Full Name Rhotef
Current Age 5312
Gender Male
Location Utirro (abandoned)
Plit (current residence)
Current Status Alive
Class Starlit Hunter
Starlit Hunters
Family and Relations
Vulnerable To Dark Matter

Rhotef the Starlit Hunter is the leader of the Starlit Hunters a group of intergalactic pirates that want to take over the galaxy.

Physical Description

Rhotef is one of the Dotemian, a race of biomechanical beings from the planet Utirro. Standing at roughly 18 feet tall, Rhotef has a body that is quite broad and skeletal in appearance, his two legs are very long and his feet have four long, spiked toes on each. Rhotef‘s two arms are incredibly long and almost reach down to the floor when he’s standing tall. On each hand he has seven fingers, each tipped with a razor-sharp claw. His head is serpentine in appearance and has a jagged ridge starting from his nose that runs down to the end of his spiked tail. Rhotef only has one functioning optic on the right side of his head, which glows deep blue. Rhotef’s upper body, lower arms and upper legs are tinted teal blue, while his lower legs and upper arms and head are coloured orange.


Council of Seniton

Upon his home planet, he was a member of the respected Council of Seniton, the capital city. When their home planet’s core was discovered to be dying, the Council gathered together and tried to devise a solution. Rhotef’s idea involved siphoning energy from other planets and stars to restore their own. The rest of the council, although reluctant, ultimately went with his idea because none of them could come up with another reliable solution. Together they forged the Vitality Rod, in the hopes that this device would save their home.


Rhotef was the first to test the device, drawing power from one of Utirro’s moons and transferring it the planet’s core. The device was ultimately a success, but the time to use the Rod came ultimately came again. This time, after harvesting an uninhabited star, Rhotef realised that the Vitality Rod could be used as a weapon, and hatched a plot to take overthrow the Council and rule Utirro himself.

The Great War

Rhotef gathered a number of followers and tried to take down the Council and claim power, which erupted into a centuries-long war that eventually led to Utirro’s destruction. After the end of the war, the surviving members of the Council managed to reclaim the Vitality Rod and fled across the stars to find a place to hide it. The Vitality Rod was soon entrusted to cosmic guardian Rosalina, who hid the rod somewhere on her home planet. She also used her powers to create a way to protect the rod from Rhotef if he ever found its location: she gifted a Luma with the power of Dark Matter and then she would send it down to the planet where it would locate an individual capable of wielding its power to protect it.

Reclaiming the Rod

Rhotef and his followers would go on to form the Starlit Hunters, a band of intergalactic pirates that travelled from planet to planet, conquering and looting them. After traversing the cosmos for a few hundred years, the Starlit Hunters discovered a lead to the location of the Vitality Rod: a little planet called Plit. Rosalina, having sensed his approach, sent the Dark Matter Luma down to the planet to find someone to protect it.


  • Rhotef is based on The Fallen from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, in aspects of backstory and appearance.