Full Name Rexy
Gender male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Unknown
Boshi's Gang
Ability/ies Speed, Fire
The Red Flare, Red Rush
Rexy is a Rex who loves to burn people or things.  He has battled Yoshi many times, and considers Yoshi his arch-nemisis.  He is the only rex colored red (due to his scorching power).  When Rexy gets extremely mad, his red color changes into a blue color, and spews blue fire instead of red fire.


Mario & Luigi: Yoshi's Story

He appears numerous times throughout Mario & Luigi: Yoshi's Story.  His first appearence was in Chapter 9, and appeared in every chapter since.  In chapter 9, he released Proto Boshi and Mega Rex, with Boshi and Croco.  He gets brainwashed by Proto Boshi, who orders him to attack Yoshi.  Once he is defeated, he joins Yoshi along with Boshi and Croco.  Rexy fights Yoshisphinx and Rexisphinx with Yoshi, Boshi and Croco, as well as Proto Boshi, Mega Rex and Rexishadow.