Rex 2.0
Rex 2.0
The villainous Rex 2.0
Current Age N/A
Gender Male
Species Dinosaur
Location Los Angeles
Current Status Deceased (might return)
Class Mutated Tyrannosaurus Rex
Family and Relations
SuperRex (enemy)
Main Weapon(s) Horns, Fire Breath
Ability/ies Super Strength, Horns, Fire Breath
Vulnerable To Nothing, but not indestructible
SuperRex 2
Voice Actor(s)
Voiced by Charlie Adler
First Appearance SuperRex 2
Rex 2.0 is SuperRex's arch-enemy, starting in SuperRex 2. He is a mutated Tyrannosaurus Rex, except with long arms and horns, which makes him resemble a Carnotaurus (though they are smaller than him).


Rex 2.0 is a mutated Tyrannosaurus Rex, much like his enemy, SuperRex. He has horns like that of a Carnotaurus. He also has long arms that have 5 fingers, much like that of a human. Unlike his counterpart, he can breathe fire and is even smarter than SuperRex. He is smart enough to use Dino DNA to mutate humans into humanoid dinosaurs.


SuperRex 2

Rex 2.0 was created in the same lab as SuperRex. Like SuperRex, he was created using T-Rex DNA and combing that with a chicken to complete the code. However, something went wrong in the process, causing Rex 2.0 to be much less friendly towards humanity. Feeling he was nothing more an experiment solely for human gain, he escaped the lab, stole some dino DNA and went on a rampage through Los Angeles. He then used the DNA to mutate several humans into mutated humanoid dinosaurs. Soon, the mutant dinosaurs overrun the city.

However, in the final boss level, he was confronted by SuperRex, and the 2 engaged in an epic battle. However, as SuperRex is about to finish Rex 2.0 off, Rex 2.0 injected some Dino DNA into his bloodstream, mutating him into a dinosaur with several parts of different dinosaurs, with the horns of a Triceratops, the spikes of a Stegosarus and the club-like tail of the Ankylosaurus. He beat up SuperRex, but then, SuperRex's new allies arrived and overwhelmed Rex 2.0. Finally, Rex 2.0 was killed by SuperRex by biting down hard on his neck and puncturing his windpipe, making him unable to breathe.

SuperRex 3

Rex 2.0 could return in SuperRex 3. However, how is unknown at this time, as it is too early to do all that.

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