Do not confuse with the animal

Rhino Logo
The first videogame console by Zasguar Inc
Developer(s) Zasguar Inc
Console Type Home Console
Miis , Channels,Internet, Transfer Pak
Backward Compatibility Game Cube Nintendo 64 SNES
Forward Compatibility Wii U

Rhino is a Video Game Home console created by Zasguar Inc. It features lots of games and activities like multiplayer, Internet and free ROMing. It accepts SNES and 64 games and Wii U games. It is said to compete with the Huggs.


Yoshi R

Mario Rhino

Hericola SNES


Fantendo Party Rhino

Kuogers 64

Legend of Zelda: The Amendable Secrets

Mario Kart Rhino

Super Smash Bros. Rhino Rumble

Mother 5: The Ancient Krystal

Kirby and the Crystal Shards Rhino

Kirby Odyssey

Super Kart Bros

Super Kart Bros Rhino

Wario Bros. Focus

Donkey Kong and the Golden Bannanas

Paper Mario Sapphire Hermos

Fantendo Itadaki

Fantendo Party Rhino


It has various color-schemes and other animas on it. It is much like he Wii but can access all console games. It also has a portable slot for the upcoming Rhino P. It has up to 5 controller slots and a set of 2 controolers with the system. Again, It has diffrent animals, for example, sometimes in sales, A Rhino console wil have an ostricth instead of a rhino.


It was sold at a price off $210.99 in the first sale. The amount decreased to $190.00 and came to a default price off $180.89 in Japan,America,and Mexico. Other countries except for Europe was at a sale for $200.47 and decreased to $180.00. In Canada and Europe had an amount of $190.00 and a coupon which discounted it to $170.65. It also came with Mario Kart Rhino , Paper Mario Sapphire Hermos, and Mii Battle 2.



You can enter some discs that are for the Rhino. It will tell you the option of 2-D,3-D, or 4-D. 4-D is available by Rhino Shop.

Mii Channel

Mii's are available. You can transfer your Mii's form the Wii by using Transfer Pak Channel. It also has some test games to see if it is good for gaming

Transfer Pak

You can connect this to your Wii and transfer data to your Rhino console. It also helps transfer the DS series, specially for Pokemon Chrome.

Internet Access

Go in the Internet to download ROMS with no viruses. It also signals news whie you are playing your games.

Wii U/ Nintendo 64/ SNES

Click on these and buy games to play. You earn points by duing various tasks in your games. It also may help refresh your memory or just play the music.

Wii Mix

An automatic game that comes with your Rhino. You can play Nintendo, Fantendo,Mii, or 3rd Party characters. It is full of sports and adventures.

Rhino Customization

You can go on Rhino Shop or do tasks with your Mii's to earn points. You can allow more consoles to be played on your Rhino.


  • The Rhino was supposed to be Jaguar but was changed due to Atari's Jaguar even though it was canceled.
  • The list of upcoming games is just a sample.

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