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Reverse Quantum Curse is an upcoming title in development by Marina. The title is a complete reboot of the original series formerly known as Investigator S. The game has the same general synopsis though it is a combination of both original titles into one, being the original Reverse Quantum Curse and Violet War.



The gameplay of the game is very similar to that of the Fire Emblem series. The game is split into chapters which each take place in one stage alone, being on a grid, where units are stationed to attack or defend. There are many different types of units to fight with, having different types of stats and weapon usage.

A unique gimmick of this game is that each character has a holographic defense unit to fight with. Thus, each character has their own strengths based on the development of their unit. However, a character will still die if they lose a battle; the opponent's unit will attack the character after defeating their unit.

The players use strategic movements to move units towards enemy units and attack (or move towards player units to heal). After a unit successfully attacks or heals another unit, it will gain experience points. After gaining 100 experience points, the unit will level up and all of its stats will rise. In a typical battle in the game, the player can choose 6 units to fight with.


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