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Revenge of the E-Series
Cover Art
Developer(s) Fandro & Phazon
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
E+10 by ESRB
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Series E-Series
 Revenge of the E-Series is a game for the Wii U system.  It stars the abandoned E-Series as they go through an adventure (TBA).


Although the stories are separate, in both, Dr. Eggman rebuilds the E-Series with the same birdies, but they whisk out of Eggman's control and roam free.  To be filled by Phazon...


Phazon's Cut



Phazon's Cut Exclusives



  • E-100 Alpha
  • E-101 Beta( Mark II)
  • E-102 Gamma
  • E-103 Delta
  • E-104 Epilson
  • E-105 Zeta (Upgrade) - Playable most of the time
  • E-105 Zeta (Re-upgrade) - Playable in missions and puzzles only, also in Shooting Gallery minigame
  • E-106 Eta

Phazon's Cut Exclusives



  • Egg Carrier Saga
    • Egg Carrier
    • Hot Shelter
    • Power Plant
    • BOSS: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Metropolis Saga
    • Station Square
    • Downtown Metropolis
    • Toxic Factory
    • BOSS: E-123 Omega
  • Island Saga
    • Miserable Isle
    • Island Cave
    • Windy Jungle
    • BOSS: Chaos Gamma
  • Vile Volcano
    • Red Mountain
    • MID-BOSS: Egg Hornet
    • Magma Crater
    • Lava Lair
    • BOSS: Egg Hornet Mark II
  • Dusty Desert
    • Sandy Dunes
    • The Hidden Base
    • Puzzle Pyramid
    • BOSS: Egg Golem
  • Scrap Brain
    • Outskirts
    • Inside the Factory
    • Death Egg
    • BOSS: E-123 Mark II
    • FINAL BOSS: E-123 Mark III

Phazon's Cut Exclusives

Egg Carrier
  • Final Egg (Shooting Range)
  • Hot Shelter (Bad Taste Aquarium)
  • Hot Shelter (Red Barrage Area)
  • Sky Deck (Battle Arena)
  • BOSS: E-117 Upsilon
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • BOSS: E-116 Omicron
Mystic Ruins
  • Windy Valley (Windy Hill)
  • Red Mountain (Red Hot Skull)
  • Ocean Egg (Calm After the Storm)
  • Final Egg (Mechanical Resonance)
  • BOSS: E-119 Mu
Death Egg
  • Mid-Boss: Crazy Robo (E-101 MKII)
  • EggRail System (Train to Catch)
  • DeathEgg Core (Heart of Evil)
  • Doomsday Zone (Race to the Emerald)
  • FINAL BOSS: E-107 Theta



Cannon Upgrades

  • Alpha - Plasma Cannon: It fires balls of electrical energy that can paralyze enemies.  It also does large damage to water-related enemies.
  • Beta - Dark Bomb: Beta will fire a bomb with a large blast radius.  While this attack is very strong, it damages Beta a bit.
  • Gamma - Flamethrower: Gamma's cannon will burst out fire, which does lots of damage to robot and bug type enemies.  It's not effective against water or rock, however.
  • Delta - Ice Beam: Delta will fire non-damaging ice shots.  They will freeze enemies solid, which gives the opportunity to destroy the enemy.  A second ice beam destroys iced enemies.
  • Epilson - Electric Missile Launcher: Epilson will fire electrical missiles.  They will paralyze enemies and damage them at the same time.  There is a 20% chance of paralyzing yourself instead, however.
  • Zeta - Multi-weapon: Zeta will fire multiple weapons after increasing in size.  The robot can be rode upon by others.
  • Eta - Aiming Eye: Replaces an eye with a red eye that improves aiming skills

E-Series Bonus Upgrades

  • Alpha - Turbo Booster: Increases speed drastically
  • Beta - Shift Mode: Shifts Beta into normal mode, granting him Gamma's abilities.  He can go through small spaces like this.  He can switch back if he'd like to.
  • Gamma - Volcanic Armor: Resists fire damage and can go through mild lava.  There is another upgrade that allows him to survive hot lava as well.
  • Delta - Gravity Plates: You will be able to move freely underwater, as if you were on land.
  • Epilson - Treadclimber: He will be able to ride on smooth walls using a new booster on his back.
  • Zeta - Hazard Shield: Adds a sheild to his front that prevents acid, projectiles, and spikes from hurting it.
  • All - Jet Booster: Enables after-jump gliding

Phazon's Cut Exclusives

E-series Cannon Upgrades

Special Upgrades that replace the homing missiles fired by the E-series (exclusive to each model)

  • Gamma: Plasma Cannon. Fires orbs of red-hot energy that cause burning damage to enemies.
  • Delta: Particle Wave Projecter. Shoots pulses of electrical energy that cause paralyzing damage.
  • Epsilon: Concussive Missile Launcher. Blasts Super-charged Missiles at foes that shatter armor or force fields with a single hit.
  • Zeta. Ice Spreader. Launches streams of freezing-cold liquid that, when impacting foes, freeze them solid.
  • All: Laser Blaster. Essential Wide Beam to E-series; widens area of effect for projectiles.
E-series Bonus Abilities
  • Gamma: Volcanic Armor. Resists high temperatures and can wade through lava.
  • Delta: Gravity Plates. Enables Aquatic Mobility.
  • Epsilon: Treadclimber. Transforms rolling mode into a cliff-climbing tank of sorts.
  • Zeta: Hazard Shield. Adds resistance to toxic materials like the pink water.
  • All: Jet Booster. Enables after-jump gliding.


Phazon's cut



Phazon's Cut Exclusives


  • Revenge of the E-series: Phazon's Cut has the largest hub world of a Sonic Game, featuring nearly the entire Coast City, plus the space in between the Earth and the Moon Base that Eggman is stationed at.

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