Review-Tendo is a review system for canon-made video games for Fantendo users, led by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc). Here, users on Fantendo give reviews to actual games that exist on a real platform, and the scores of all the users that do review the said game is tallied up into the Gameter, complete with a score (out of 100%) and a Critic Consensus. Games can be put up for reviewing by users as long as its appropriate.


Users sign up real games for reviewing in the confirmation section, which is approved by any of the Review-Tendo admins (which are chosen by Foxy once the system starts). When the game is put up under Current Reviewings, a subpage is made for all of the reviews. Every time a new review is made for the game, it is tallied up to the Gameter-a meter that balances out the averages of all reviews for one final consensus. A Critic Consensus is also added, which is a small sentence about the overall reviewers' opinions. The actual reviews go on the subpage, however.

Pending Games

This is where you can sign up the games for reviews. These games have to be approved by Review-Tendo admins before they can be put up for reviews. if you are an admin, you don't need approval for a game; however, make sure it's a game people besides you have played.

Currenting Reviewings

This is the section for current reviewed games.


Gameter Score
Critic Consensus


You must ask Fuzzy if you want to be an admin. Currently, the maximum amount of admins there can be is 4.