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Reverse Quantum Curse is an upcoming title to the Nintendo Wii U in development by Marina. The title is a complete reboot of the original series formerly known as Investigator S. The game has the same general synopsis though it is a combination of both original titles into one, being the original Reverse Quantum Curse and Violet War.


The plot is somewhat close to the original series, though with many changes. Firstly, it no longer takes place in Victorian times. It takes place in times somewhat close to that of the present, though still being in London, England. Otherwise there are many changes to the original plot, though the full plot will be described below.

The prologue to the game takes place in a distant future, where S and her parents live. In this distant future, all of Europe and Asia had been taken over by a powerful and corrupt emperor named Kira. At this point, there is now a strong government which has absolute control of the full continent. The agency which S's parents come from wishes to create a time travel machine to go back in time and stop Kira before she even comes into power.

They succeed in creating a time machine. They are able to time travel back and forth between the past and future several times before they make their biggest trip, so they can confirm that time travel seems safe enough. S's parents decide that it is right for them to travel to the past for safety and to stop Kira. Because S is so young, they feel that it is appropriate for her to come with them so she is not kept in that dangerous future on her own.

The family enters the time machine. But everything goes wrong. The machine malfunctions horribly and kills both of S's parents, with their bodies being absolutely lost in time. S, however, survives because her parents had protected her by shielding her with their bodies. The time machine had reached its destination, with S being on her own completely. She was traumatized yet confused over what had happened, and did not know what to do now that she was on her own.

She had arrived in the year 2017. The time machine had materialized several floors underground in a secret building in London. This building was originally used for the agency in the previous times that they had time travelled. She exits this building, though horrified and unknowing of where she is, and finds herself alone in the city of London.

In this time that S had arrived in, Kira was already gaining political power in Europe. She, within a few years, would already have the power to control part of northern Italy, which later secedes from Italy to become the Svitian Kingdom. Kira is, at this point, well on her way to gaining control of much of Europe.

After this exposition, the game skips ahead to the year 2022, where the first half of the game takes place. Not much more can be revealed yet, though there will be a time skip about halfway through to reflect the events of Violet War.


See also: Gameplay of Fire Emblem

The gameplay of the game is very similar to that of the Fire Emblem series. The game is split into chapters which each take place in one stage alone, being on a grid, where units are stationed to attack or defend. There are many different types of units to fight with, having different types of stats and weapon usage.

The players use strategic movements to move the player units towards enemy units and attack (or move towards player units to heal). After a unit successfully attacks or heals another unit, it will gain experience points. After gaining 100 experience points, the unit will level up and all of its stats will rise. In a typical battle in the game, the player can choose 6 units to fight with.


Playable Units

Image Name Information
S Redesign S The girl from the future who has a mission to raise a crew of fighters to help fight away Kira to prevent the disastrous future. She fights by hand-to-hand combat. S is required to be in battle at all times.
Dakota Dakota A young French woman who had been living with her brother in London temporarily when she met with S when they were both young. She fights using elemental machinery.

Antagonist Units

Image Name Information
Kira Redesign Kira The corrupt ruler of the Svitian Kingdom, who has a goal to conquer all of Europe and Asia. She fights using dark magic and creating soldiers with it.

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