This page is a list of all the songs used in RhythmWare. Please keep in mind that this list is unfinished and will try to be completed as soon as possible.

Tonight/I Feel Fine!

Shiverin' cold on a big city night
Well, that's just how you found me way back then
And in a startled blink of an eye
I knew my life was forever changed

Walkin' on a highwire
And if that's how life's gonna be
Then I should have all the fun that I can
Yeah that's a lot more like me

Tonight's the night right here right now I swear
I'll walk into the future without a care, yea-ah
Tonight when all my tears have come and gone
I'll say good bye to yesterday's sad songs, yea-ah

And there may come a time, when I will hesitate
But waiting's part of life now

Tonight's the night please hear me out to the end
Could you please be the one, my carefree friend, yea-ah
Tonight I need my dreams to all come true
Please tell me if that sounds like a plan to you, yea-ah

I know that it may sound, too simple to be true
But hey well that's life too
But hey well that's life too

Thrilling! Is This Love?

Yeah, yeah yeah!

Hey now, here is my song
For you, yeah, that's right
I wish that I was yours
But I'm too shy, I suppose

If only I could just conjure a spell
Kapow! Hocus, hocus, hocus
Then you and I would be together
For all time, I suppose

Is it love that makes my heart go
Boom, boom, boom?

Yeah, I suppose!
Love you, love you, love you
More than yesterday
I suppose!

Yeah, yeah yeah

Hey now, sing it to me
That's right, I'm talking to you
I hope that this message finds you'
Feeling ever so wonderful

I just can't hold it back anymore
Yeah! Love you, love you, love you
If you we could stay just like this
You are so wonderful

I never felt like this
My heart going Boom, boom, boom

Its wonderful
Love, you, love you, love you
Even more than before

Dreams of Our Generation

(Yeah!) (Uhn!)
(Yeah!) (Uhn!)


You'n'I've been through a lot together (Yes!)
That's just the way the story goes (That's right!)
Even though your heart breaks (Uhn!)
and you're down on your knees
Any way you'll laugh again someday (Let's go!)

And if you're down, you'll get up again (Uhn, uhn!)
Dust off a bit, go along your way
But don'tcha know you might find before too long
you're on your knees once again (That's right, sayin' you gotta go!)

Let's spread our wings now (Yeah!)
do anything now (Uhn!)
somehow we came this far (Okay!)
I've got a choice now (Yeah!)
I hear your voice now (Uhn!)
Singing inside my heart (C'mon!)

Let's spread our wings now (Yeah!)
into the sky now (Uhn!)
Let's reach up to the sun (Okay!)
Soon we will see we're (Yeah!)
Living the dreams of (Uhn!)
Our generation (That's right!)

I Love You, My One and Only

What can I do? What can I do?
The only one for me is you
What can I do? What can I do?
What can I do?

Tell me, tell me
Why'd you have to hurt me, hurt me
Why'd you take my heart if you don't love me?
Tell me, tell me
Just how to say goodbye now, bye now
Just when I know I never will forget you

What can I do, to bring you back to me
Tell me what to do to win your love

Won't ever give you up
won't ever let go
even if it breaks me
I will always know

You are the only one
there is no other
This sweet dream will never die

Won't ever give you up
Won't ever let go
Even when you hurt me
I still love you so

I'll let you take the lead
Follow where you go
Hear my plea, oh, won't you baby
I love you, my one and only What can I do? What can I do?
The only one for me is you
What can I do? What can I do?
What can I do?

Young Love Rock n' Roll

I fell for you, baby
Because you're just so pretty
That's why I'm dancing
It's a very very happy day
I feel good all the time
Thank you, baby

Pretty little lady
You should see her get down
Dancing with her fella
He knows how to make her spin
I feel good all the time
Thank you, baby

Kids these days
They just worry too much
Don't know that that is just so square?
Don't give up, my sweet little girl
Just don't look behind you now
Just keep on dancin' all night

Come on, let's dance
You know its only rock and roll
Boys and girls
Let's see you really shake it up now

Come on, let's sing
You know it's only rock and roll
Can't get enough'
Young love
Rock and roll (x2)

Love's Ooh Ooh Paradise

You told me dreams come true
Yeah, yeah, yeah (x2)
We'll find out, baby tonight
If I get close to you.

This may seem silly to you
Yeah, yeah, yeah (x2)
Still I sing my heart out to you
Sincerely, darling

When we talk, I go
Oh, oh, oh, oh, no!?
Its so embarrassing

Still my heart goes
La la la-di-da
Singing for you

My love for you is
(Boom, boom!)
Sheer paradise

My heart shines brightly
(Bang, bang)
Down on me
And down on you

I love you with all my heart
Yeah, yeah, yeah (x2)
If I can see you tonight
My dreams might come true

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