Upon obtaining Perfects in Rhythm Paradise: Offbeat Overdrive, players can read some quick bios or short stories about characters seen in the minigames. This is a list of them.


Greetings from Rhythm Paradise!

Unlocked from beginning.

Hello, and thank you for purchasing Rhythm Paradise: Offbeat Overdrive! As you'll notice, we have a load of rhythm games to show off, and more!

Just follow the beat and you'll quickly learn how this game works. You'll discover how simple they are once you get into it!

So, dive into what we've got and get going! (And tell your friends!)

My Football Career

Unlocked by getting a Perfect on Just for Kicks.

When I first joined my football club, I expected all the stuff I'd seen on the telly, like sliding tackles and stuff. When I got to their training ground, I noticed something... off.

For example, a few of the balls were on fire, and the team kit was red with yellow music notes. I asked the coach about these 'changes', but he just said "Tradition!" and immediately got me on keepie-uppies.

I'm usually good at keepie-uppies, as I'd been practising at home, but when the coach saw my form, he just shook his head and brought out a boombox.

He told me to start kicking to the beat, and then focus my mind on a goal that some guy was defending. It all seemed too much for a beginner, but I managed to pull it off with ease somehow.

My career with football only got stronger from there. I do, however, prefer the days when we wear our away kit.

Insta-Grow Seed Advert

Unlocked by getting a Perfect on Allotment.

On sale now! One-of-a-kind, insta-grow, MIRACLE SEEDS! Don't delay, get yours today!

Can't get an inch out of your month-old seeds? MIRACLE SEEDS will do the trick! Just add water, and soon you'll be the talk of the town!

Call 6203-203-7451, and get your seeds today! (Note: rhythm sold separately.)

Life of a Widget

Unlocked by getting a Perfect on Built to Scale.

Out of all the widgets, I was the least liked. I had been irregularly designed and I looked like a mutated oblong, thanks to some idiot who kept using rhythm to assemble me.

I was told that being a widget was easy; all I had to do was to stay very still and not move, not talk, not even twitch a little, and I'd be fine. But one day, when I was getting teased again, I snapped.

I gave them a few doses of trash talk, but unfortunately some employee who had just gotten a job at the factory (I think his number was '#333-4-591032') spotted us.

We were rumbled, and so we all got deported to another factory, and my life was over.

So remember, folks: no-one likes a talking widget. And I mean no-one.

Behind the Gym

Unlocked by getting a Perfect on Treadmill.

"Sir, got the papers?"

"Yes, my dear apprentice. We've successfully taken down that robot factory with the robots with screw-on heads, and now our next target is this gym. I want to be slim!"

"I'll investigate the machines, sir."

Half an hour passed...

"You have the secret?"

"They used music too, sir! They pump it out from little speakers behind the pulling machines! And it keeps changing speed... I don't think I can handle it, sir!"

"Very well then, I'll see if I can match that beat. BRING ME MY GYM OUTFIT!"

"Yes, sir."

Monkey Science Magazine

Unlocked by getting a Perfect on Monkey Meteors.

Welcome to the Monkey Science Magazine, issue 31,415,926! Today we will look at these meteors that Mr. Panzy found in his backyard yesterday.

These rocks appear to contain elements of lutetium and bismuth, so they're highly radioactive! Tell us more about these amazing discoveries, Mr. Panzy.

Well, it just so happens that these little beauties are magnetic! I soon discovered this when I put it inside... and my paper clip collection scattered!

Sounds like an ordeal, huh? No matter, the meteors are also repulsive! As soon as my paper clips were drawn in, they blew all over my living room! Can't eat bananas in that condition!

Fortunately, my Monkey Watch calmed me down. It's so satisfying seeing those scamps hi-five each other repeatedly!

Ah, I see! Well, tune in next week to find out what happens when homoeostasis actinium is placed in the angle of incidence!


Film Review

Unlocked by getting a Perfect on Poppin' Corn.

So, right, today we're looking at Curse of the Manatee, and honestly, I can't think of a worse film.

For starters, the protagonists are really dumb, they have no idea that there's a ZOMBIE MANATEE right behind them in the first scene...

...and in the end, they defeat it using the power of friendship! What the pop? Really anticlimactic, guys.

The setting sucks, too. Out of all the places in America they could've chosen, they were like "Nope, simple = effective", and chose NEW YORK.

I ask you, how many movies choose NEW YORK as a setting? I'm sorry, but the only good thing about the movie was the completely unrelated popcorn.

Oh, and there was a dinosaur in it. Man, that CGI is bad...

Wooden Toy Sale

Unlocked by getting a Perfect on Block Step.

Get your toy soldiers here! 99p per soldier! They march! They talk! They spin their heads 360° like you've never seen before!

They don't really do anything, except they march, talk, and spin their heads 360° like you've never seen before!

We've also got a much more interesting wooden toy train from the 1870s. Selling for around £2!

"Excuse me, we have a life, you know! We don't just march, talk, and spin our heads 360° like you've never seen before!"

What do you do then?


Evening Festivities

Unlocked by getting a Perfect on Spikers.

6:00: Extreme Volleyball Tournament. BYOB - Bring Your Own Ball.

6:45: Glee Club Visit. Watch the Chorus Kids belt their lungs out! (Warning: headphones recommended)

7:00: Surfboard Competition. Can you hang ten? Can you hang twenty? Can you hang at all? That's what we're wondering!

7:30: BBQ. Sausages and Burgers welcome. NO CANNIBALS ALLOWED!

8:00: Beach Close. Any flaming volleyballs need to be picked up and dropped off at Beach Hut No. 07. Thank you and have a great evening!

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