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Rhizome Skirmish
Rhizome Skirmish
English logo
Developer(s) Existence Software
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing, Ltd.
Platform(s) Nintendo Chrome
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s)
Single Player,
Age Rating(s)
T for Teen
Media Included Nintendo Chrome optical disk

Rhizome Skirmish: A Fantendo Smash Bros. Game, or simply Rhizome Skirmish, is a 2015 downloadable fighting game created as a spin-off to the Fantendo Smash Bros. series. The game is heavily based around ideas that went unused for Malign Isolation, though also shares several gameplay elements with the title. The game was created for SuperSonicDarkness' FSB Roster Challenge. Like Existence Software's first downloadable title, BLOCKade, Rhizome Skirmish costs only $1.


The game is a 2.5D fighting game in vein of the Super Smash Bros. and Fantendo Smash Bros. series. Additionally, like said titles, it features a plethora of different characters from several series. Each character is given five special attacks - Front, Back, Up, Down and Neutral - as well as a stronger attack - Burst Special - which can be activated by filling up their Mercury Gauge.


There are a total of 12 stages in the game, each being the "home stage" of one of the twelve fighters. Like with the characters, eight stages can be played on at default, with the remaining four having to be unlocked. The stage may not be based upon any area from the character's debut series, though draws inspiration from all of the creator's works.

Stage Home to Description
Default Stages
Binary-A22 3.14 An area used by A22 Enterprises in order to test 3.14's model and animations prior to converting him into a physical being. A flat stage consisting of one major platform and two smaller ones that float above the main one, moving back and fourth as the battle progresses.
Doodleland Justice Shield A strange zone where literally anything is possible. The battleground has strange gravity, with the strange structures that appear in the background occasionally rising into the foreground to act as platforms and obstacles at the same time.
Zonar Core Ghasja The Zonar Core rests in the centre of the Zonar galaxy, the most secluded galaxy in Zaxina. The temple in which the battle takes place holds a strange power, with one of the two gods - Fandraxono or "Satan" - appearing in the background to mess with the fighters.
McBones' Grave Neo Koopa A small stage taking place within a vastly empty graveyard. The fighting area is pretty simple, with the stage being mostly flat and extending to the ends of the stage. A large, dead tree appears on the right of the screen, which players can attack to destroy or stand within its dead branches.
Lollipop Lake Spaghetti The village where Spaghetti has lived for her whole life. Lollipop Lake is a candy-like area, where the platforms are the small houses made out of various candies and sweets. After the battle goes on long enough, the titular lake will overflow, and the stage will then take place atop the roofs of the houses.
McBoo's Mansion McBoo The Mansion's roof serves as the main platform, and Boos crowd around to watch the action unfold. Occasionally the platforms that move about above the roof will disappear, and sometimes be thrown high into the air. The mansion itself is also prone to being damaged as well; as King Boo can appear to scare away the Boos, and some would smack into the sides of the mansion, temporarily tilting the stage in one direction.
Café Lé Alamode Cookie Crumble Inside of a cafe known as Café Lé Alamode is a battleground. In the background, characters eat at their tables while they watch the battle unfold in front of them, cheering or frowning whenever something good or bad happens. Occasionally, one of the onlookers will throw a piece of food onto the stage in order to heal a fighter. Though sometimes they'll throw banana peels to mess with opponents, or tomatoes to deal damage to the fighter who gets hit by it.
Kinpaku Shrine Princess Racourtney Kinpaku Shrine is at the centre of the kingdom that Racourtney rules over. Autumn trees surround the shrine, and a large tanuki statue is placed in the centre of both the stage and the shrine. Occasionally, shrine maidens will appear, and curse the fighters on stage for disturbing a holy ground; either by transforming a fighter into a tanuki or by summoning lightning to deal damage.
Unlockable Stages
RedYoshi Island RedYoshi
Cheapskate Court Mr. Chilli
Zeppelin Vulcan
Club Crépuscule Nightwolf


There are a total of 12 characters playable within the game, with eight being available upon the game's initial start-up. As the game takes place within an alternate universe, some characters are given abilities not normally held within their debut titles.

Character Series Description
Default Characters
3.14 3.14 A computer program brought into reality by A22 Enterprises' Project 3.14. He's a slow, but acrobatic, fighter, who fights using binary. Once his Mercury Gauge is filled, 3.14 is capable of firing a beam of binary code across the stage to deal damage.
Justice Shield Justice Shield
Ghasja Ghasja's Quest
Neo Koopa Lemmykoopa24
Spaghetti Gridlock
McBoo McBoo's Mansion
Cookie Crumble Sweet Tooth
Princess Racourtney Super Mario
Unlockable Characters
RedYoshi RedYoshi
Mr. Chilli Mr. Chilli
Vulcan Project Vulcan
Nightwolf Nightwolf

Mr Monochromatic
3.14 Justice Shield Ghasja Neo Koopa
McBoo Flipnote 2D Art
Racourtney sprite
Spaghetti McBoo Cookie Crumble Princess Racourtney
RedYoshi Brawl
Vulcan PA
RedYoshi Mr. Chilli Vulcan Nightwolf


  • Various aspects of the game are references to other Fantendo series. For instance, the Mercury Gauge is named after Fantendo Smash Bros. Mercury.
  • This is the first Fantendo Smash Bros. title since the original not to include Unten as a playable character. Nor does it include any mention of his series.
  • PalmMan was originally to be a playable character, but was replaced by Spaghetti. PalmMan's stage was to be named C.I.A. Station.
Existence Software
Original Characters

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