Rhythm Utopia is a Rhythm game by Nintendo designed to be the sequel to Rhythm Heaven and the GBA game that predated it. It is for the DS and being worked on by the guys that made WarioWare. It is played holding the DS sideways and tapping, rubbing, or flicking to a beat. There are 50 rhythym games.


After you beat the first game, 3 more become available. Beat any one to unlock another game. All 3 games give you a different one to unlock, so to get every game you must beat all three and those that come after it. Once you have beaten 49, the final game becomes available.

  • Tutorial: A simple tutorial, where you temporarily take the role of the barista where you flick drinks to slide them across the bar to customers.
  • Homerun Derby: Flick the balls as they come toward you to hit a home run! The baseball team is entirely composed of lizards, while the other team are ferrets.
  • Fill 'Er Up: You are a robot that works in a gas station. Fill up the cars with gas to the beat by tapping.
  • Jive Juice: You work at a hippie smoothie place. After the ingredients are put in the blender, tap the screen with the rhythym to blend it.

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