Reznor's Airship, or False Queen's Castle-Airship, is the sixth course of the False Queen's Castle in New Super Mario Bros. 3. It is unlocked via completion of Hand Traps and its own completion unlocks the path to The Barren Grounds.


Unlike New Super Mario Bros. U, this one takes place inside the airship, progressing to the boss arena, just like in other Airship levels in the Mario series. The first section takes place on the Toads' airship, just like in Airship to the Rescue.

After the first Checkpoint Flag, the second section takes place on the ship, and the player must avoid Rocket Engines, Rocky Wrenches, Bob-ombs, and cannonballs. At the end of this section is a yellow Warp Pipe that takes Mario to the second Checkpoint Flag and a red Warp Pipe.

After the second Checkpoint Flag and taking the Pipe to a room, the final section is the boss battle with eight Reznors in a giant wheel. The player must hit all the eight Rectangular Coin Blocks in order to defeat all the Reznors to complete this level.