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Rhythm Heaven for PC is a fangame on PC. It is based on the Rhythm game called Rhythm Heaven. It has 7 row of original and 3 row for Sequel.

Row 1

Game 1

Name-Home Run

Description-If we want to win we have to get home runs, you can do this.

Gameplay-Normal Throw=3 Beats, Fastball=2 Beats(Cue=Whistle)

Try Again-We Lost

OK-We Tied

Superb-WE WON

Game 2

Name-Street Runner

Description-If you want to get fit, you got to have motivation. My motivation is music. I always run to the beat.

Gameplay-Keep pressing A and the music change tempo, you have to slow down or speed up with the music

Try Again-I Give Up

OK-I got to take a break

Superb-I can run all day

Game 3

Name-Clapping Concert

Description-It's time for our concert, just follow me and we'll do fine

Gameplay-Press A to clap, repeat your partner

Try Again-They hate us

OK-That was fun

Superb-They want a encore

Game 4

Name-Bank Heist

Description-I'm planing a big heist but I need to get past the guards.

Gameplay-Keep pressing A, If you hear footsteps press S. If you hear a dog barking press and hold S.

Try Again-BUSTED

OK-That was close

Superb-It's like nothing happened

Game 5

Name-Remix 1

Description-Time to mash everything together, This one is in the clouds.

Try Again-I can't get to sleep

OK-I'm still kinda sleepy

Superb-I had a great sleep

Row 2

Game 1

Name- Rhythm Fighter

Description-The best defence is to dodge. Pay attention to your opponent.

Gameplay-It plays like the Rhythm Heaven Fever 2-player game, Rhythm Fighter.

Try Again-It hurts

OK-Good enough but I got to train

Superb-The winner is me

Game 2

Name-Built To Scale

Description-It's time to work, you just got to deliver the widgets.

Gameplay-Press A on the fourth beat

Try Again-Where are the widgets?

OK-That's good enough for me

Superb-Your getting a promotion

Game 3


Description-It's time to do push ups but how to start?

Gameplay-Press A on the third beat

Try Again-My arms hurt

OK-That's enough for me

Superb-Got to keep trying

Game 4


Description-People are counting on me, I just got to keep biking

Gameplay-Keep press A, If you hear a drum Press A three times fast

Try Again-"Can you hurry up"

OK-"Half way there"

Superb-"Super Speed'

Game 5

Name-Remix 2

Description-Time to mash everything together. Time to go out into the jungle

Try Again-Someone help

OK-It was a jungle out there

Superb-Yay, a jungle party

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