Rhythm Heaven U is the fourth game in the Rhythm Heaven games. This one takes place on the Wii U.


Rhythm Heaven U is played on the Wii U. Many rhythm minigames can be played here. The controls are the A and B buttons, tapping the screen, and a wii remote is not allowed, because you can't tap a screen on a wii remote.. As you progress through the game you can earn toys and endless games with medals. Medals can be earned by getting a Superb or a Perfect. But to pass the stages themselves, you only need OK.

Rhythm Games

Mirror Mirror

In this game you are a mirror that needs to reflect sunlight. When the sunlight hits the mirror you press A. If you get a hit, the sunlight will bounce off. If you miss, the mirror flashes and the sunlight gets trapped in the mirror. The ending cut scenes for this game are:

Perfect: This is going to be a bestseller!

Superb: This is one handy mirror!

Ok: Only a little more work!

Fail: I think something's wrong.

Manzai Birds

Why cant an endless game be an actual game? In this stage you are a crow that gets insulted by a vulture. Whenever the vulture insults you, you press a twice to say 'False False!' and when the vulture screams, you press A and B to say 'Right back at you!' If you get a hit, nothing happens. If you get a miss, the crowd boos at you.

Perfect: Why am I scared of you, puny crow?

Superb: You did alright. I'm better though.

Ok: You almost fainted! Sadly you didn't.

Fail: Haha! Loser!

Pork Runner

In this game you are a pig running away from a chef. When the chef yells 'Pork!' you press A to jump over the spear. When he yells 'Bacon Bacon!' you press B twice to slide under the spears. If you get a hit, you dodge the spear. If you miss, the pig oinks.

Perfect: I can't seem to catch you pig!

Superb: It's taking a long time to get you!

Ok: Luck was on your side, pig.

Fail: Let us have lunch! You!

Shape Shifter

In this game you are a person that shape shifts into things. When you approach a tunnel, press A to turn into a flat paper replica. When you approach a brick wall, press A and B to turn into a rocket. If you get a hit, you perform the morph. If you get a miss, you run into that obstacle.

Perfect: No need for training! I got this!

Superb: I'm one good shape shifter!

Ok: Phew, that was close.

Fail: I need more practice.

Remix 1

In this level you combine the 4 minigames into one stage with a certain theme. This has a tropical theme to it. Unlike other Rhythm Heaven games, if you get a Superb on a remix, you get a two-player mode in the two player tab. The two player tab is used to play Two-Player games and earn Duo medals.

You play like:

Perfect: A #1 Band!

Superb: A talented musician!

Ok: A violin player.

Fail: a piece of string.

The Tapping Trio

In this level you and your clappy-trio buddys decide to take on the arts of tapping. On your turn, tap the screen to point. If you get a hit, nothing happens. If you miss, the other guys look at you disappointedly.

Perfect: Right on the spot!

Superb: Tappity tap tap!

Ok: We did good guys!!!

Fail: We still tried.... right?

Color Pickers

In this level each of the three judges will give you a color (red, blue, green, or yellow) to a rhythm, and you need to tap the right colors in rhythm also. If you get it right, everyone cheers. If you miss, the judges get mad and the crowd boos.

Perfect: We could paint the White House!!!

Superb: Nice choice of rhythm.

Ok: Just what we needed!

Fail: Is this even art?

Jumper Roper

In this level you are a cute little robot that needs to jump-rope forever!!! Tap the screen and flick (ooh) to jump over the rope to a steady beat. When you hear the cue, you will switch to a double dutch mode where you just plain tap to a fast beat. When you hear the cue again, you go back to your original pattern. If you miss a beat, you will shake.

Perfect: Time to win the Championship!

Superb: Hop to the beat, move your feet!

Ok: Thank you friends.

Fail: Can we do a re-do?

Buzz Buzz

If you know Donk Donk from Rhythm Heaven Fever, you should be fine. Except when you hear the cue, you don't go three times constant, you only tap once to a little faster rhythm.

Perfect: Buzz Buzz Buzzzzz!!!

Superb: Thatzzzzz Awesomezzzz!!!

Ok: Goodzzzz Jobzzzz!!!

Fail: 'Glare of mis'bee'havior.

Remix 2

This remix has an underwater theme to it. Buzz Buzz in this remix starts on offbeats, so be prepared!

A criticizer would say:

Perfect: How can I criticize this performance?

Superb: Ive seen a few better.

Ok: Work on rhythm, fancy pants!

Fail: You don't deserve to perform!

Tadpole Troop

A trio of blue-greenish tadpoles want to go for a swim. You are the third tadpole (The bottom one) You have to repeat what the other two do at the same rhythm. If they go underwater, you tap. If they do a high jump, you flick. They can do more than one move on their turn so stay cautious.

Perfect: Two splashes now!

Superb: Nicely done guys!

Ok: Wag your tail!!!

Fail: Guys we did good!!! Guys?

Stone Bashers

You are a poor concrete-man that wants to become rich, so you break  open red and yellow stones with A and B buttons on them. When you are tossed a block, hold the stylus on the Wii U to hold it. Then depending if it's a black B on a yellow block, or a white A on a red block, you press that button 4 times to the beat, all while still holding the block. You will also catch round crystals. While they behave like blocks, you only press the button twice.

Perfect: I am the first quintillion air!!!

Superb: I can now afford a house!

Ok: My head hurts. Must of gotten a lot money though.

Fail: I think i'm sick.

Double Singer

You want to become a singer just like your idol. He says to repeat after him. If he sings High-Low-Low-High, you press A-B-B-A after him. If you here one of the tapping trio say 'Together Now!' You both tap twice.

Perfect: I think you're actually better than me!

Superb: You have evolved, my talented.

Ok: Dude, thats singing.

Fail: Take a year off, you'll need it.

Rhythm Stunts

The first rhythm stuntman? Impossible! But if you think you can do it, you - still probably can't. Hold down the stylus to stay on the ground. Let go to jump over an obstacle. Since you cant' stay in the air forever, you need to tap and hold the second you touch the ground.

Perfect: Heh, it was nothing.

Superb: All it takes is rhythm and risk.

Ok: Thank you very much.

Fail: I did good- wait. How did I get here?

Remix 3

This remix takes place in a kitchen...and the music is an instrumental of It's Raining Tacos by Parry Gripp.

If you were to cook in a competition, your result would be:

Perfect: Zis, is zee best dish that mwa have tasted in my life!

Superb: Zis is delicious! 1-st place medal to you, my friend.

Ok: Zis is good. Silver reasonable?

Fail: Zis is terrible! Mwa would rather eat a deep-fried dumpster!

Music Dating (Idea from InukaneYumiko)

You know that girl from Double Date? She's in a band! But there is only 1 member. She invites you to join if you have the SKILLS! It is just like Double Singer, but only more complex. If she Strums the guitar, than hits the drums twice, then plays the piano for three notes. That's flick-a-hold-a-hold-b-b-b to you. Heres the thing. You miss every note in one section. You will fail in the MIDDLE of the song.

Perfect: You really got down,!

Superb: Your hired!

Ok: Not like we got anybody else.

Fail: Do I know you?

Secret: Wow....GG!


It's time for a show at your favorite water park! In this show you will make sharks, octopuses, and even a couple dolphins jump through hoops to THE BEAT! First imagine 4 beats in a second. At 1 a shark will splash and come at of the water, and on 3 you will tap so it goes through the hoop correctly. On an octopus, it comes out at 1, but not only do you tap on 3, you tap on 4. The dolphin is the hardest. It comes on 1, but you tap on 2!

Perfect: Good show, good show!

Superb: Impressive.

Ok: You are hired, again.

Fail: You are fired, again!


You decide to join a soccer championship. You need to practice! Your uncle (he's a soccor celebrity) decides to help you by rolling soccor balls to you. You kick them back in a rhythm by either pressing A or B. A is if it comes from the left. B is if it comes from the right.

Perfect: You are ready for anything dude.

Superb: Good luck out there!

Ok: Nice job.

Fail: No worrys. We just need more practice.

Karate Joe

You knew this had to happen. When a flowerpot comes towards your way, press A to punch it. If you punch a light bulb, instead of punching flowerpots, you will be tapping windows. You keep on tapping until you tap a Wii U-shaped window. If this happens you switch back to normal flowerpots.

Perfect: HIYAHH!!!!!!!

Superb: Take that!!!

Ok: Done for today.

Fail: I'm dead meat.

Remix 4

This remix has an arctic feel to it. Remember that light bulb cue, you will need it.

If you lived in the woods for a week, you'd:

Perfect: Have a gorilla army!

Superb: Be the new Tarzan!

Ok: Survive.

Fail: You'd fight a lion, and fail.

Sequel Games (Only remixes will show up in the contents)

Wow, there are way less original games right? No worrys. More games will be covered after THE SEQUEL STAGES!!! The sequels are:

-Stone Bashers 2 -Tadpole Troop 2 -Music Dating 2 -Manzai Birds 2

Remix 5

This has a temple theme to it. Tadpole troop will usually start on an offbeat, and you will also see some Buzz Buzz in this remix.

Perfect: Good job on the first sequel stage!

Superb: You sure can keep up!

Ok: I have faith in you

Fail: At least you made it this far.

The next row is:

-Shape Shifter -The Tapping Trio 2 -Buzz Buzz 2 -Karate Joe 2

Remix 6

This has a Halloween theme to it. You may see some Kick-Down and Glee Club -wait. They aren't in this game! Well, you still deal with them!

Perfect: You sure are ready for what's next...

Superb: Alright. Alright.

Ok: You think you're ready?

Fail: At least you met Glee Club again!

The Final Row

You made it this far!!! Wow. You should be we go!

Dj School

It's back! The same old hold and flick controls are back! The twist is that it's now something you can dance to!

Perfect: You have the case of pure awesomeness!

Superb: Good Job!

Ok: Not to shabby, hey!

Fail: Retry?

Tap Troupe

What returns and has several box heads? These dudes! To tap you...tap! The music has changed to a whole new song, so now you have no idea what is coming next!

Perfect: We promote you to Tap king!

Superb: We make a good team.

Ok: There is always tomorrow.

Fail: I'm looking at you!

Double Date 3

Yep...all the girls who know this level love it - wait. Double Date 3? Narrator! Are you telling me they are rolling bowling balls too? Ok i'll tell them *Puts down phone*. The only thing the narrator said is if it comes to you on a beat, you kick it on an offbeat; and if it comes on an offbeat, you kick it on a beat. Oh, and yes. I did say bowling ball.

Perfect: You're welcome, InukaneYumiko.

Superb: The ball curse is broken!

Ok: Another day of kicking, and weasels.

Fail: I'm sorry, Senpai.

Donk Donk vs Buzz Buzz

In this game the 3 characters will constantly morph between the two games, changing the cue commands with them. When you here Blub Blub Blub or Blub Blub, you are changing to a bee. If you here Dough Dough or Dough, you are turning to whatever those are called.

Perfect: The crew became allies with the bee's.

Superb: You did good.

Ok: It was nice while it lasted.

Fail: We can't work together!

Remix 7

This is it. The final remix. This includes the 4 games (Rip-off.) You may also see Air Rally and Ringside in there. So beware. This remix takes place inside a mansion.

Perfect: High Five!

Superb: Nice job!

Ok: You little rhythm king!

Fail: So close.

This is it. You won. Good job. You can now relax and -WAIT.

The Virus Remix

Now this is where it gets good. This includes all the games, and has the music of Boss 1 from the Rhythm Doctor Demo. But you want to know what happens in the middle of the remix? It's just like Boss 1 from Rhythm Doctor DEMO (you don't know what that is. Look it up.) That only brings PAIN! It makes the little amount of games way harder!

Then in the end of the battle:

Perfect: You make the virus go extinct.

Superb: You kill the virus.

Ok: You flee the virus from the country.

Fail: The whole galaxy becomes infected.

Endless Games

There are several Endless Games you can earn with medals. 1 Medal is earned if you get a Superb. But you also get an extra medal if you get a perfect. There are 31 levels, so you can get 62 medals in the game! That makes room for several extra games!

Watermelon Juggling (3 Medals)

You have a goal of juggling watermelons for as long as possible. When you hear "Juggle Juggle Boom!" The watermelon will bounce lower, meaning you tap the screen to juggle quicker! But if you hear "Here comes the next one!" Another water melon will appear. Don't worry, because after you hear Juggle Juggle Boom, then that extra watermelon will splatter. Since the game difficulty gets fast so quickly, the game will go back to when you first started at 200, but it says "Here comes the next one!" twice before saying "Juggle Juggle Boom!" You unlock the golden version if you get 150.

Retro Punch (7 Medals)

In this game 3 types of pixelated enemies charge towards you, and you need to punch them to their rhythm. For the orange baddie, think of 1 beat a second. The enemies comes on the first beat. You punch it on the second. For the blue baddie, think of 4 beats a second. It comes on the first, while you punch on the third. The green baddie has 2 health. If it has 2 health it acts like the orange, but then when it gets hit, it switches to the blue pattern. You unlock the golden version if you get 150.

Music Dating Endless (16 medals)

This acts just like the original music dating, except that the patterns start out simple, then they get more complex. After completing the 10 complex patterns, the game will go back to the first, but faster. You unlock the golden version if you get 20.

Burger Time (22 Medals)

In this endless game you have to serve customers their burger choice to the rhythm. If they say "Bun burger.... cheese bun." You tap the icons on the Wii U the exact same rhythm that they ordered it in. Every 10 correct orders you make gives you a new ingredient. You start out with 3 ingredients, and you can earn up to 7 more! Starting at 20, they can ask for small and large fries. This doesn't happen every order after 20, but several people do ask for fries. You unlock the golden version if you make it to 40.

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