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Rhythm Paradise: Offbeat Overdrive
Rhythm Paradise - Offbeat Overdrive
Platform Wii U
Genre Rhythm
Developers Tsunku, Cannonball Games
Ratings 7, E10+, A

Rhythm Paradise: Offbeat Overdrive (known as Rhythm Heaven Max in North America and テンポリズム天国 (Tenporizumu Tengoku or Tempo Rhythm Tengoku) in Japan is a game from the Rhythm Paradise franchise for the Wii U. The game relies on mostly using the A button for the minigames, but occasionally, touch, gyroscopic or microphone controls are used too. Like Rhythm Paradise Megamix, it has a plot that binds the games together. The game received mixed reviews from critics, and is the first entry in the series to be rated E10+ in America.


The gameplay is similar to the previous games in the Rhythm Paradise franchise, where you must do specific actions in different minigames, all to the beat of the background music. Like Rhythm Paradise for the DS and Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise for the Wii, games come in ten sets of five, with four regular games and a 'remix' as the fifth game, which usually consists of the first four games randomised and decorated to a specific theme. Other games that can be unlocked are a set of endless games, a few rhythm toys, and a Cafe where you can read excerpts from a newspaper, diary, etc. or listen to music from one of the games.

Once a game is finished, you are marked with one of three different grades, Try Again, OK, or Superb, depending on how well you performed. Try Again forces you to try again, as the name implies, OK is a pass but does not unlock anything special, and Superb not only grants a pass but also a medal which counts towards an unlockable. Unlockables require medals to be played.

Perfect Campaign

Games with a Superb also become eligible for a 'Perfect' run, where you play the game perfectly to receive the aforementioned excerpts and music. You are allowed three chances to score perfectly on a game before it disappears. Getting a Superb on every game allows any game to be instantly available for a Perfect, and once the three chances are gone, the Perfect opportunity switches to another game.



The main character is a little alien creature known as Offbit. At the beginning of the game, he is revealed to have fought in a rhythmic war that his side lost. He comes home feeling rather dejected from the whole incident, thinking about the war and how it could have been averted.

That night, he goes to bed and has a dream. In the dream, a warrior approaches him and commands him to set out on a journey to restore peace to both his nation and the opposing nation, saying that him and a "special friend" shall be the "one who binds all rhythm". Offbit wakes up, knowing what he needs to do, packs his bag and leaves his house to go see the nation's king, Quavoro.

It is not until much later that he begins to grow weary, and he eventually collapses. He then notices you, the player, and, assuming you are a hallucination caused by nutrition-deprivation, ignores the fact that you might be the 'special friend' that the warrior spoke of. After realising that you will not go away, he is forced to accept you as a travelling companion, and you both set off for Quavoro's palace, though Offbit is still disgruntled.

The Tests and Persuasion

Once you reach the palace, two guards refuse to let you in unless you have proper rhythm, and instruct you to play a set of minigames, and passing them allows access to the main hall. Once the permission is granted, and after attempting to search for the king in the rooms available to you, Offbit suggests you look upstairs for Quavoro, unfortunately two more guards are there too, stopping you from going upstairs unless you can pass their own minigame test. Once you pass, you rush upstairs to meet Quavoro.

You arrive in Quavoro's room only to find him quietly sobbing on his bed. Offbit tells him to calm down and make peace with the opposing nation. When that doesn't work, he suggests a Rhythm Race. The Rhythm Race selects one of the previous regular eight games and you compete with Quavoro to beat it. Once you win, Quavoro declares his depression over and attempts to contact the other nation, whose ruler goes by the name of Tripletto. When Tripletto refuses the offer, Quavoro sends you off to his nation, asking you to prove that his own nation really does have rhythm.

Journey Halted

Whilst rowing across the Legato River, a water monster called Staccato pops up and challenges you to yet another set of games. When Offbit complains about this, Staccato scolds him for interrupting the plot and forces you to do them anyway. He disappears once he's finished, but his minigames are still available. Reaching the other nation and heading for the palace of Tripletto, Offbit suddenly slips on a very long patch of ice, falls down a set of stairs in a park and is knocked unconscious.

You trek to Tripletto's palace alone and once you reach it the guards there challenge you to your fourth set of games. Once again you encounter another set of guards blocking the stairs who give you set five. Finally, you reach Tripletto's room. Tripletto is not convinced that you truly have rhythm until you beat his OWN set of minigames. Finishing them takes him aback and forces him to surrender as you once and truly help the two nations make peace!...


...except it turns out that Quavoro, when he hears about Tripletto's peace offering, is a double-crossing dirty liar. Fuelled by the rage he accrued when he lost the war, he sends a Rhythm Bomb towards Tripletto's nation. Quickly, you row back towards Quavoro's palace and attempt to deactivate the bomb using... yep! Rhythm! The bomb's coding is protected by minigames, for some reason.

Your sense of rhythm eventually deactivates the bomb, but by that time the bomb is already poised over Tripletto's palace. Hurtling towards the ground, it seems like all hope is lost, but out of nowhere, a wind, carrying an extraordinary amount of rhythm with it, blows the bomb into the river, where it explodes (Don't worry about Staccato). Who is this mysterious saviour?

With a cry of 'DEUS EX MACHINA!', it's Offbit, who has regained consciousness and used his own rhythmic power to restore balance. As the sun goes down, you're finally allowed access to the credits, and Offbit moves to Tripletto's kingdom, as Quavoro is overthrown. Tripletto rewards you with... MORE GAMES!


As usual, 50 minigames appear in the new instalment of Rhythm Paradise, and each of them are as wacky as before. The descriptions come directly from the game.

Set 1

Name In-game description How to play Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message English Title Card Japanese Title Card
Just for Kicks (Japanese: サッカー) "A little football practice never hurt anyone! Line up your shots and shoot them into the net, but mind you're not offside!" Press the A button to kick the ball into the net when the time is right. When a referee's whistle sounds, a flaming ball comes hurtling towards you. The rhythm there is the same one as the melon from Fruit Basket. "No goal!" "Penalty shots!" "GOAALLLLL!!" Just for Kicks EN Just for Kicks JP
Jumble Sale (Japanese: ヤードセール) "Time to get rid of this old junk! Bit dusty, though... would you mind shaking all the dust off for me? Just use your GamePad and we'll be off." Shake off the dust on each box using the Wii U GamePad. The content in each box indicates how long it needs to be shaken for. Rollerskates (indicated by a whirr) require to be shaken for five beats, hairy vegetable toys (indicated by a plucking sound) for three beats, and Game Boy games (indicated by the ubiquitous 'ba-ding') for seven beats. "Not a single profit made!" "Thank you, and have a great day!" "We sold everything!" Jumble Sale EN Jumble Sale JP
Allotment (Japanese: 花畑) "Gardening is a such a chore, so I bought insta-grow seeds. I figured they need to be watered in the same rhythm as they are planted! So would you mind helping me with that?" Water the plants in the same rhythm that they are planted in to the ground. No further explanation necessary. "Where did they all go?" "They're doing pretty well!" "Such sweet-smelling flowers!" Allotment EN Allotment JP
Built to Scale (Japanese: 組み立て) "Now that we've finished our widgets, please can you move them up to the correct conveyor belts? Timing is everything." Hold up on the D-Pad to move the widgets up to the correct conveyor belt. Different coloured widgets go to different belts. Blue widgets go to the top belt and need to be lifted six beats after being delivered. Green widgets go to the middle belt and need to be lifted four beats after being delivered. Red widgets go to the bottom belt and need to be lifted two beats after being delivered. "Not your best work..." "Good job on your shift!" "Excellent work! Have a pay rise." Built to Scale EN Built to Scale JP
Remix 1 (Japanese: リミックス1) "Let's mix things up! This one has a disco vibe to it. Show us all the things you've learnt and take 'em for a spin! (No practice.)" A mix of the four games you've encountered so far, with disco style graphics and music. "You've got as much funk as... your grandma." "You've got as much funk as... a guy with some pro skills!" "You've got as much funk as... the best of the best!" Remix 1 EN Remix 1 JP

Set 2

Name In-game description How to play Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message English Title Card Japanese Title Card
Demolition Derby (Japanese: レッキングスイング) "These buildings need to be demolished by tomorrow. Get the job done quicker by pounding 'em down! Taller buildings mean more hits!" Press the A button at the point that the ball has swung back enough to knock down a chunk of a building. Like the description says, a taller tower means more swings. You can get one-hits, two-hits and four-hits buildings. "You barely grazed them!" "Keep up the good work!" "Ready for landscaping!" Demolition Derby EN Demolition Derby JP
Treadmill (Japanese: トレッドミル) "For a total workout, we recommend jogging at the pace we give you, set to the music. We like to switch things up a lot, so don't be startled if the speed changes." The first 'keep the beat' stage has you jogging on a treadmill to the beat of the music by pressing A. The music will speed up and slow down at times, so it's best to listen out for any sudden changes. "Well, that didn't work!" "I'll come back tomorrow for another shot!" "I feel the best I've ever been!" Treadmill EN Treadmill JP
Monkey Meteors (Japanese: 彗星カウント) "Ook-ee! Tonight's the night that the meteors fall! Please will you help us take pictures of them? The monkey science magazine needs our help!" This game plays like Freeze Frame, but has a similar rhythm to Fork Lifter. You hear a 'dink' sound, wait one beat, then press A to take a picture. Some appear on offbeats. Sometimes, a moon rock will come crashing down (indicated by a lower-pitch 'dink' noise) where you wait three beats then snap a pic. "This doesn't look genuine." "This evidence is pretty solid!" "OOK! This is amazing camera work!" Monkey Meteors EN Monkey Meteors JP
Samurai Slice (Japanese: 悪霊退散) "A samurai knows no fear. He must slice his sword whenever demons approach. He must use the mystical GamePad as a shield. And most importantly, learn how to use chopsticks." Samurai Slice returns from previous instalments mostly inspired by the Wii version. As stated in the description, you can now use the GamePad as a shield, but only against giant demons with swords, and you must put it up a split second before the demon strikes. "You have failed your mission. No dumplings for you!" "You have a long way to go, young warrior." "Most excellent practice, my student!" Samurai Slice EN Samurai Slice JP
Remix 2 (Japanese: リミックス2) "Let's mix things up! This one has an oriental vibe to it. Can you master the job of being a super-samurai? (No practice.)" A mix of the previous four games, with samurai style graphics and music. "If you were a super-samurai, you'd not be so super as your name implies." "If you were a super-samurai, you'd complete your mission with ease." "If you were a super-samurai, you'd be renowned the world over!" Remix 2 EN Remix 2 JP

Set 3

Name In-game description How to play Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message English Title Card Japanese Title Card
Poppin' Corn (Japanese: ポップコーンポップ) "For our movie marathon night, we're going to need a LOT of popcorn. If you can pop in to the kitchen and pop our popcorn, then you can stay with us!" Press A in the same rhythm that the popcorn kernels enter the pan. Hitting too early or too late results in burnt popcorn! "This kernel tastes disgusting." "The CGI is so fake, that's not a real dinosaur!" "Can you give us your recipe?" Poppin' Corn EN Poppin' Corn JP
Block Step (Japanese: 玩具行進) "We are the Wooden Soldiers! We march as one and don't let anything cross our path! Keep us marching, we love it!" You have to press A over and over again to march. When you hear a bell chime, press and hold B for two beats to rotate their heads 360 degrees for a stylish pose. "Hey, watch where you're going, nitwit!" "How much longer are we doing this for?" "We have reached our destination!" Block Step EN Block Step JP
Penguin Divers (Japanese: スイムオフ) "Watch the three penguins compete for fish... watch as they gracefully swim... watch as one bumps into an iceberg..." As a penguin, you have three cues in this stage, and they are a bit like Figure Fighter. "Swim!" means you press A to lunge forward one beat after indication. "Torpedo!" means you press B two beats after indication to do a twisting barrel roll forwards. "Catch-catch-catch!" means you throw the GamePad into the air to catch a fish on screen, two beats after indication. The penguin takes one and a half beats to catch the fish. "Those fish could've been MINE!" "Mmm, freshly caught fish..." "Looks like I got the penguin's share!" Penguin Divers EN Penguin Divers JP
Spikers (Japanese: 極端バレーボール) "It's the final of the volleyball championships! Show off your true power by doing some superior spikes! We're depending on you!" Similar to Just for Kicks, you have to spike volleyballs at different times, assisted by your team. The beat is in a slow triple time. Partner #1 hits the ball on beat one, Partner #2 hits it on beat two, and you spike it on beat three. Sometimes Partner #1 hits it on beats one and two, whilst Partner #2 hits it on beats 1.5 and 2.5. You bump it up on beat three and spike on beat 3.5. Spiking requires B, A is to bump. "Sorry, guys..." "We won! But just barely..." "WE... ARE THE CHAMPIONS... MY FRIEND..." Spikers EN Spikers JP
Remix 3 (Japanese: リミックス3) "Let's mix things up! This one has a sports vibe to it. Can you take on the league champions? (No practice.)" A mix of the previous four games, with sports style graphics and music. "Your trophy is for... participation." "Your trophy is for... Most Improved!" "Your trophy is for... winning the tournament!" Remix 3 EN Remix 3 JP

Set 4

Name In-game description How to play Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message English Title Card Japanese Title Card
Rock Aliens (Japanese: パワーロック) "Our species are dying from the toxic air on our homeworld. We must transport them all to a safer planet, but our ship is powered by music! If you have the fuel, we'd be grateful to you!" Very similar to other rhythm franchises such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Tap the notes on screen when they pass over their correct colour, and make sure the energy bar gets filled. Notes with a long trail need to be held. "We're heading for a black hole!" "We made it to the planet!" "Our species thrives once again!" Rock Aliens EN Rock Aliens JP
Karate Man (Japanese: カラテ家) "Karate Joe has dealt with many obstacles in the past. Now he faces his greatest challenge yet - bags of sand! Get shaking!" Karate Man unexpectedly shows up in the middle of the game instead of the beginning or the end. This time he has to punch a sack of sand which covers the GamePad. You have to shake off sand and punch flowerpots simultaneously (at the same rhythm, however), so it's the beginning of the first difficulty spike. "Must try harder! HARDER!" "I'll have another go... but first! Lunch!" "I'm afraid of sand no more!" Karate Man EN Karate Man JP
Spoon Launcher (Japanese: プリン打ち上げ) "Adults always tell you to not play with your food, but seriously, no one cares about that rule! Time to bend some spoons!" Press A when the spoon is at its maximum horizontal trajectory to fire a piece of ice cream onto the next spoon. Metal spoons take four beats to bend and plastic spoons take two. "What a mess!" "Mess averted!" "Cold, yet delicious... and fun!" Spoon Launcher EN Spoon Launcher JP
Sleepover (Japanese: 外泊) "I wish I could sleep... but my friends' beds are so bouncy! Help me land properly, so I don't lose my balance!" This game is basically a combination of See-Saw and Bossa Nova. Press A to bounce on the bed every two beats, but when you hear "Switch!" jump over onto the other bed to bounce every beat. You also have to switch back when you hear "Switch!" again. "Can you keep it down up there?" "Phew! Exhausting!" "Zzzzz!" Sleepover EN Sleepover JP
Remix 4 (Japanese: リミックス4) "Let's mix things up! This one has a space vibe to it. Let's see if your astronaut skills can kick in for this Remix! (No practice.)" A mix of the previous four games, with space style graphics and music. "If you were an astronomer, all you'd see would be your eye's reflection." "If you were an astronomer, you'd study nebulas and comets to your heart's content." "If you were an astronomer, you'd discover a new planet!" Remix 4 EN Remix 4 JP

Set 5

Name In-game description How to play Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message English Title Card Japanese Title Card
The Keyhole (Japanese: 謎の鍵穴) "Gah! All of my keys are shaped the same, but only one fits! I'll just shove 'em all in till one works!" This one is quite unique because you can cycle through each key with the D-Pad without a rhythm, but once you find the right one (it makes an audio cue) it must be inserted in on a beat. It won't fit unless it's on a beat. Green keys fit on a beat, purple ones on an offbeat. "Hello, dear, do you have the spare key?" "Finally! I'm in!" "I know how to find it easily now!" The Keyhole EN The Keyhole JP
Break Dancing (Japanese: ブレイクダンス) "I've got the sickest moves in the house, yo! My demonstrations will really shake yo up and teach yo how to be a sick as me, dangit!" The game plays a bit like Musical Chairs. When you hear the music start, hold A to spin around on the floor. When the music stops (indicated by a scratch noise) let go of A to perform a dazzling pose, then when you hear a reverse scratch, continue to hold A. "Whatever happened to my sick skillz?" "And that's how I roll, yo!" "They don't call me the Break Dancer for nothin'!" Break Dancing EN Break Dancing JP
Night Thief (Japanese: 夜に悪党) "This is the biggest moment of my 'career' - stealing from the richest house in the world. I've got to grab them all out of the drawers, although because it's late at night, I need a jump-start..." A hand is present on the GamePad and objects are present on the TV. The coins and bars there gleam in rhythm, and you must copy. Tapping the hand causes an automatic reaction like Munchy Monk, although this time a crook grabs an object off the TV in the same rhythm as the gleams. "Freeze, punk!" "Did I really drop that silver bar?" "I'd like to cash in, please!" Night Thief EN Night Thief JP
School Spirit Day (Japanese: 学校の誇りの日) "Right, you lot! It's a very important day... School Spirit Day! Be on your best behaviour and show your pride!" When you hear "March!" press A to march. If, while marching, you hear "Turn around!" flick the control stick in the opposite direction that you are marching and then continue to press A. If you hear "Saaa-LUTE!" then press B to have a flag unfurl behind you, depending on which version you're playing (for Europe, the flag is different for each language, for example the British version has the Union Jack while the French version has the French flag). You then continue to march once you hear "March!" again. "You're the shame of the country!" "Jolly good show, keep it up!" "A+ for you all!" School Spirit Day EN School Spirit Day JP
Remix 5 (Japanese: リミックス5) "Let's mix things up! This one has a western vibe to it. Let's saddle up on our broncos and go herd some cattle, yee-haw! (No practice.)" A mix of the previous four games, with cowboy style graphics and music. "Number of cattle herded: 0." "Number of cattle herded: 16!" "Number of cattle herded: 30!" Remix 5 EN Remix 5 JP

Set 6

Name In-game description How to play Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message English Title Card Japanese Title Card
Lamp Lighter (Japanese: 古い労働者) "In the good old times of Queen Victoria, street lamps had to be lighted using a match! What the history books don't tell you is that they needed good rhythm too!" A match is struck four times against a matchbox. On the fourth strike, press A to light the match. The rhythm is the same one heard in Big Rock Finish. Once it's up, touch the match on screen to the beat to light the lamp. You can also use the microphone to blow out the lamp, but that will actually contribute to a lower score. "Can't see a thing!" "The streets will be well lit tonight!" "I'd say that's a penny-worth effort!" Lamp Lighter EN Lamp Lighter JP
Barbersheep (Japanese: ホームヘアカット) "The sheep finally took revenge on their owners by deciding to shear those owners' heads! For a profit too! Help them work out the best way to use their available razor!" On the GamePad is the customer's head, while on the TV is a view from the mirror in front of the customer. There will be a pattern on the customers head, and you will need to drag the razor on screen across the pattern, to a rhythm similar to Power Calligraphy. Rhythms include (bzzt means regular beat and bzz means half-beat): 'bzzt-bzzt-bzzt-bzzt', 'bzz-bzz-bzz-bzz-bzz' 'bzzt-bzz-bzz-bzzt-bzzt' and the complex 'bzz-bzzt-bzz-bzzt-(pause)-bzz'. "MEHHHHHH!" "Not BAAAAHHHd." "EWE did it!" Barbersheep EN Barbersheep JP
Rhythm Hockey (Japanese: パックラック) "It's the final of the hockey championships! (Didn't we already use that?) Opponents are lining up for a body check, so find the key to victory!" This is the third and final 'press A when *insert sports item here* is in front of you' game, and is also the hardest. Team members attempt to perform a body check on you, if you see one, counter by pushing the GamePad forward two beats after you lock eyes. "I think my eye is swollen shut." "Goal! 1-0 to the Lucky Puckers!" "We won the all-mighty trophy!" Rhythm Hockey EN Rhythm Hockey JP
Scissors Race (Japanese: はさみで実行) "Here at the Completely Useless Scissors Testing Factory, we test scissors. By racing them through pieces of paper! Doesn't sound fun? You haven't seen it yet..." In this game, you win by alternating between the A button and the D-Pad in a rhythm like this. (A - pause - A - D-Pad). Halfway through you will hear "Reverse! Reverse!" which turns the rhythm into (D-Pad - A - pause - A). When you're 3/4 of the way through your piece of paper, you'll hear "Reverse! Reverse!" again, which turns the rhythm back into what it originally was. "I swear, these things are blunt!" "It's a 'draw'. Hahahaha!" "Sharp, fast, and incredibly durable!" Scissors Race EN Scissors Race JP
Remix 6 (Japanese: リミックス6) "Let's mix things up! This one has a tropical vibe to it. Jet off for a sunny holiday on a remote island. Aloha! (No practice.)" A mix of the previous four games, with beach style graphics and music. "Your BBQ... needs to be checked at some point." "Your BBQ... is ready to be served!" "Your BBQ... is so good even the animals want it!" Remix 6 EN Remix 6 JP

Set 7

Name In-game description How to play Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message English Title Card Japanese Title Card
Chip Catch (Japanese: フライ秋, North America: Fry Fall) "What nutjob made chips/fries fall down from the sky? Whatever, they're mine for the taking, but I'm gonna have to cool 'em down first." Tap a chip to catch it, and when you hear two sizzling sounds, blow into the microphone for three beats and stop when you hear a gleam sound (like the noise that the monkey makes in Tambourine when you get it right). "Dang it, I was hungry!" "Nom nom nom... tasty." "With my technique, I could run a fish and chip shop!" Chip Catch EN Chip Catch JP
Copycat (Japanese: 猫コピー) "Only the coolest cats around get to use original moves. I haven't shown mine to anyone yet, but if you can copy them perfectly, they're yours!" The art style is similar to Kitties!. In the actual game, you copy what the cat on the left (wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket) does. Press A to do a fist pump. Hold A to do a uppercut to the air. Press B to do a pose where you face your back to the other cat and give a glaring look. Blow in the microphone to puff your fur up. Only when the cat on the left points at you with both his hands are you allowed to copy him. "Sorry, dude. Try and think of your own!" "Not bad, dude. Not bad." "You're the #1 cool cat on the block!" Copycat EN Copycat JP
Duelling Dumbbells (Japanese: 鉄アレイ) "Time to get PUMPED! MAX OUT my ENERGY! BE THE HAMMIEST HAM EVER! I MUST BE RIPPED! AND YOU CAN HELP ME! HOW? JUST DO IT!" A sumo guy with a similar design to the eponymous Sumo Brothers has to lift weights with your help. The A button controls the right arm. The D-Pad controls the left arm. You lift once per beat. If a whistle sounds, that indicates that you must lift three times in two beats. If a taiko drum sounds, lift both arms at once and keep them held until a cowbell sounds, when you keep lifting once per beat. "I am NOT PUMPED! OR SATISFIED!" "I am OK with this physique. NOT REALLY!" "I AM THE MAN!" Duelling Dumbbells EN Duelling Dumbbells JP
Special FX (Japanese: 花火世界) "Here at Rhythm Paradise World, we always provide a nighttime spectacular for tourists to enjoy. You! New guy! You can take it up this time. I'll show you the ropes first." If Fireworks 2 existed, it probably would've been like this. This is the most complex minigame in the full game and the last regular game. The controls are also quite expansive. When a firework goes up into the sky, press A to make it explode three beats after it has been launched. When a spark goes off, wait six beats and then press B to make it multiply. When the guy yells "Lights!", wait 2 beats and then tap a switch on the GamePad to flare up lights. When the guy hollers "Lasers!", wait two beats and then hold the ZL and ZR buttons to fire up lasers. When the guy bellows "Smoke!", wait two beats, and then shake the GamePad to produce some smoke effects. When the guy barks "Fountain!", wait three and a half beats, and then blow on the microphone to activate some water jets. Finally, when he yells "FINALEEEE!" do everything at once (except "Lights!"). "Can you sue a theme park for a burnt face?" "I thought that was pretty good too!" "I've convinced my family to come here!" Special FX EN Special FX JP
Remix 7 (Japanese: リミックス7) "Let's mix things up! This one has a hard rock vibe to it. Unleash your inner demon with this game and give it all you've got! (No practice.)" A mix of the previous four games, with punk style graphics and music. "Your guitar is definitely... in tune, at least." "Your guitar is definitely... rockin'!" "Your guitar is definitely... going on this museum wall!" Remix 7 EN Remix 7 JP

Cloud Jump (Japanese: ナイトウォーク) "You're invited to Rhythm Paradise! Jumping on clouds is the most reliable way to get up, so climb up here and we're all set!"

This is the credits game. You play as Offbit, and as soon as he lands on a cloud, press A. If he lands on a glowing cloud, press B to jump over the thundercloud that will zap him and knock him out (again) as he falls down to the bottom.

  • Try Again: "Where... am... I?"
  • OK: "Welcome to Rhythm Paradise, Offbit!"
  • Superb: "Quick, you're getting a photo shoot with Rhythm Girl, Chorus Kids, Matt, and Tibby!"

Set 8 (Post-Game)

Name In-game description How to play Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message English Title Card Japanese Title Card
Built to Scale 2 (Japanese: 組み立て2) "Right now we're experiencing problems with the lights. They keep flashing on and off! Never mind, I hope you can work in the dark... (No practice.)" Same as Built to Scale 1, just with more complex patterns and faster lifts. The whole screen may also black out at times, leaving you just to rely on the music. The fact that this game has blackouts solidifies it as a combination of regular Built to Scale and the 'bot' games. "Man, you got nyctophobia or something?" "Unloaded and ready, sir!" "Darkness doesn't stop me!" Built to Scale 2 EN Built to Scale 2 JP
Spoon Launch 2 (Japanese: プリン打ち上げ2) "I didn't know rubber spoons were a thing until today. In any case, it sounds like there's some toffee pudding that needs to be flung!" In addition to metal and plastic spoons, rubber spoons make an appearance. They take three beats to bend. "I'm stuck in caramel!" "Powerful, but still needs work." "Fun... and edible!" Spoon Launcher 2 EN Spoon Launcher 2 JP
Chip Catch 2 (Japanese: フライ秋2, North America: Fry Fall 2) "More chips/fries? Well, I know what to do... wait, where did these chicken nuggets come from? Better cool them down anyway!" Chicken nuggets are a new mechanic in this sequel. They take 2 beats to cool. Also in this variation, the chips may teleport to another part of the screen when they fall, forcing you to adapt. "My hands are burning!" "That's some finger-lickin' chicken!" "Best phenomenon ever!" Chip Catch 2 EN Chip Catch 2 JP
Demolition Derby 2 (Japanese: レッキングスイング2) "With our new renovation plans, even the formerly homeless could sleep soundly! But all these abandoned shops are spoiling the view... get wrecking! (No practice.)" Same as before, just with a faster tempo and more buildings, as well as a beach setting. "Did you miss the buildings or something?" "I think I prefer steamrollers." "Buy a house on Crusher Coastline, with great views guaranteed!" Demolition Derby 2 EN Demolition Derby 2 JP
Remix 8 (Japanese: リミックス8) "Let's mix things up! This one has a horror vibe. Try not to get spooked in this ghostly rave! (No practice.)" A mix of select minigames from any set, with ghostly style graphics and music. The games are as follows:

Spoon Launch

Demolition Derby

Chip Catch

Lamp Lighter

Night Thief

Rock Aliens

Just for Kicks


"You went to the ghost party and... ran out screaming." "You went to the ghost party and... blended in." "You went to the ghost party and... made some spooky friends!" Remix 8 EN Remix 8 JP

Set 9 (Post-Game)

Name In-game description How to play Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message English Title Card Japanese Title Card
Penguin Divers 2 (Japanese: スイムオフ2) "Watch as more penguin compete for more fish... watch as the electric eel appears and zaps everybody..." Same as before, except with a new command, which is... the sound of two zaps. Don't do anything as an electric eel swoops past, first in front of you, then over you, then behind you. Remember to listen to your instructor again once it's gone! "Can't... move... body... numb..." "Can we swim somewhere else, please?" "I'm not letting a little electric eel get in the way of my delicious fish!" Penguin Divers 2 EN Penguin Divers 2 JP
Jumble Sale 2 (Japanese: ヤードセール2) "It's a pain to see our favourite childhood toys go, but they go to a good place!... ...most of the time. (No practice.)" It's a longer version of Jumble Sale with more boxes, and a faster tempo. It also appears to take place outside a mansion. "So why didn't we sell anything again?" "Still got some memories, haven't we?" "It's sad to watch them go, I know, so I bought you a Wii U!" Jumble Sale 2 EN Jumble Sale 2 JP
Rhythm Hockey 2 (Japanese: パックラック2) "It's the final of... you know. Anyway, you're taking on the Cruel Caribous today, so show me what a real hockey match is! (No practice.)" Mostly the same, except with wintery music and more body checks than before. "They really are some cruel caribous..." "Remember to tell Jimmy when you're at the hospital that we scored, OK?" "We won! And we got pizza for dinner!" Rhythm Hockey 2 EN Rhythm Hockey 2 JP
Karate Man 2 (Japanese: カラテ家2) "Karate Joe returns for another kick at those sand bags. But he is faced with the task of more consecutive punches! (No practice.)" This has a jazzy version of the regular Karate Man music, and the gameplay has more 'Hit 3!'s. There are also less bags of sand for some odd reason. "Dad, I need help... again." "Do I need practice? Maybe not!" "I feel like a supreme karate master!" Karate Man 2 EN Karate Man 2 JP
Remix 9 (Japanese: リミックス9) "Let's mix things up! This one has a prehistoric vibe to it. Do you think the cavemen discovered rhythm? We think so! (No practice.)" A mix of select games from any set, with caveman style graphics and music. The games are as follows:

Rhythm Hockey

Karate Man


Block Step




Poppin' Corn

School Spirit Day

Duelling Dumbbells


"You're the first human being to discover... stupidity." "You're the first human being to discover... a rare plant!" "You're the first human being to discover... fire!" Remix 9 EN Remix 9 JP

Set 10 (Post-Game)

Name In-game description How to play Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message English Title Card Japanese Title Card
Samurai Slice 2 (Japanese: 悪霊退散2) "How did I end up in a bowling alley...? Uh-oh! Demons! Ah well, looks like it's up to me once again! (No practice.)" Just like before, but the samurai is in a bowling alley and he is wearing a bowling shirt. The tempo is faster too. "How did my life lead up to this?" "Hard work, but the satisfaction is worth it!" "I guess you could say that was a strike!" Samurai Slice 2 EN Samurai Slice 2 JP
Night Thief 2 (Japanese: 夜に悪党2) "Different house, different time of day! I know that crooks work better in daylight, I read about it in some phony tabloid. (No practice.)" Instead of stealing money, this time you steal candy. The gleam is still there, but not as audible because it gleams on the cellophane wrapper. Sometimes, spiders appear instead. Swat them by pressing ZL and ZR together in the same rhythm they make a noise; a clear reference to Packing Pests. "Aww, I didn't even get a bite!" "This kid's taste in candy is unbelievable..." "Like taking candy from... wait a second!" Night Thief 2 EN Night Thief 2 JP
Scissors Race 2 (Japanese: はさみで実行2) "We're still completely useless, but we still enjoy having a good old scissors race! I've upped the ante a bit, because why not? (No practice.)" Similar to before, although "Reverse!" is shouted more often, and the opponent can somehow switch into each pattern flawlessly. "I bet you CHEATED, cheater!" "I've just realised how big this paper is..." "These scissors win every time!" Scissors Race 2 EN Scissors Race 2 JP
Copycat 2 (Japanese: 猫コピー2) "You've been challenged by the neighbourhood dog pack to a cool contest? Well, I have the moves for you. Step this way." This is the only sequel not to retain any original cues. Instead, new moves replace the old ones, but the controls remain the same. Pressing A now does a finger snap, and holding it puts your hands on your hips. Pressing B makes your cat hold up two peace signs to the air, and the microphone causes your cat to breakdance. "Where's a bone when you need one?" "They seemed rather impressed, actually!" "They wanted my autograph!" Copycat 2 EN Copycat 2 JP
Remix 10 (Japanese: リミックス10) "Let's mix things up! It's every game combined into one, so you must be really prepared to challenge this test! Good luck! (No practice.)" Every single minigame in the whole game, in this order:

Karate Man


Monkey Meteors

Spoon Launch

Built to Scale


Demolition Derby

Penguin Divers

Duelling Dumbbells



School Spirit Day

Block Step

Jumble Sale

Rhythm Hockey

Just for Kicks


Samurai Slice

The Keyhole

Night Thief

Lamp Lighter

Scissors Race


Chip Catch

Break Dancing

Cloud Jump

Rock Aliens

Poppin' Corn

Special FX

Karate Man

"If you were Rhythm Paradise crazy, you would've bumbled your way through with the Barista." "If you were Rhythm Paradise crazy, you would've passed every game easily!" "If you were Rhythm Paradise crazy, you would've invented your own fan game!" Remix 10 EN Remix 10 JP


The Cafe is a place where you can talk to the Barista. Once you start getting Perfects, you can also listen to music from the minigames or read some stories about the characters in the minigames. A list of these stories are located here.

Endless Games

By earning medals (aka getting Superbs) you can unlock a few endless games, which are like the regular minigames but without a time limit.

Name Requirements to unlock How to play
Obstacle Ropes (Japanese: スカウトの名誉) 3 medals You play as a Scout monkey and have to swing from rope to rope by holding the A button, in a similar fashion to Animal Acrobat. The tempo will get faster and faster the more you progress. You have only one life.
Walk-a-Thon (Japanese: 公園の中を歩きます) 15 medals Press A to walk to the beat, and when you hear a whistle, press A in double time. If you don't press A in time, you trip over. You have three lives.
Toaster Jam (Japanese: トースタートーストトースト) 30 medals You get shown a number, and then you have to count that many beats, and then on the final beat, throw the GamePad into the air (or shake it) to make toast pop out of the toaster. You have one life.
Head Spinner (Japanese: マネキン工場) 40 medals Identical to Mannequin Factory from Rhythm Tengoku on GBA, just with better music, and more gloves to slap around the head (as sometimes it might be facing backwards). You have three lives, a step up from the original.

Rhythm Toys

Earning medals may also get you some Rhythm Toys, which are toys that don't seem to serve any purpose other than be operated on a beat.

Name Requirements to unlock How to play
Squeaky Hammer (Japanese: 玩具ハンマー) 1 medal A beat is given, and you can press A or B to hit an object with a squeaky hammer. There are 4-beat, 8-beat and 16-beat options.
Chugging Tank (Japanese: 玩具タンク) 8 medals Hold A to move forward, and press B to fire artillery. Whilst moving, the tank produces a beat that you must fire artillery to.
Teddy Maker (Japanese: 玩具テディ) 20 medals Choose parts of a teddy bear, then, to a beat, stack the parts on top of each other.
amiibo Machine (Japanese: 玩具アミーボ) 35 medals, 1 amiibo Scan any amiibo, and that amiibo will appear on screen and then fall apart. Put it back together using the C-Stick as a claw. If the amiibo is put back together on a beat, it will stand up and give you an extra medal, which is required to unlock one of the Extra Games.

Extra Games

The final set of collectibles you can receive with medals are Extra Games, games from previous Rhythm Paradise instalments. This time, they are only games that did not appear in Rhythm Paradise Megamix. Unlike Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise, the games can be selected for a Perfect (except for Manzai Birds), however you cannot receive anything for them.

Name Requirements to unlock How to play Try Again Message OK Message Superb Message
The ★ Bon Odori (Japanese: ザ★ぼんおどり) 43 medals You are the first girl from the right. Lyrics will appear on screen, and whenever they reach 'pan', clap to the beat by pressing A. "I'm cold..." "Sparklers are kind of melancholic, aren't they?" "Whee! That was fun!"
Toss Boys (Japanese: トスボーイズ) 47 medals Toss away the ball when it's about land on a certain character. Press A for the red girl, Aka-chan, press B for the blue boy, Ao-kun, and press the D-Pad for the yellow boy, Kii-yan. Some of them have special moves that involve fast presses of the buttons. "No good, no good at all!" "We're good, but we can get better!" "Next, we'll become World Champion Tossers!"
Crop Stomp (Japanese: ドッスン農園) 49 medals Press A whenever the farmer stomps to do a massive stomp that uproots whatever is in front of you. If it's a beet, one beat after stomping, shake the GamePad to put it in the basket. If it's a mole, a half-beat after stomping, shake the GamePad to toss it away. "They're everywhere!" "Phew! Nice farming weather!" "Now that's farming!"
Space Soccer (Japanese: リフティング) 50 medals Press A to kick the ball repeatedly. If your character goes 'High kick, go!', flick the C-Stick upwards to kick the ball back towards you. "Buttertoes!" "We'll get it tomorrow." "Hoo-wahh!"

Manzai Birds

(Japanese: まんざい) Requires 51 medals to unlock.

This is an interesting game, as it was never ported outside of Japan until now. It is still an endless game, and the premise is the same as before, however the puns have been translated. Like the Japanese version, the puns are homonyms. Whenever the vulture (on the right) cracks a pun, you (as the crow) press A twice to say "Yeah, yeah." Whenever the vulture gets startled halfway through a pun, press the SELECT button to hit him and say "Impossible!". It's an odd button choice, but 'odd' fits the nature of this game.

A list of puns are below, in Japanese and English.

布団が吹っ飛んだ I'm going to watch a watch
ミカンがみっかんない Today, we saw a saw
お金はおっかねい Don't club me with a club!
雨ってあめえ All must hail hail
ラクダは楽だ Can I have a can?
梅ってうめい I'll park this in a park
紅茶を凍っちゃう Well, that well isn't well
カエルが振り返る My flat got squished flat
カレーが辛れい Fire at that fire!
思いのほか重い Duck! It's a duck!
遅れず来ておくれ Put your bank on the bank
トイレに行っといれ Seal up the seal
相手に逢いて That was a close close
イクラはいくら? Go right, it's right
草がクサイ I was fine until that fine
廊下で語ろうか? That letter contained a letter
プリンがたっぷりん The bolt flew like a bolt
チャイナに行っちゃいな My rose just rose
スイカは安いか? That remote is rather remote
イカが怒った On a duck, the down goes down
タイに行きたい! My light came to light
トナカイは大人かい? I'll box my box
サルが去る? The sign turned out to be a sign
サイを見なさい! It was a tie for my tie
鯛が食べたい! That rock plays rock
メガネには目がねい Our current is not current

Extra Remix

By achieving a Perfect on every single game (including the Extra Games), you get the Extra Remix. It is an endless game and features every single regular minigame in the game, as well as Endless Games and Extra Games, randomised and at varying lengths and speeds just to see how long you can go for. It's never the same game twice!


This is really great so far! - Peppermint Princess

rip my joke - CrunchTime420

It's quite refreshing to see something new actually, nice effort. - Solarrion

The game received a 6/10 from Syi-View, which praised the ideas and creativity, but criticised the lackluster artwork of the title cards.



  • Offbit's original name was Quavoro, but that was given to his nation's ruler instead.
  • The theme park in Special FX is the same one from Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise's Remix 6, just during the night.
  • Offbit and Tripletto appear as playable characters in SMASH BROS: EVERYONE!!!.
    • In addition, Quavoro's kingdom is a stage in that game.

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