT. He is a part of the F-Zero GP Legend DLC Pack.

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