Developer(s) Nintendo EPD
Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Rhythm

Rhythm Heaven Dream is a rhythm game developed by Nintendo EPD in cooperation with Blender Maximum. As with other titles in the Rhythm Heaven series, the game consists of miscellaneous unique rhythm games and remixes. Like in the previous title, Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Dream is centered around a story; however, this story is more heavy than the story in Megamix.




Each rhythm game has its own unique gameplay. The player can select rhythm games by pressing the A button on the Wii U GamePad and moving in different directions by use of the D-Pad. The player can also go to different areas such as the Café by tapping the GamePad's screen.

Rhythm GamesEdit

Each set consists of four rhythm games as in previous titles, but there is now a new Rhythm Boss in each set. These Rhythm Bosses are entirely new games, but do not replace Remixes as they appear later in the game.

Set OneEdit

Game Description Gameplay Completion Messages
Karate Man "The key to karate, as in all other things, is rhythm. Now, let us throw some stuff at you for you to punch." Press the A button to punch whenever an object is thrown. Whenever the voice says "hit three," punch three times in quick succession. Try Again
"I'm ready to try again! You hear me, seagulls?! I'm ready!"

"My mind… is filled with stars."

"I could karate all day!"

Catchy Tune "I like to hang out at the bottom of these stairs, because sometimes fruit bounces down them. Free Fruit!" Oranges and pineapples will fall down from stairs in front of two characters. Press the A button to catch fruit as the character in white and the + button to catch fruit as the character in pink. Pineapples will fall slower than oranges. Try Again
"Little help?"

"Yeah, we can make juice now!"

"Fresh squeezed all the way, baby!"

Dog Ninja "Ninjas rock. They can cut through, like, anything. Also? This ninja's a dog." When an object is in front of you, press A to slice it. Multiple objects may be thrown at once or at a fast pace. Try Again
"I'm sneaking like a true ninja."

"The enemies are approaching!"

"I can slice anything!"

Tile Tapper "Huh, these dominoes don't seem to be affected by gravity… Let's see what happens when we try to tip them over!" Domino tiles will be in a circle formation. A hand will flick the dominoes in one direction, causing them to fall. When the domino by your hand is knocked down by another domino, press A to flick it back to the other hand. The dominoes will fall at varying speeds. Try Again
"We must have hit them too hard…"

"That was some fine tapping!"

"We could do this all day!"

Rhythm Boss 1 TBA TBA TBA

Set 2Edit

Game Description Gameplay Completion Messages
Fruit Basket "Time to put a fresh and surprisingly literal spin on the idea of "street basketball." Also, fruit!" Press A to hit your head up as food comes by to knock it into one of the baskets. Two foods, apples and lemons, can be shot from the pipes. Lemons move at a slower pace than apples. Try Again
"Hope it would stop raining soon…"

"That basketball makes me sweat!"

"Nothing but net!"

Sale Boat "Like auctions? Like jet-skiing? Well, how about doing both at the same time? Smack your gavel and hop to the beat!" When someone raises a sign, wait three beats, and then press B to slam your gavel. When a rock appears, wait one beat and press A to jump or you will fall down. Try Again
"Did we sell anything today?"

"At least nobody got hurt."

"We made a lot of money today…"

Hole-in-One TBA Press A to swing your golf club when the monkey throws a golf ball. When the mandrill throws a golf ball, wait three beats before swinging. TBA
Ringside TBA Press A once when the reporter asks a question. When the reporter compliments you, press A twice to flex your muscles. Press B to pose when the photographers tell you to. TBA
Rhythm Boss 2 TBA TBA TBA

Set 3Edit

Game Description Gameplay Completion Messages
Pendulum "Pendulums swing. Like, a lot. Your job is to make sure that it doesn't stop swinging. Don't worry, it's not too hard." When the pendulum reaches the middle of the screen, the person in the middle will either hit the pendulum to the left or the right. If it goes to the right, press A to hit it back, and if it goes to the left, press B. If the person in the middle holds the pendulum for a little bit, you should hold it for the same amount of time. TBA
Frosty Flames "What do you mean this place is a volcano?! I thought we were going to some snowy place!" When the coals below your feet start to get hot, press A to jump. Jump until the coals get cold again. If the volcano in the background erupts, press the D-Pad to move to the left or right. TBA
Crash Photography "Our bank was robbed by really fast ninja people! Detective, do you think you can help us out?" Press A to flash the camera. If you hear a noise in the other room, press the D-Pad to switch the camera and flash it immediately. If you flash the camera at the wrong time, it will be stunned for a few seconds. TBA
Pinch of Salt "And welcome back to the number-one cooking show worldwide, Chef Croissant's Culinary Cousine! Today, we'll be baking a cake." When the assistant chef hands you a food item, press A to grab it. If you receive an egg, press A to crack it immediately. If you receive a bowl, press A to set the bowl down and then hold B to grab a little bit of salt and release it at the center of the bowl with cake batter. When you receive milk, pour it after two beats by holding the ZL and ZR buttons. If an item is upside down, use the D-Pad to flip it before doing any other action. TBA
Rhythm Boss 3 TBA TBA TBA

Bonus GamesEdit


Rhythm ToysEdit