The Tartan Army Battle Cry

Revenge of the Tartan Army is a game. Its by Spark and his games company. It has Tarta rivaling the English Empires.


One day, there were two friends. One was from Scottish and other was from England. They went to see a football game. "I hope Scotland wins!" said the Scottish one. The other one said "I bet 100 dollars England will win" "Ok, fine! Prepare to lose!". They went to the football game. England person named Igor had kicked it and got a point. Then a Scottish guy named "John" kicked the ball to his teammate, "Fred" who got a point. Frankenstien's Monster, a English player, kicked the ball twelve times and England won. "WHAT!?" said the Scottish guy named "Cclyde". The English guy was like "Hehe you lost pay up". So Cclyde was angry. He Took Out His Knife And shot the English guy. So and evil wizard come to say "You have made me angry because you destroyed and agent of englandish empires!" he said "la la la la laaaaaa magical spell" and "Cclyde" turned into a orange t-rex. "Gaaah" said the wizzerd and he died, because was "Cclyde" ate him.