Nintenchoger is a new series, that is yet to be released. It is the sequel to Nintenger, and it is believed that many of the cast will return for it. It's launch date is pinpointed around the middle of 2013.


Akira Hino/NintenSuper

Originally NintenFires, now gifted the NintenSuper power, obtained by eating the sacred Kinocho from Sekinoko. As NintenSuper he has gained the full power of the Dragon. He has the Chomeranto, a stronger version of the FireFists.

Taro Hikari/NintenFierce

Originally NintenSwords, now gifted with the NintenFierce power, obtained by wearing the magical Ikamen from Takisoku. As NintenFierce he has gained the full power of the Wolf. He has the Gekitsuyarugi, as stronger version of the LightSword.

Tsubame Takara/NintenHyper

Originally NintenBlasts, now gifted with the NintenHyper power, obtained by activateing the ancient Haikaihai from Zabachi. As NintenHyper she has gained the full power of the Eagle. She has the Kajobarisuta a stronger version of the TreasureBuster.

Kiba Hoshino/NintenUltra

Originally NintenStars, now gifted with the NintenUltra power, obtained by absorbing the Gokoshi from Tobidasei. As NintenUltra he has gained the full power of the Cat. He has the Chikarachubau, a stronger version of the MimicGrip.

Denki Shou/NintenEx

Originally NintenShocks, now gifted with the NintenEx power, obtained by using the Marame from Denjigen. As NintenEx he has gained the full power of the Pika. He has the Kyopikarabu, a stronger version of the Iron Tail.

Souji Tendou/NintenSacred

Originally NintenWings, now gifted with the NintenSacred power, obtained by being trained by Soratosan. As NintenSacred, he has the Chimegasbo, a stronger version of the Megasenshu.


Giga Powzar

Powzar is now powered up, and ready to try and defeat the Nintengers again. He is now much larger, and has giant balrog like horns, along with spikes pertruding all over him. He gained his power by falling into a vate of Egatainion. He now has the special ability; Funsai-Kyu, Which always him to summon an energy sphere of Egatainion. 

Beast Kannon

Kannondozu's true form, a giant monsterous boar. He resembles a pig like demon, with purple flames here and there. He gained his new power by taking a fragment of the Power source of Takisoku. He now has the Murasakiri ability, which always him to make DarKnights on the spot.


After his supposed death, he has been turned into a cyborg to revive him. He is now much stronger, and is powered by Faze-on. He has the ability to breath Faze-on; which is very toxic to humans, this ability is called Isojoni.


An evil sorceror from the deeps of the Scream Nebula. He gains power from nightmares, and is made of fear itself. He can create nightmares with an ability called Akumushokogun.

K. Shou

He used to be T. Eiji's right hand man, but after his defeat, he has taken control over the Shin Rocket, renaming it Shinkessho. And is actually Denki Shou's brother.


The new foot soldiers made by Shinkessho. They appear as completly either white, black, or grey colored detail-less foot soldiers, except for a single blue glowing eye, and the Jinzeochono logo on their chest.


The Jinzeogers are back!

JinzeoSpecial/Jaku Hino

JinzeoTwilight/Kage Hikari

JinzeoPrime/Kurai Tsubame

JinzeoSpell/Kagami Kiba

JinzeoPlasma/Teppei Shou

JinzeoHades/Ochi Tendou

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