Revolt of Bowser
Developer(s) VineLine Studios Surrey
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS


Release Date(s)
February 2015
Age Rating(s)

Includes mild language and threat.

Genre(s) Stimulation
Media Included Cartridge
The Revolt of Bowser is an indie game set to be released in February 2015, it features the player (Bowser) having to battle certain 'goodies' in animated world. As the  villain you must build up an army to defeat the protaganist. The Revolt of Bowser includes many villains, over 50 in fact, and will have 19 playable worlds, varying from snow-capped hills to the centre of the earth. 

The aim of the game is to defeat Mario & his pals, and rule over the Nagakayi Region. It is almost exactly the opposite of Super Mario Bros. and it includes how Bowser got Peach in the first place. Eventually their is a level where you are in Peach's Castle and you are fighting of Mario and his pals to try and get Peach and Daisy.


In the Revolt of Bowser there is a large amount of villainous characters ranging from very good/heroic to very bad/villainous, there is characters from Super Mario, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land. The characters get harder depending on the level they are on, for example Knight Toad III, is level 8 therefore will be quite difficult. They all have their own ability and can pick up items like the player/Bowser can, this therefore will make them more powerful, and has the same level of handicap as the player. Here is a list of all the characters. Note: 0 means no.

Name Good Name Good
Mario Bowser 0
Luigi Koopa Troopa 0
Peach Koopalings 0
Daisy ~
Gold Toad ~
Toadette ~
Yoshi ~
Birdo ~
Toadsworth ~
Prof. E. Gadd ~
Rosalina Dry Bones 0
Donkey Kong Bouldergeist 0
Mega Luigi Goomba 0
Diddy Kong Hammer Guy 0
Giant Rosalina Bowser Jr. 0
Metal Mario Pom Pom 0
Golden DK Boom Boom 0
Super DK Kamek 0
Mario's Bowsersaur Magikoopa 0
Whomp 0 King Boo 0
Thwomp 0 Antasma 0
Monty Mole 0 Tatanga 0
Penguin 0 Wario 0
Poisniguana 0 Waluigi 0
Poisaphant 0 Wart 0
Funky Kong 0 Dark Star 0
Effrayant DK 0 Gooper Blooper 0
Amp 0 Petey Pirahna 0
Chain Chomp 0 Gerakopits 0
Banzai Bill 0 Midbus 0
Bullet Bill 0 Shadow  0
Fishbone 0 Shadow Queen 0
Shyguy 0 The Secret Society of X-Nauts 0
Paragoomba 0 Fryguy 0
Paratroopa 0 False Bowser 0


In Revolt of Bowser there is 19 lands, each have a different level of skill used to complete it.  All the Worlds have been based on real life locations all over the world, and features scenes from the US, the UK, Japan, Brazil, Greece and more. All of the villains in the game are suited to their own world and before getting to them you will probably get hit by the a few times. Once you negotiate with them you will use the shrink ray to put him/her/them into your cloak pocket or rucksack. 

Here is a list of the worlds, their stages and the bosses at the end of them.

World Stages Boss/es Based on
Bowser Volcano 8 Diddy Kong Italy, Mt Vesuvius
Whomp Desert 6 Birdo Sahara Desert
Mt. Rosalina 10 Rosalina Mt. Saint Helens , USA
Wario Ruins 5 Prof E. Gadd The Acropolis , Greece
River Luigi 6 Mega Luigi River Rhine , France
Daisy's Windmills 6 Daisy Mykonos Windmills , Greece
DK Jungle Estate 3 Donkey Kong Khaosok House, Thailand
Toad Town 10 Toad London , United Kingdom
Neon City 5 Gold DK Tokyo , Honshu, Japan
Mario Mansion 2 -------------------------- Valentines Mansion , UK
Mario Gardens 3 Mario Valentines Mansion, UK
Rosagalaxy 12 Giant Rosalina Carina Nebula , Universe
Metal Mario's Space Station 15 Metal Mario ISS , The Milky Way
Dinosaur Museum 4 Mario's Bowsersaurus Natural History Museum, London
Palm Cove 6 Super DK 10 Mile Beach, Australia
Toadettes Music Lab 8 Toadette Chemistry Research Laboratory, New York
Luigi's Mansion 8 6 Mega Luigi Chateau De Chenonceau , France
Yoshi Island 4 Yoshi Green Island , Australia
Peach Castle 10 Peach, Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Toad (Revived) Farnham Castle , Surrey, United Kingdom