Do I have a crush on Mario, you ask? Of course not!
Rhodina, Paper Mario: The Diamonds of Virtue

Rhodina (pronounced roh - DEE - nuh) is a partner in Paper Mario: The Diamonds of Virtue. She is a green Squeek with blond hair and a barette. Rhodina is a former aviatrix who sees a rival in Ms. Mowz in terms of thieving treasure; however, she does not have a crush on Mario.


Default attack: Plane Summon
FP: 0
Description: Causes an airplane owned by Rhodina to crash into an enemy.
Action command: Line up the two cursors.
Weaknesses: Does relatively low damage.

Default attack: Summoned Bomber
FP: 4
Description: Causes Rhodina's plane to appear and bomb all enemies.
Action command: Press B while the orange line is in the green area (for each enemy. If you think it sounds easy, that line is a bit quick).
Weaknesses: None.

Level A attack: Love Drain
FP: 3
Description: Steals HP from an enemy and adds it to Rhodina's.
Action command: Hold the control stick to the right until the diamond icon lights up.
Weaknesses: Fire

Level S attack: Confusion
FP: 5
Description: Flashes a bright light so enemies become confused.
Action command: Press and release A with perfect timing.
Weaknesses: None.

Experience in Book IV

In Book IV, Rhodina lashes out and tries to defeat Quartz. However, Quartz actually kills Rhodina with her SwordBeam. This further motivates Mario and his partners to foil the plans of Corundum and Quarts.

What's funny is that after you defeat the bosses and you decide to play in your completed file, Rhodina, in her living body, is still following you around.

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