Rexar the Croconaw
Rexar is a very dangerous Croconaw, but is Renan's good rival.
Full Name Rexar the Totodile
Current Age 15
Date of Birth Guardian Diamond Island (games)

Forbidden Island (anime)

Gender Male
Location Guardian Diamond Island
Current Status alive
Class anti-hero, ally
Renario "Renan" Extreme
Main Weapon(s) Big spiked fists
Ability/ies Spiked jaws, Rock crush
Vulnerable To Being attracted by women
First Appearance Renan the Mutant Pikachu 3
Latest Appearance Renan's Destiny
Rexar the Croconaw (formerly Totodile) is a character in the RenarioExtreme series. He is Renan's friendly rival and good friend. His code color is orange. His symbol represents friendship.


Rexar has black eye shadow on his left eye, scars on both on his eyes, always wears spiked cuffs on his arms, legs and tail.


Rexar is very honest, bad tempered and violent, he can get really angry very fast when someone insults or make fun of him. He mostly prefers to be a loner. However, he loves to brawl.


Renan the Mutant Pikachu 3

Rexar first appears as a minor antagonist in this game where Dr. Mewtwo blackmails him into believing that Renan and Hiroshi wants to attack him and steal the Guardian Diamond, so Rexar takes his side to stop Renan and Hiroshi. After he reliazed that he has been tricked, he asks for forgiveness to Renan, who accepts him, and they join forces to stop Dr. Mewtwo's invasion.


Rexar is the last surviving member of the Croconaw tribe. He was told to guard the Guardian Diamond when he was a baby by his father. After he died, his tribe took care of him, until he was old enough to stay alone, while the tribe and his mother left him all alone in the Island. He was guarding the Guardian Diamond, until Dr. Mewtwo invades the island, and tricks him into beliving that Renan and Hiroshi are both evil thieves, so Rexar fought them, until he realized he has been tricked.