Rexes is a Cyborg Alien and the Main Antagonist of Skip and Sqak TV Game. He gathers villains from TV Shows to destroy all their shows and take over the world.


Rexes has done many research on TV Shows, where he learns that no one gets hurt on TV. So he goes into the TV Dimension to gather villains so they can help him take over earth by upgrading a machine Rexes is building in his Space Lair.

He lets the villains destroy their show worlds with his help. But the SSFF came into the TV Dimension to stop Rexes and his henchman. Rexes helps each villain stop the SSFF, but they all got killed trying to fight them. Later when the SSFF came to Rexes's Lair, he reveals that the machine is a Satellite being powered by all the TV Shows.

The Satellite will siphon all the energy on earth (which causes trees, grass, and other nature things to turn inert) and he'll conquer the weak planet. The SSFF defeated Rexes and destroyed the main core of the Satellite, causing it to explode with Rexes inside it while the SSFF escaped.

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