The Revengeance Evil Doomsquad is an evil organization of villains who first appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers as the Main Anagonists. The RED Team members are SSFF's old friends from high school who want to get revenge on the heroes for humilating them. They also appeared as the Primary Antagonists of the TV series, Skip and Sqak XD.


  • Melvin: The leader of RED. He is also the mastermind behind the villainous schemes.
  • Ty Wombat: RED's field man. He is good friends with Jerry even though the argue sometimes.
  • Jerry: The shortest member of RED. He is obsessed with Cynder and tries to win her heart.
  • Bruno Toad: The strongest member of RED. He is also Imp's arch nemisis.
  • Queen Priceless: The queen of Xoon and the only female of RED. She is very obsessed with Skip and wants him more than anything (one episode she almost married him!). She is also the youngest member.
  • Egghead: An idiot duck who works as RED's buttler. He has a secret relationship with Cherry.
  • Dr. Keef: An insane baboon scientist of RED. He was once a huge fan of Dr. Tron until he found out he was involved in alot of crimes.
  • Lance: RED's sports jock and Bruno's best friend. He is Dib's arch nemisis.