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A Reznor, shooting fire from its mouth.

Reznors are fire-breathing dinosaurs that made their first appearance in Super Mario World. They are a sub-species of Dino Rhinos and Dino Torches. Reznors spit fireballs at the player, who must hit their platforms from the bottom to defeat them. After two Reznors are knocked off their platforms, or after a short period of time and a Reznor roars, the floor will break away, exposing the molten lava below. There is a stronger version called the Super Reznor. They have a leader called Goldnor, a giant golden Reznor.


New Super Mario Bros. 3: Bowser Returns:

In the game, Reznor appears to fight Mario in an arena. After the player knocks him off his platform, he returns as a Dry Reznor. Then Mario has to freeze the Dry Reznor and throw it at a wall.

New Super Mario Bros. 6:The Great Journey

They are fought in the world 1 Tower,and not seen again till the ending.Mario must simply knock them off their platform.

Super Mario World Ultimate

They reappear in this game as the bosses of the fort in World 1: Yoshi's Egglands. Their battle strategy is the same.

String Puppet Arising

Main article: Reznor (SSB8)

Reznors appear as enemies in Smash Rush where they stay in one place and shoot fireballs from their mouth at the players. Reznors are easy to defeat in this game as they go down with a few punches.

Super Mario Bros. and the Secret of the Super Star

Reznors appear as mini-bosses in various Castles and Towers dotted around the world. They act very similarly to how they do in New Super Mario Bros. 2. However, the exact fight differs depending on the location.

  • In 1-Castle, two Reznors appear
  • In 3-Castle, four Reznors appear
  • In 6-Tower 2, two wheels with two Reznors each appear, and there are three smaller sets of wooden platforms instead of one long set
  • In 7-Castle, two side-by-side wheels with two Reznors each appear, and a small wooden bridge is beneath the two
  • In 8-Tower 2, there is one giant wheel with four Reznors on it



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