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RttK Logo2
Return to the Kingdom
RttK Logo2
Franchise Mario
Platform Wii U & Nintendo 3DS
Genre Action/RPG
Developer PlayRight Games Inc.
An action game set in an alternate future of the Mario universe. Features RPG elements, special weapons, and an expanded story.

Return to the Kingdom is a spin-off of the Mario franchise set in an alternate future. The game is an action platformer with some RPG elements. Unlike most Mario games, Return places a significant emphasis on the story and characters, and explores the background of both the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms. The game introduces a new main character, Mars, alongside a luma named Lu. Together they travel across new worlds, encountering original and classic enemies, and defeating the future versions of the Koopalings.


The game begins in the plant kingdom of Floria (known an Sarasaland in the original canon). Toadsworth, the ambassador of the Mushroom Kingdom, arrives from across the sea with dire news- his kingdom has been invaded by the Koopa Clan. The eight royals from across the surrounding kingdoms move to a referendum at the capital to determine the best course of action. Little did they suspect that the rogue forces have already planned a second offensive…

In the nearby fields of Emerald Evergreen, Mars is practicing his “Jump man” maneuvers with retired Florarian commander Poppy. As he returns home after finishing, Mars sees smoke rising from the distant castle and decides investigate. Before he sets off, Poppy gives him the Hero’s hat, which he claims to have received from the hero’s brother after his death. Mars embarks with his new equipment into the woods. As he travels, he sees a bright object fall into the woods nearby. He discovers a luma, who introduces itself as Lu, at the crash site. Lu explains that he was sent to assist “the hero” in preparation for an impending disaster. Only a few moments later, airships race overhead, dropping enemy forces all over the plains. The newly formed duo move deeper into the woods, ready to fend off the invaders. [Note- the full story will be updated over time, possibly on a separate article.]


Returns plays similarly to the mainstream titles, but with more emphasis on combat and puzzle solving. The most obvious change is the introduction of a health bar and special bar, rather than using powerups as health. The gameplay is centered around collecting items in each level, such as star bits, coins, and keys, and using them to reach the end of each level. Along the way, enemies need to be defeated and objects manipulated to reach the goal- this requires the strategic use of Mars arsenal of special moves.


Mars has several basic attacks available at the start of the game. He can jump, wall jump, and roll. He is also equipped with the corkscrew attack as his default standard attack, and has no specials. After completing Hero Hill (W1-1), Mars meets Lu, and gains his two special moves- Luma Punch, his offensive special, and Star Gun, his strategic Special. He also unlocks the SP (Special Power) meter, which empties as he uses special attacks. Over the course of the game, Mars and Lu will gain new special moves and gain upgrades to his standard attacks. At the end of each world, Mars will gain a Crown Jewel, which will give him two new special attacks- using these new attacks will be essential to complete the next world and defeat the next boss.

Picture Name Description
Standard attacks
Shoe icon Corkscrew (Standard A1) Mars spins in midair, dealing more damage to enemies he hits from above, and negating the damage of the first spiked enemy he hits. Uses no SP.
Dropscrew (Standard A2) The upgraded Corkscrew. If the down button is held while using the move, Mars will fall straight down, breaking through enemies and dealing even multiple hits on contact with tough enemies. Uses 2 SP (60 uses)
Hammer Icon Hammer Slam (Standard B1) Allows Mars to wield a hammer in place of his corkscrew attack. On the ground, the attack deals heavy damage in front of him which can break certain obstacles- in the air, it deals two weaker hits, and can be used to bounce of enemies and spikes, although the timer is stricter than the corkscrew. Uses 0 SP
Magma Mallet (Standard B2) The upgraded Hammer Slam. By holding the attack button, Mars can execute a fiery version of the attack that creates a flaming shockwave. In the air, the attack engulfs Mars in flames, doubling the damage it does in the air. Uses 4 SP (30 uses)
B-rang icon Boomerang Sling (Standard C1) Replaces the corkscrew with a boomerang. When thrown, it passes through enemies until it hits a wall, then travels back. Can also be used to grab items from a distance. Using it in the air doesn't change the attack, but it does increase Mar's airtime. Uses 0 SP
Cool Cutter (Standard C2) The upgraded Boomerang Sling. By holding the attack button, Mars can freeze the boomerang before throwing it- this prevents it from traveling as far, but each enemy it hits will be frozen solid. If thrown at the right distance, it can deal multiple hits to a single target as it turns around. Uses 6 SP (20 uses)
Lu icon
Luma Punch Launches Lu like a projectile. Deals a lot of damage, but doesn't travel very far. Can be charged to fire a little farther, and can be angled. Lu cannot hit hot or spiky enemies, but can attack through shields. Uses 5 SP (24 uses)
Star Gun Launches a single Star Bit in front of Mars. The projectile is weak, but uses very little energy and fires quickly. Uses 1 SP (120 uses)
Emerald RK
Leaf Tangent Launches three leaves in a spread shot away from Mars, as well as slicing immediately in front of him. When in the air, the angle of the shot changes. Uses 5 SP (24 uses)
Green Thumb Creates a seed in front of Mars- if it lands on a dirt patch, it will grow into one of three plants- a bouncy spring flower, a tall vine with leaf platforms, or a spiky bud that injures both enemies and Mars. Uses 10 SP (12 uses)
Citrine RK
Rockin' Roll Similar to the Rock Mushroom, surrounds Mars in stones and rolls forward at high speed. Can smash through weak walls and roll over some hazards. Uses 12 SP (10 uses)
Brick Block Summons a massive brick block in front of Mars. Can crush tough enemies and activate heavy switches, as well as be used as a platform. Uses 12 SP (10 uses)
Sapphire RK
Water Geyser Creates a pillar of water in front of Mars. The geyser sends water bubbles in all directions, and deals several hits before fading. The geyser can lift or break objects with cracks along the bottom that can't be destroyed normally, and extinguishes flames. Uses 15 SP (8 uses)
Aqua Jet Fires a continuous stream of water from Mar's hands- while it isn't strong enough to lift him very high, it can slow his fall. It will extinguish any flames it hits. Uses 4 SP for every second used (30 seconds)
Ruby RK
Fire Spire Mars spins in place, sending two fireballs upward. The flames can carry enemies above Mars and burn them multiple times- in addition, Mars himself is shielded by flames while spinning, so he deals damage on contact as well. If used in the air, it lifts Mars up very slightly. Uses15 SP (8 uses)
Afterburner Mars charges up power for a second, then launches himself forward while engulfed in flames. The move deals tons of damage on contact, and can easily break through tough barriers. The move can only be aimed left or right, and can be used to cross gaps. Uses 24 SP (5 uses)
Time Bomb Launches a small, floating orb that explodes when it hits an object. The orbs can be steered for as long as the attack button is held down- the farther it travels, the more damage it will do. Can be used to break open tough barriers.Uses 20 SP (6 uses)
Supernova Mars charges up energy around him, then releases it as a massive explosion. While the attack button is held down, Mars will charge the attack- this also slows his fall if he is in midair. How large and powerful the explosion is depends on how long it was charged- ranging from barely larger than Mars to filling the entire screen. Uses 40 SP (3 uses)
Diamond RttK
Chill Whirl Mars summons small icy crystals and spins slowly, surrounding himself in cold air. The attack deals a little damage to most enemies, but deals extra damage to fiery enemies- the move also counters the effects of fire-based attacks and obstacles. Uses 12 SP (10 uses)
Bitter Breeze Mars creates a foggy blast of air in front of him. This air freezes water and cools hot surfaces. It doesn't do much damage to enemies, but can freeze most enemies solid.
Crystal RttK
Sonic Twister Mars spins rapidly, turning himself into a tornado. While in this form, he can travel freely in any direction, and won't take damage from any non-lethal hazards or attacks. However, he moves faster vertically than horizontally, and uses up SP very fast. Uses 12 SP for every second its used (10 seconds)
Cloud Cover Creates a small cloud beneath Mars that acts as a platform. When the cloud begins to fade, it will send a small barrage of rain downwards that injures enemies. Only one cloud can be used at a time. Uses 20 SP (6 uses)
Amethyst RttK
Thunder Beam Fires a small beam of electricity, that deals multiple hits to enemies. The attack can be charged to three levels of power. Uses 6 SP (20 uses)
Spark Orb Mars summons a small bolt of lightning from the sky- when it hits him, he is surrounded by a sphere of electricity for a short time. The sphere deals multiple hits to enemies it overlaps with, and touching an exposed cable will jumpstart any connected machines. The orb will slowly lose power, and will disappear if Mars uses Thunder Beam or touches an exposed cable. Uses 8 SP (15 uses)


In Returns, there are 8 standard worlds with 8 levels each, and 2 secret worlds with 5 levels each- in total, there are 74 levels. Each of these levels has one of several objectives:

  • Standard Level- the bulk of the levels simply require Mars to reach the door at then end of the level. Occasionally the door will be locked, and a key will be needed to open it. In either case, the main challenge is the platforming in the level.
  • Boss Level- Fortress and Castle end with battling a boss- Mars fights midbosses, in fortresses and world bosses in castles. These levels are more challenging than the normal ones.
  • Prison Level- Each world has one level with a hidden exit- finding that exit leads to the prison levels, where Mars has an opportunity to save one of the eight Royals. These levels are harder than both Fortress and Castle levels, and has a difficult battle against a guard boss. Completing the levels earns Mars new standard attacks and upgrades to existing ones.
  • Challenge Level- Each world also has an extremely difficult secret level themed around that worlds weapon. To access this level, Mars has to find all of the Star coins in the other seven levels (including the hidden prison level)- this ensures it is the last level in every world to be completed.
  • Vehicle Level- In some levels, Lu can transform into one of his four vehicle form- kart, starship, digger, and submarine- to complete the level. These levels scroll automatically, and play faster than normal levels.
Name Locale Description
Emerald Evergreen (World 1)
Hero Hill (W1-1) A grassy hill covered in trees and rocks. A basic tutorial level- introduces Mar's corkscrew attack, jumping, and sliding.
Root Canal (W1-2) A dark cave full of pipes, plants, and water. Introduces most of the basic enemies- Goomba, Piranha Pot, and Cheepy Cheep- as well as Special attacks. Marks the first appearance of star bits.
Potsy's Pitfall (W1-Fort) An abandoned fortress covered in spiky vines. The first Fortress stage- the spiky vines can be crossed using the corkscrew attack. Introduces Bloombas and Koopas. The midboss is Potsy.
Woodworks (W1-3) A wooden path built among the tree tops. The first stage with bottomless pits, as well as aggressive enemy placement. Introduces the Pi switch and Kei Jr. A secret room with a mushroom can be found here.
Branching Path (W1-4) Same as (W1-3) The first level with Kei Sr. and the secret exits- On the first playthrough of the level, Mars will be forced to take the secret exit, because the hammer is needed to reach the goal door. Unlike most levels, Kei Sr. will not disappear, no matter how long he is left unattended.
Trunk Top Terrace (W1-Prison) A deserted castle, heavily fortified with Koopas and Bloombas The first Prison level. After completing the stage, Mars will fight the Hammer Guard to free Princess Petalia. Once the level is beaten, Mars will receive a new standard attack- Hammer slam, which allows him to return to W1-4 and reach the normal exit.
Spike Vine Stronghold (W1-Castle) A hastily erected fortification in the midst of a briar patch. The first boss level. The boss of world 1 is Lemmy Koopa armed with the Goombot robot armor. Defeating Goombot yields the Emerald Crown Jewel, allowing Mars to use Leaf Tangent and Green Thumb.
Petalia's Rose Runway (W1-Challenge) A giant rose garden, filled with Green Zones. The first challenge level. In this level, Mars can only use the Green Thumb and Leaf Tangent moves. If Mars runs out of Star Power, he fails. Only Piranha Pots and Bloombas appear as enemies.
Citrine Sands (World 2)
Rocky Road (W2-1) A path through a rick-filled plain. Introduces Poki and Pike, similar to the Pokey enemy, and Grumba, stone covered Goomba's that can only be defeated with strong attacks.
Brick Bastion (W2-2) A tunnel constructed out of brick blocks, although it has caved in at some points. Introduces the Green Zone, areas where Mars can use Green Thumb to grow useful plants. Introduces the Geir enemy.
Robble Residence (W2-Fort) An underground bunker with several darkened areas The area is built out of sturdy brick blocks, which can be broken only with Leaf Tangent. The midboss is Robble.
Sandstone Shuffle (W2-3) An excavation site built in and around an ancient ruin. Requires strategic use of special attacks. The ruin section introduces Thwomps and new subspecies Slamps. The Rotem object first appears in this stage.
Digging in (W2-4) A buried complex filled with traps The first vehicle based level. Mars must use Lu's StarDrill form to dig through the ground, avoiding harmful traps and drop-offs.
Pebble Palace (W2-Prison) A hillside palace consisting mostly of open complexes. Mars acquires the Boomerang Sling attack from the Boomerang Guard.
Manu Manu Manor (W2-Castle) An underground ancient fortress. The boss of world 2 is Roy Koopa wielding the ancient weapon, the Manu Manu Thwomp. Defeating Manu yields the Citrine Crown Jewel, allowing Mars to use Rockin' Roll and Brick Block.
Shale's Sunset Sandbox (W2-Challenge) An massive indoor sand pit. In this level, Mars can only use the Brick Block and Rockin' Roll moves. Only Grumbas, Thwomps, Slamps, and Pokis/Pikes appear as enemies. The area is full of Heavy Switches, and sand pits that Mar's will sink in if he doesn't use Rockin' Roll.
Sapphire Sea (World 3)
Just Beachy (W3-1) A sandy shoreline, with a few stone ruins themed after the previous world. Introduces Urchie, a round spiky sea urchin, and Speedy Cheeps, which are faster and more aggressive than Cheepy Cheeps. The stage is filled with Barroll Floats, bouyant barrels that spin when Mars is on them, moving them forward. Mars will fall of if he doesn't keep jumping.
Current Event (W3-2) A system of stone aqueducts built into the cliffs that funnel water from the top. Introduces the Heavy Switch, which can be activated using Brick Block- in this stage, they are used to redirect water through the pipes. Balance beams also appear, which can be walked across or swung on. The Spear Knight enemy is first seen patrolling this area.
Deepmaw Dive (W3-Fort) An cistern connected to the ducts seen in 3-2. The area is filled with deep pools that can drag Mars under- using Rockin' Roll can be used to race over these pools and break weak walls. The midboss is Deepmaw.
Shipwreck Shore (W3-3) A lagoon scattered with wrecked ships and jagged rocks. A vehicle stage, this time utilizing the StarSub. The vehicle can launch small torpedoes that break down the wrecked ships or shoot away enemies. The area just before the vehicle segment introduces Creepy Cheeps, undead skeletal Cheepy Cheeps.
Tidal Terror (W3-4) An open ocean, characterized by powerful underwater currents. The area has more Cheepy Cheeps and Creepy Cheeps, and takes place almost exclusively underwater.
Metal Marine Minefield (W3-Prison) A dark, underwater keep full of naval mines. The mines can be released using certain special attacks, and used to open new paths. Lanterns may be needed in especially dark areas. Mars acquires the Cold Cutter upgrade from the Frost Guard.
Big Bloop Booship (W3-Castle) A mechanized underwater lab built in the remains of an airship. The first appearance of Boos. Introduces lanterns, which Mars can carry into darkened areas- they will go out unless he touches another lantern with it. The boss of world 3 is Iggy Koopa piloting a robot mecha, the Gloopler Blooper. Defeating Gloop yields the Sapphire Crown Jewel, allowing Mars to use Water Geyser and Aqua Jet.
Tidal's Tempest Trial (W3-Challenge) A dark grotto filled with water. In this level, Mars can only use the Aqua Jet and Water Geyser moves. Only Cheepy Cheeps, Speedy Cheeps, Creepy Cheeps, and Urchies appear as enemies.
Ruby Ruin (World 4)
Barrel Bay (W4-1) A beach, transitioning into a muddy jungle. Many Spear Knights and Piranha Pots appear in this area. Also includes more Barrolls, and includes Blast Barrels. Takes inspiration from the Donkey Kong games, and the level is implied to take place on DK Island.
Coal Cavern (W4-2) A cave filled with flammable ores and ashy pits. In several areas chunks of coal will block the path forward, with weak points on the bottom. Using Water Geyser will break them open. Aqua Jet is also needed to cross and/or extinguish flaming coals along the ground.
'Cano Core (W4-Fort) A smoldering cavern directly adjacent to 4-2. Fire-themed enemies, such as Pyro Pots and Troopas, begin appearing in this level. The midboss is Smeltone.
Flaming Fissure (W4-3) A cliff-side ruin rife with Magma Geysers. The ruin seems to be powered by the flowing magma. Heat Masters, statues that spew fire unless the are cooled, appear in this level. Magma Geysers also appear, which can lift Mar's Brick Blocks- useful for platforming in some areas. Pyro Knights and Flambas are introduced.
Blush Flush Rush (W4-4) An cavern with a giant magma flow. This vehicle level introduces the kart form, which is very similar to the minecarts from DK country. In fact, Mars rides on minecart rails at several points in the level.
Warm Up, Lock Down (W4-Prison) A prison characterized by massive, geothermal machines. Manipulating the machinery is essential to succeed in this level. By defeating the Fire Guard at the end, Mars unlocks the Magma Mallet upgrade to his hammer.
Podoboss' Platform (W4-Castle) A castle constructed into a volcano. Mar's must avoid a rising tide of magma as he scales the castle. The boss of world 4 is Larry Koopa piloting the Podoboss machine. Defeating it yields the Ruby Crown Jewel, allowing Mars to use Fire Spire and Afterburner.
Duflare's Scorching Speedway (W4-Challenge) A dark grotto filled with water. In this level, Mars can only use the Fire Spire and Afterburner moves. Only Pyro Pots, Pyro Knights, Podoboos, and Flambas appear as enemies.
Agate Alpine (World 5)
Dynamite Drop (W5-1) A cliffside dig site, lined with plenty of explosives. This stage introduces Blast Boxes, which explode when hit with a fiery attack. This can be used to clear out openings in the stage, or defeat tough enemies. Boomers first appear in this stage.
Escalating Excavation (W5-2) A mine shaft with industrial elevators set inside deep pits. This stage frequently enters automatic scrolling sections; Mars must watch out for falling rocks, and try to keep the elevators balanced.
Buster Bunker (W5-Fort) The entrance to the secret weapons facility built into the mountain. Transitioning into a military theme, Missile Macs and Doomers first appear in this stage. The midboss is Admiral Burster.
Scaffold Scare (W5-3) A portion of the base still under construction- many of the platforms are unstable, and can only support Mars for so long. Blast boxes also appear in this stage, but often Mars must avoid detonating them in order to keep the platform intact.
Killer Pillar Hall (W5-4) A trap hallway armed with massive Spike Shafts. The Spike Shafts will instantly kill Mars if he's in the way! In this stage, Mars must keep moving to avoid being crushed.
Arcane Drain (W5-Prison) A subterranean waterfall, with gemstones set into the walls. The water flows very fast in this stage- falling in will carry Mars to the start of the room he was in. Explosives can be activated to create more platforms or destroy obstacles. In this stages dungeon, their are two guards- a Hammer Guard and a Boomerang Guard.
Grind in a Bind (W5-Castle) The heart of the enemy weapons facility. There are few gimmicks at play here, but the base is very heavily armed. Each room is full of Missile Mac launchers, enemy Boomers, and dozens of others. Each set of rooms is themed after one of the past four worlds- Grass, Earth, Water, and Fire. The boss of this stage is Morton Jr., with his massive Shell Grinder assault mech. Defeating him earns Mars the Agate Crown Jewel, and Mars learns the Time Bomb and Supernova techniques.
Napalm's Destructive Dig (W5-Challenge) A military testing building, built into a cliffside cave. In this level, Mars can only use the Time Bomb and Supernova moves. Boomers, Doomers, and Missile Macs appear as enemies.
Diamond Drifts (World 6)
Bamboo Breeze (W6-1) A misty mountaintop forest with an oriental theme. The wind picks up at intervals throughout the level, making jumps and aerial maneuvers difficult. Fortunately, Mars can grab hold of the many Bamboo Poles to stabilize himself in the air. Ninja Knights first appear in this level.
Cool Mint Mist (W6-2) A treacherous cliffside with powerful winds and fog covering the entire screen. The heavy fog and high winds make an already hazardous level even more difficult. The stage is mostly vertical, so falling down will likely not kill Mars. Introduces Icicles, which fall down when Mars uses a powerful attack.
Jitsu Village (W6-Fort) A small village erected in a snowy valley. While advancing through this level, Mars must constantly avoid ninja stars and bombs thrown from an unknown assailant. The mystery attacker is Jitsu, the midboss of the level.
Glass Gate Gauntlet (W6-3) A series of defense towers built into the mountainside. This level introduces the last vehicle type- the Starship. Mars must pilot it around incoming fire and destroy the defense towers. As the name implies, many of these gates have reflective mirrors that will rebound his shots.
Snow Sculpture Citadel (W6-4) A fortress constructed out of ice and crystal. Icicles make a return, along side Gongs, which can be rung to knock them down. Strategically using the Icicles is key to collecting all the items. Also introduces Ice Sculptures, which can only be destroyed by using Time Bomb or Supernova. Mr. Chilly and Sir Frosty first appear here.
Gemstone Jail (W6-Prison) A prison where gemstones are being produced. This level combines icy platforming and hazards with lava flows being used to make hot gemstones. The Dungeon also has two guards- the Fire Guard and the Ice Guard.
The Ice Queen Throne (W6-Castle) A hall within the icy fortress. There are several enemy rushes in this stage. In each room between the long, empty halls, Mars will be subjected to waves of enemy attacks. The Boss of the stage is Wendy O., with her artisan crafted machine, the Ice Queen IV. Defeating her earns Mars the Diamond Crown Jewel, and the moves Chill Whirl and Bitter Breeze.
Fractal's Deep Freeze (W6-Challenge) A climbing tower built up a frozen waterfall. In this level, Mars can only use Chill Whirl and Bitter Breeze. Ninja Knights, Mr. Chillys, and Sir Frostys appear as enemies.
Crystal Cumulus (World 7)
Bell Tower (W7-1) Series of bell towers erected in the clouds. The level has a variety of fountains that can be frozen and used as platforms. Mage Knights first appear in this level.
Stringing Ringing (W7-2) Music themed city in the sky. Magic Carpets appear in the level for Mars to ride. Each on can be steered for a short time before the fall to the ground. The stage has almost no solid ground to stand on.
Bridge Ridge (W7-Fort) A long stone bridge connecting the classical and techno regions of Crystal Cumulus. The stage is relatively uneventful, with a few enemies and platforming segments. Most of the level is spent getting to the middle of the bridge. The midboss of the stage is.... a parakoopa? (The level is a trap, as the bridge collapses, sending Mars to his death.)
Grave Rave (W0-0) The afterlife. Mars can only use the corkscrew attack in the afterlife. The stage his a gloomy cavern full of spooks. The true midboss of the level is Spooker Sr. Mars is revived by Lu after the level is completed.
Techno Deck (W7-3) A modern city themed after techno music. Rhythm Blocks appear in this stage, appearing and disappearing with the music. Mobile Platforms also fly in from off screen. Boom Beats first appear in this level.
Auto-Tomb (W7-4) A haunted rock concert hall. Twooks and Portrait Spooks appear in this level. The level is shrouded in darkness, reducing visibility. The second half of the level is a kart segment.
Prism Prison (W7-Prison) A maximum-security prison constructed using diamond mirrors. The mirrors can reflect attacks, often useful for hitting distant targets. A new guard is the boss of this level; the Sledge Guard.
Center Stage (W7-Castle) A massive cathedral-like concert hall. The level has few enemies, mostly consisting of difficult platforming challenges and timed maneuvers. The boss of the stage is Ludwig V. Koopa, riding the MotorKoopa. Defeating him reveals the Crystal Crown Jewel, and the moves Sonic Twister and Cloud Cover.
Solarya's Sky Sanctum (W7-Challenge) A cathedral built high above the clouds. Only Sonic Twister and Cloud Cover can be used in this stage. Boom Beats, Mage Knights, and Spooks appear in this level.
Amethyst Alternator (World 8)
Abhorrent Torrent (W8-1) Marshland and underground pipe system polluted by neighboring factories. The toxic waters make the pipes dangerous, and reduce traction on soiled platforms. Partway through the level, a leak causes the cavern to fill up, forcing Mars to escape the flood of sludge.
Runaway Runway (W8-2) Military factory constructing airships, complete with an air force. The first half of the stage takes place in the factory, with several Joules making an appearance. Hydraulic Presses appear as hazards in the area. The second half comes after a brief area on the runway. This section is a Starship assault on one of the new airships. The level ends after destroying the ships primary power source. Rocket Rons and Launcher (Alpha) appear in this level.
Archie's Air Armada (W8-Fort) The Bullet Airship's interior. Because the ships rooms are so confined, it is often advantageous to sneak past enemies rather than try to fight them. On some external portions of the ship, Cloud Cover must be used to cross wide gaps. The midboss of the level is Archie, the ship's backup power source.
Mechanical Miracle (W8-3) A minion factory with both magical and technological elements. As the primary source of the clan's forces, Mars is faced with swarms of enemies while traversing the area. Heavy Knights appear for the first time. Gyro Generators appear throughout the stage- using Sonic Twister inside of one powers machinery or opens doors.
Aether Engine (W8-4) A magical power plant fueling all the surrounding factories. Laser Blocks and Joule Chains appear in this level. The exit to the level is guarded by the midboss Plasma Sumo.
Assault Battery (W8-Prison) Hi-tech guardhouse with lasers and electric grids. Mars must clear each of this levels rooms within a time limit, otherwise the gate at the end will close, locking him in with deadly lasers. He can still use Time Bomb to break through, but since Star Bits rarely appear in the level, this will only work a few times. The guardhouse has two Sledge Guards this time.
Kalmamt's Kontrolroom (W8-Castle) The computer room at the top of Aether Engine. The level itself is only a short climb to the top of the facility, defeating a couple of Mage Knights outside the boss room. The level's Boss is Kalmant- he possesses the Amethyst Crown Jewel, and Mars learns the Thunder Beam and Spark Orb moves.
Teslam's Test (W8-Challenge) A simulation deck. In this level, Mars can only use Thunder Beam and Spark Orb. Heavy Knights, Joules, and Rocket Rons appear as enemies. The level is timed.
Onyx Order (unlocked by finding all the Star Coins in Worlds 1-8) (World 9)
Bone Barracks (W9-1) Ghastly wasteland covered with bones, and filled with soldiers. The level is filled with tons of enemies. Mars must fight through them in some places, but there are many hidden tunnels and paths in the level that the troops haven't found yet. There are also machines that Mars can activate with electric attacks.
Rib Crib (W9-2) More bone-filled wasteland, but with pools of murky water and smoggy clouds. A vehicle level that uses all four of Lu's forms at some point in the level. In between, Mars must face enemy rushes themed after air, land, sea, or space.
Resurrection Insurrection (W9-Fort) A lab built just outside the Koopa's central castle. Mars must face off against some of the past bosses. He must fight Goombot, Manu Manu, Kelvin Podobot, and Heavy Grinder. Since they do not have the power of the Crown Jewels, they are much weaker than before.
Lava Lake (W9-3) A fiery moat surrounding the castle, and the castle's exterior. Once Mars enters the moat through a pipe, he must climb up the side of the castle as the moat rises. ONce inside the castle, he battles through four towers, facing of against each Guard Bro. one last time.
Bowser's Balcony (W9-Castle) The castle's balcony, overlooking the courtyard and central tower. Mars simply enters the throne room leading to the balcony before challenging Bowser II.
Chaos Crisis (W9-Final) The top of the highest tower in Bowser's Castle. After Kalmant tries to use the Legendary Crown to resurrect Bowser, Shadow Crown reveals its true nature, drawing power from the Crown Jewels. It's up to MArs and Lu to defeat it atop the castle.
Ammolite Apex (unlocked by finding all the Star Coins in Worlds 1-9) (World 10)
Rainbow Race (W10-1) A race up a rainbow road, very similar to those from the Mario Kart games. Mars must use Lu's kart and Starship forms in this level. It is even harder than Rib Crib before it, requiring near perfection to complete the level.
Twilight Flight (W10-2) A regal tower in the sky at night. The second hardest platforming level in the game. Almost no enemies appear in this level, with all the challenge coming from the climb itself. Since the level is mostly vertical, falling down is rarely fatal.
Trial of Eight (W10-3) A series of rooms built within the tower. Each room is designed to require one of the eight Crown Jewels to progress. Much like the Challenge Rooms before it, each level also features enemies from each of the eight worlds.
Starfall Hall (W10-Fort) A hall with stained-glass windows and gilded torches. Mars must fight a copy of Shadow Crown in this level.
Meet and Beat (W10-Castle) The top of the tower, with four stained glass windows in it. A the apex of the tower, Mars must fight copies of the figures in the stained glass windows- Toad, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Mario.
Hero Heaven (W10-Challenge) A cosmic path far above the planet. In this level, Mars can only use the Star Gun and Luma Punch attacks. This is the final and hardest level in the entire game, with no way to refill his SP meter and no checkpoints.


Name Description Strategy
Emerald Evergreen (World 1)
Enemies World 1
Goomba Walks back and forth, will charge at Mars if it sees him. Pretty much any attack will take it out- finishing it off with a Luma Punch or another similar attack will knock it away, and it will damage any enemy it hits.
Bloomba Unlike the Goomba, Bloomba will stand still at all times. Jumping on it will provoke a counter-attack. Because of its defensive flower, its best to hit it using projectiles; if Mars must attack from above, he can use the Corkscrew, bouncing off before the counter can hit him.
Koopa Walks along platforms, turning at the edge of each one. It will ignore Mars until it is hit. The shell protects its back from attack. Because it moves quickly, it is difficult to attack it head on- jumping on it is the best option, plus it allows Mars to use the shell afterward.
Piranha Pot A small clay pot that launches a Piranha plant. The plant will fly quickly up, mouth open, then drift back down slowly. The Piranha itself is protected by thorns from the side and it's teeth from above, so it is very hard to attack directly. Even if it is defeated, the pot will spawn another soon after. Instead, attack the pot to destroy it. Keep in mind that the piranha can be jumped on while it travels down.
Cheepy Cheep This small fish just wants to swim around pools of water. It won't even notice Mars if he's close by. If Mars finds one out of water, it won't even do damage on contact. If you really want (or need) to kill this guy, almost any attack will do it in. Except for water attacks (duh), which only push it around. If one is found on the land- or if Mars forces one out- pushing it into water will cause it to swim close to the surface- it can then be used as a platform by jumping of it.
Citrine Sands (World 2)
Enemies World 2
Grumba Walks in the same way that Goomba's do. It has a tough stone helmet that protects it from above and the sides! There are two strategies. Mars can bait out a dash attack from it, then attack it when it falls over, revealing its weak spot. The second option is to use piercing attacks like Leaf Tangent to break its helmet, reducing it to a normal Goomba. Keep in mind that, since it won't die when jumped on, it serves as a reliable platform.
Poki Shuffles back and forth over a small area. It has small needles protecting most of its body, so no melee attacks here. If one segment is somehow separated, it will slide until it hits something solid. It's body can be hit with projectiles, but only hitting the head will take it down for good. Fortunately, its head has no spikes, so that's easy to do. To reach the head, some segments may need to be taken out. If there are body segments left when it's defeated, they will fall over- be sure to not get hit!
Pike That's pronounced Pi-kee! Unlike its cousin, Pike has spikes all over its body. The same strategy applies here, except that it can only be safely attacked with projectiles. It's head can be safely bounced on using Corkscrew, and the Dropscrew will kill it outright!
Thwomp This solid block of stone maintains the family tradition of slaming itself into the ground to attack Mars. Some varieties move sideways, and particularly creative ones may even move in- squares (gasp). They're rock solid and covered in spikes. The only way to kill them is to force them to fall into a pit or lava. Until then, their spikes can be bounced on like all other spiky foes.
Slamps A new addition to the Thwomp family! Slamps always come in pairs, and attempt to catch Mar's between them when they clap. Slamps are almost invincible- not even the "fall of the map" trick works on them. However, the powerful Bomb Spell and Supernova attack can kill them, as will exploding crates. But be warned- killing only one of the pair will send the other into a rage, causing it to pursue Mars until it joins it's partner in death. So do yourself a favor and take them both out at once.
Sapphire Sea (World 3)
Enemies World 3
Spear Knight These elite soldiers patrol a small area around them- if approached, they will either throw spears at Mars or execute a stabbing combo, depending on how close he is. These guys are very hard to approach, and even harder to hit- their spiked helmets negate attacks from above (even the Corkscrew!) and they can use their spears to protect their front. The best strategy is to wait until they turn around and attack from behind, or attack from below.
Urchie These complacent balls of pain don't really try to attack Mars. They are content to float around whatever water current they find themselves in, or float on the surface of the water. Urchies cannot be attacked directly because of their spikes, but most projectiles will kill them. That said, their is no real reason to attack them unless they are blocking your way- they can even help you if you trick other enemies into touching them!
Speedy Cheep These aggressive Cheeps will swim around a section of water until the spot Mars- then they charge at him, and won't stop! Speedy Cheeps, as their name implies, are very fast- so fast that they can catch up to Mars no matter how quickly he swims. In addition, they can do a spin attack to deflect weak projectiles. The trade-off is that they are weak, and can easily be knocked out if they run into a wall. This leaves them defenseless, at which point they can be easily defeated by any attack.
Spook Boo! These ghosts like hovering around idly and chasing silly heroes. They aren't very scary- on the contrary, they are actually pretty intimidated by Mars. They stop in their tracks if he looks at them. Spooks are invincible, so the only real strategy is to avoid them. They don't like lights, so they won't approach Mars if he's standing in a lit area or holding a lantern, wether he's

facing them or not.

Creepy Cheep These skeletal fish behave exactly like normal Cheeps, swimming around idly on a set path. Just like Spooks, these fish bones can't be defeated. They also don't mind swimming in lit water, so they can't be repelled either.
Ruby Ruin (World 4)
Enemies World 4
Goomburn Goomburns are real hotheads! Their fiery heads are resistant to all vertical attacks. They are understandably freaked out over being on fire, and constantly run around, turning at every wall they find. Goomburns cannot be jumped on safely, so they best option is to attack them with projectiles. If they are hit with a water attack, they will revert to normal Goombas.
Pyrona Pot They Pyrona Pot behaves in the same way as normal Piranhas- except they are on fire. They cannot be touched physically, so only projectiles can harm them. While they can be defeated, the spiky pots that spawn them are invincible.
K. Troopa These advanced Koopa's are more proactive than their milder counterparts- they will attack with a fiery dash attack whenever they see Mars. They will also pursue him over the edges of platforms. They can be jumped on to force them in their shells, but it requires two consecutive jumps. Between those jumps, the Troopa will engulf itself in fire- jumping off the shell gives Mars enough air time to avoid the flames. When hit, the shell will leave a fiery trail after a short distance, and cannot be stopped by jumping on it again.
Pyro Knight The second iteration of the Knight series of enemies. This vigilant knight patrols a small area, and approaches Mars slowly, striking out with its flame sword when it gets close. The Knight will block any projectiles that come its way, so don't use any until after it attacks.
Agate Alpine (World 5)
Enemies World 5
Boomer This bombs behave a lot like Bob-ombs... in fact, they probably are Bob-ombs! They stroll along in a straight line, only turning around when it hits a wall. On occasions, they can be found floating to the ground with parachutes. Defeating them will make them explode, but it takes several attacks... ...unless Mars uses fire attacks- these will detonate it in a single attack. Wether this is good or bad is entirely situational. Bombs that are weakened can be knocked into an advantageous position before the explode simply by walking into them- they deal no contact damage.
Doomer The clan has made several improvements to the Boomer- these action bombs don't walk around as much, and their spikes only protect them from melee attack. However, what it lacks in versatility it makes up for with volatility! When it explodes, the blast fills the entire screen- Mars will take damage if the Doomer is still in sight. For once, not attacking is by far the best option. Seriously, just leave them alone.
Missile Mac Missile Macs have a one track mentality. Once fired, they will continue in a straight line until they hit something. They explode on contact with a wall or other obstacle, but the explosion is small compared to Boomers. Jumping on Macs is risky, but rewarding- the blast send Mars a little higher than jumping on most enemies. But Missile Macs are fast, so aim carefully!
Launcher (Beta) Missile Macs like to take all the attention- but its the Launchers that give them a sense of direction. Launcher (Beta) does little more than aim and fire Macs. All day and all night. These guys deserve a medal. No matter how many Macs are defeated, they will keep coming unless Mars also defeats the Launcher. Launchers are so tough, only the explosive Time Bomb and Supernova attacks can even damage them. These moves take lots of energy, so prioritize which Launchers actually need to be eliminated.
Diamond Drifts (World 6)
Enemies World 6
Ninja Knight The third iteration of the Knight series. These stealth soldiers hide before launching a barrage of sharp needles. If the Ninja Knight hit with a weak attack, it will attempt to trick Mars into thinking he is defeated before attacking from behind. Ninja Knights will regain their health unless they are killed in one hit, so they can really bother Mars if they aren't taken care of. It's worth it to use a strong attack to finish them off.
Mr. Frosty This snowman is no jolly fellow. Mr. Frosty throws snowballs at approaching enemies. If he is hit with an attack, he collapses into a pile of snow, reconstituting a few seconds later. Mr. Frosty can only be killed with fire attacks, otherwise he will simply reconstruct himself. The snowballs don't do damage, simply knocking Mars backwards.
Sir Chilly Mr. Frosty's more professional counterpart. Rather than throw pitiful snowballs, Chilly can create ice blocks that freeze foes solid! No wonder Frosty feels inferior. Like Mr. Frosty, Chilly will rebuild himself after being hit by an attack. Fire attacks do not kill him permanently, but it takes longer to rebuild himself.
Crystal Cumulus (World 7)
Enemies World 7
Mage Knight The fourth iteration of the Knight series. Mage Knight cab launch powerful blasts of magic from far away, and can summon weaker enemies when threatened- these include Goombas, Boomers, and Mr. Frosty. While Mage Knight can deal lots of damage, its relatively weak defense leave it vulnerable to attack. Don't be distracted by its minions! Take it out first to avoid being overrun.
Boom Beat Bouncing musical notes that move to the beat. Every time they hit the ground, they produce an explosion of sound proportional to its bounce height. It's too focused on maintaining its rhythm to notice Mars, so it never directly attacks him. While they don't actually explode as one of its attacks, Boom Beats are still bombs, and will explode when defeated. Take them out from a distance, or just ignore them if you're in a hurry.
Twook The result of bizarre fusion between two Spooks. This beast has twice the brains and guts of a normal ghost, and isn't afraid to look you in the eye. It will pursue Mars with much more ferocity than a normal Spook. It takes lots of force to separate these kindred spirits. If hit with a sufficiently strong attack, it will split into two normal spooks. Simply using lots of weak attacks won't work, though.
Portait Spook A mystical painting capable of conjuring an endless stream of ghouls. While it sounds terrifying, the spooks aren't as dangerous as normal ones. Once released, they fly in a straight line, homing in slightly toward Mars, and dissipate after a short period of time. The spooks the painting produces are weak enough to kill with most attacks, but they will be produced endlessly until the source is destroyed. The painting is remarkably resilient- unless it suffers fire damage, in which case it goes down quickly.
Amethyst Alternator (World 8)
Enemies World 8
Rocket Ron The Koopa Troop were pleased with the Missile MAcs, but didn't approve of their lack of direction. So they created Rocket Ron to fix the problem. Ron homes in on his target, constantly gaining speed as he goes. They also produce larger explosions. Despite their improvements (or is it because of them?), Rocket Ron provides a greater opportunity for Mars to traverse the stage. While he can no longer jump on them due to the increased blast radius, he can lead them into tough obstacles and enemies blocking his way.
Launcher (Alpha) Much like Launcher Beta, these turrets aim and fire Rocket Ron at Mars. They are made of slightly tougher material than their predecessor. Because of their armor, it is pretty much impossible to beat Launcher Alpha. In fact, the only thing capable of destroying them... is Rocket Ron. Talk about hoist by your own petard!
Joule No, not the scientific term. Our Joules are different! Joules are essentially floating electric balls. You'd think all that power would go to their head, but shockingly enough, they are pretty laid back. They shrug off any attack that hits them, responding only with that blank, soulless stare. What made them lose that spark in their eye? (That's the last joke, I promise!) Joules are really only a danger if Mars jumps into them. Otherwise, they can be ignored. They can even help Mars on his way- if he freezes them, they can be used as platforms for a short amount of time!
Heavy Knight The fifth and final knight- Heavy Knight! Wielding a plasma sword and an energy cannon, it is a powerhouse- and its armor makes it extremely tough to beat. Standing at its post, it will meet intruders with powerful laser orbs from afar and devastating sword slices up close. It can even reflect projectiles with its sword! While its armor is its greatest strength, it is also its only weakness. Sneaking up on Heavy Knight from behind and hitting it hard enough will often knock it to the ground, leaving it open to attack. Dealing enough water or electric damage will also short out the armor, leaving it open to attack. Don't give up!


Main Characters
Mars Pinup
Lu Pinup
Toadsworth Pinup
Captain Toad Pinup
Captain T.
An aspiring jumper, hoping to take up the mantle of the legendary Emerald Knight. He didn't expect his chance to come so soon, but he isn't backing down! A messenger from a distant galaxy, sent to guide the budding hero; he ends up being used as a living projectile. Whatever works. An emissary from the Mushroom Kingdom. He came to request aid from the local royals- since that failed, he is now assisting Mars on his journey. Captain Toad has come a long way from his years of simple treasure hunting; he is now the head of the kingdom's military! He failed to stop the Koopa's once- but not this time!
Royal Characters
Petalia Pinup
Shale Pinup
Tidal Pinup
Duflare Pinup
Captain T.
Princess of Emerald Evergreen. She is related to Daisy from Floria- she certainly inherited her personality. Her kingdom has close relations with the Mushroom Kingdom. Prince of Citrine Sands. He is pretty lazy, preferring to sleep during the hot noontime hours. Since his realm has relatively few inhabitants, he has plenty of time for that. Princess of Sapphire Sea. She doesn't deal with unexpected problems, and can easily fall into depression. She won't bother others with her emotional problems (even if she should). Prince of Ruby Ruins. He's a loner, and no one really knows him. He is closely affiliated with the Shy Guys, but even he has never seen one unmasked.


Mid Bosses

Note: Bosses only use attacks in bold once half of their health has been depleted.

Once a diminutive seedling, Potsy has been upgraded using green magic. He barely fits in his pot anymore! There must be some reason why he keeps it around...
Robble is a magically enhanced Grumba. He sports all the standard features of inexpensively buffed enemies- larger size, more health and moves, and- of course- lots of spikes.
  • Pot Pound- Potsy leaps across the stage, and slams into the ground. Produces two shockwaves that travel a short distance away.
  • Seed Shot- Launches a seed across the stage. Can be fired at two different heights; avoided by jumping or ducking.
  • Fluff Floater- Fires three floating seeds into the air that glides over the stage. When Mars is beneath one, it will drop down and sprout into a spiky plant when it lands.
  • Leaf Launcher- Fires a spread shot of five leaves upward, then jumps and fires five more downward. Each leaf travels at a random speed, making it harder to avoid.
  • Earth Flip-Stomps once, dropping two large stones from the ceiling. He then rushes horn-first across the stage- every time he hits a stone, he flips it upwards toward Mars.
  • Boulder Dash- Robble curls into a ball, and rockets across the stage. If he hits Mars, he will stop in place, and Mars will be thrown across the room into the wall. This move can be used twice without stopping.
  • Arena Change-Leaps into the center of the stage and slams downward. This produces spikes along both walls, that remain for the rest of the fight.
  • Seismic Roar- Robble lets loose a thunderous roar, that causes rocks to fall from the ceiling. It also pushes Mars away, and can knock him into the spikes if he's too close.
  • Sharp Shooter- Robble jumps and lodges its horns in the ceiling, before shooting a barrage of rocks at Mars from the air.
Potsy can be damaged directly, but his defense is too high for this to be effective. Attacking his pot will do more damage, but Potsy will block attacks directed there unless he is in the middle of, or just finished, an attack. Robble has very high defense, so the only way to damage him reliably is to use the melee attack in Leaf Tangent. This is easier to do if Robble isn't attacking, but the best tactic is to trip him when he uses Earth Flip by jumping on him.
While more at home in the big blue, this fish has no problems outside of the water. Even so, many of his attacks involve spraying water as a weapon. No one knows how he stores all that water in him.
Smeltone is a sentient rock, somewhat reminiscent of a volcano. He certainly knows how to give a warm welcome- will Mars be able to take the heat, or is Smeltone too hot to handle?
  • Bubbles- Launches a barrage of water bubbles, then jumps and launches a large bubble towards Mars. The bubble will burst into smaller ones when it hits the ground.
  • Surf- Forms a massive ball of water beneath him, then rides it across the stage like a wave. The bubble gets larger the further it travels, so Mars must jump over it early in the move.
  • Flood- Launches a massive barrage of bubbles near the ground. Each bubble deals only a little damage, but the move covers so much space it's almost impossible to dodge.
  • Wash- Deepmaw slams into the ground, launching a series of geysers across the stage. Getting hit by one will launch Mars into the ceiling, damaging him.
  • Maelstrom- Deepmaw creates a large bubble around him, then sweeps across the stage while whirling around in a tornado, creating a powerful pull. Getting hit traps Mars in a multi-hit attack until the move ends.
  • Fire Rain-Launches flaming rocks into the air, which fall slowly back. Each one leaves a flaming patch on the ground.
  • Hot Foot- Smeltone dashes across the stage, leaving a flaming trail a short distance behind him.
  • Heat Wave- Creates an inferno within Smeltone's body, engulfing him in flame. Standing close to him will damage Mars, even if he's not touching him. For as long as the flames last, all of Smeltone's attacks will deal extra damage.
  • Flare Pillar- Smeltone leaps across the stage, attempting to smash Mars into the ground. If he misses, the next jump will leave a flaming pillar behind him.
  • Chow Down- Smeltone dashes toward Mars, mouth open. If he catches Mars, he will burn him inside his body before launching him across the stage from his head. He will sometimes jump when approaching Mars, anticipating an evasive maneuver.
Deepmaw's attacks are hard to avoid, but weak. Using Brick Block will shield Mars from Flood, and Rockin Roll will knock Deepmaw out of Maelstrom, stunning him. Smeltone is a predictable opponent, but his moves do lots of damage. Using water attacks while Smeltone is under the effects of Heat Wave will extinguish him, weakening his attacks. Water will also put out the flames produced by his attacks.
Admiral Burster
Admiral Burster
Admiral Burster may be the bomb, but he isn't prone to blowing his top. Rather, he is a suave and clever tactician, using explosives strategically in battle. But if he falls, he will make sure his foe goes down with him!
A silent blade in the night... Jitsu's benign appearance belies his deadly skills as an assassin. His swordplay alongside his ice powers makes him a force to be reckoned with. Rumor has it he is also great at ice sculpting.
  • Admiral Bomb- Throws bombs that explode when they hit the ground. Some of the bombs are duds, and will only explode when Mars touches them.
  • Admiral Missile- Activates custom-made Missile Macs that home in on Mars. The last one he makes moves twice as fast.
  • Admiral Grapple- Burster rushes forward and attempts to grab Mars. If he does, he will punches Mars repeatedly before placing a bomb on him. Mars can shake out of the hold to avoid being blown up.
  • Admiral Mines- Throws a set of mines onto the field. They will remain inactive until he activates them later. Each mine produces a multi-hitting explosion.
  • Admiral Airstrike- Burster leaps across the stage while dropping a barrage of bombs from above. He can perform this move two or three times in a row.
  • Admiral Farewell- The Admiral rushes forward, attempting to grab Mars. If he does, he will self-destruct in a massive explosion. This move is an instant kill, but will kill Burster if he misses. He only uses it once he has nearly been defeated.
  • Cloak- Jitsu vanishes in a puff of smoke. This move does minor damage to Mars if he is close by. Used primarily to transition into a different move.
  • Blade Dance- Jitsu appears behind Mars and strikes out with his sword. The attack cannot be dodged once he appears, but can be predicted by looking for the flash of his blade.
  • Needle Storm- Jitsu appears on one of the walls, targets Mars, and throws a barrage of icy needles at him. If any of them hit, Mars will be trapped in the attack until the move ends.
  • Ice Blink-- Jitsu appears at one end of the stage, and throws a ninja star horizontally. The star moves too fast to be dodged once he appears, so Mars must predict the attack. Jitsu will sometimes appear with a snowball, and throw it and the star together- the star will land if he jumps, but the harmless snowball hits him if he doesn't.
  • Snow Sculpture- Jitsu covers the stage with fog, and produces three sculptures that resemble him, creating four shadows of himself. When the fog clears, the three fakes explode in an icy mist that freezes Mars in place. Jitsu will attack with his sword this happens.
  • Blade Strike- Jitsu appears on one side of the stage, sword drawn. After a short wait, his blade flashes, and a dashes across the sage at incredible speed to attack. If the attack hits, Mars will take massive damage, but if it misses, Jitsu will smash into the opposite end of the stage, stunning himself.
Burster has lots of health, but fire attacks weaken him much faster. When he uses A. Airstrike, counter with Fire Spire to knock him back to the ground. While A. Grapple and A. Farewell are difficult to dodge normally, it is much easier if he is hit with Afterburner during the dash. Jitsu's fast attacks make him difficult to hit, especially since he cannot be hit between his attacks. However, Mars' Time Bomb and Supernova make quick work of him- the only trouble is finding an opening. Blade Dance is a good time to use Supernova, and Time Bomb can counter Snow Sculpture- if Mars can pick him out from the fakes.
Spooker Sr
Spooker Sr.
Archie Arc Reactor
Archie + Arc Reactor
The strongest of all the spooks. He has set up his residence at the only exit from the afterlife, and he won't let Mars through. He can't leave himself, so there is no real reason for him to be so difficult. Time to teach him a lesson!
Mars may have destroyed the main power grid, but the airship has a backup power source. Archie diligently charges the entire ship, completely by himself. On his first day on the job, his ship is attacked by some annoying kid and his starling friend. He is not ok with this at all.
  • Phantom Fizz- Launches ectoplasmic bubbles that slowly descend, bursting into ghostly flame when the rest on the ground for a moment.
  • Brave Souls- Summons five Spooks before vanishing. These Spooks will not cower when Mars looks at them, but they disappear after a short time.
  • Grave Earth- Spooker sinks into the ground, inhabiting a chunk of earth. He then tries to drop on top of Mars.
  • Ghoul Loop- Spooker charges toward Mars. When Mars jumps over him, Spooker performs a loop and approaches again.
  • Chilling Call- Appears close to Mars, then emits a sphere shaped sound wave that freezes Mars in place, even in the air. Spooker attacks by slamming into him if the move hits.
  • Dead Ringer- Summons four bells in the air. Spooker ducks into each one, sending harmful sound blasts towards him.
  • Orb- Archie charges a sphere of electricity, and launches it at Mars. This is followed by a wave of seven similar orbs.
  • Beam- Archie discharges a small spark that enlarges into a vertical beam, then slides it towards Mars. Halfway through the move, Archie warps to the other side of the arena to launch another.
  • Missile- Launches a barrage of Missile Macs toward Mars.
  • Mobile Power-- Hovers just off the ground, wrapping himself in sparks, before sweeping the stage.
  • Grounded Circuit- Warps into the center of the arena, charges electricity within him, then covers the floor in electric sparks for several seconds. Two small homing orbs are also launched halfway through the move.
  • Overheat- After taking too much damage, Archie warps to the center of the stage, and discharges excess heat as flaming waves away from his body. His mechanical form then explodes, filling the center of the stage with flames.
  • Final Spark- Archie floats in a figure-eight pattern around the stage, launching small homing orbs at Mars.
What makes Spooker so tough is that he can't be directly harmed in his spectral form- but in kind, there is little Spooker can do to harm Mars, even as a stronger spirit. Mars must wait for Spooker to inhabit a physical object, then attack that object, specifically during Grave Earth and Dead Ringer. Mars must be careful, since these attacks are much stronger. The Arc Reactor is extremely vulnerable to quick bursts of Sonic Twister, which is also needed to phase through Beam. Mars needs Cloud Cover to avoid the floor during Grounded Circuit. When Archie prepares to use Overheat, Mars can counter with Bitter Breeze, then destroy the frozen armor to prevent the attack. In his final form, he is vulnerable to Chill Whirl.

World Bosses

Note: Bosses only use attacks in bold once half of their health has been depleted.
World Bosses
Manu Manu Thwomp
Lemmy's personal robot. It looks suspiciously like a hand-me-down; still more proof that the other commanders don't take him seriously. Still, it can launch spiky balls, and produce a metal "flower" hatch on its roof for protection.
An ancient defensive system commandeered by the Koopa Troop. It is in the possession of Roy Koopa. While it is tough, it is difficult to maneuver. It has two additional hands that can be activated in a pinch. How would one control all three parts at once...?
  • Spike Ball- Launches a series of spike balls from it's mouth. Each spike ball will bounce about. Occasionally, a metal ball appears instead, which rolls instead of bouncing. Replaced by Spike Ball X in phase 2.
  • Rolling Mecha- Curls into a ball and rolls ahead at high speed. The mech is vulnerable after hitting the wall. Replaced by Reverse Roller in phase 2.
  • Goombas- Launches three Goombas from its mouth. Defeating them restores some SP.
  • Spike Ball X- Launches spike balls from both the hatch on it's head and its mouth. The balls launched from it's head bounce higher, and travel across the stage more slowly. Metal balls still appear in this move.
  • Reverse Roller- Curls into a ball and rolls across the stage. This time, it can turn around when it reaches a wall. It will not be stunned at the end, but will be forced to drop its defensive flower to execute the move.
  • Boulder Bomb- Manu hovers about the top of the stage, dropping large rocks from above. A couple of times, a clod of earth will fall instead of a stone. Some stones also break to reveal Grumba's, which restore SP when defeated.
  • Stone Sweeper- Manu lowers to the ground, then begins bouncing low along the ground.
  • Classic Crusher- Manu hovers about the top of the stage, tracking Mars' position. Once it is overhead, it slams down into the ground. Replaced by Triple Threat in phase 2.
  • Manual Lasers- Manu's hands hover above, then alternate shooting laser beams toward the ground. The slide back and forth as the do, creating moving hazards.
  • Hand Slam- Manu's hands track Mars' position, then clap together. They then slam into the ground, producing a shockwave.
  • Triple Threat- Manu tracks Mars' position. It then tries to crush it with each hand, before slamming down itself.
Goombot's most obvious weakness is its rolling attack. It can be stomped on with the Dropscrew after this move. It is not stunned after using it's upgraded version, but it takes a moment to restore its protective flower. It can still be stomped during this time, but the window of vulnerability is shorter. Luma Punch can also rebound the spikeless balls sometimes launched during Spike Ball, stunning the bot in the process. Manu is vulnerable to Leaf Tangent, but this isn't enough to break through its armor. When it uses Boulder Bomb, dirt clods are produced. Mars can grow spiky flowers on these clods using Green Thumb. Mars can then guide Manu into landing on it, which both weakens its armor and traps it in place for a moment. This only deals a little damage, but each time its armor is weakened, Leaf Tangent will deal more damage. Be aware that if its hands crush the flower, no damage is dealt.
Megloooper Blooper
Meglooper Blooper
Kelvin Pdodbot
Kelvin Podobot
The latest creation of Iggy Koopa. This massive machine dwarfs those of the other commanders- it fights from the background, extending its tentacles towards Mars. Despite taking its name and appearance from the Blooper species, it has only five tentacles instead of ten. Budget cuts, I'm sure.
A flaming assault weapon, piloted by Larry Koopa. The device is almost always engulfed in flames, and can shoot fire from its mouth. He has named each of his moves and yells them in combat, apparently inspired by anime. Larry claims his robot has no weak spots, but isn't it obvious he's lying?
  • Great Whirlpool- Draws water into his mouth, pulling Mars in. The move comes out fast, but its eyes will change just before it begins. Replaced by Dark Whirlpool in phase 2.
  • Ink Jet- Its two long tentacles emerge from beneath Mars, and shoot streams of ink at him. The Ink does little damage, but can push him into the spikes above. Replaced by Ink Wave in phase 2.
  • Mecha Blooper- Launches smaller mechanical Bloopers that home in on Mars, leaving an inky path in their wake. The ink both hurts Mars and blocks his vision. Defeating them restores some SP.
  • Black Deep- Blasts ink from its mouth, darkening the water and limiting visibility. The inky water is cleared out when it uses Dark Whirlpool.
  • Dark Whirlpool- Inhales water like before, but its tentacles launch inky globs and Mecha Bloopers at Mars at the same time. The move is even harder to predict if the water is still inky.
  • Ink Wave- Two tentacles appear on either side of the arena, launching several inky blobs into the water. They then alternate sucking water towards them, moving the blobs around and creating currents.
  • Lava Landing!- Podobot crashes into the lava, creating waves that travel over the stage. If the bot is not covered in flames, using this move will heat it up. The waves are larger if it is still on fire.
  • Fireball!- Podobot launches a barrage of bouncing fireballs across the stage. Each fireball travels at a different speed and bounces at a different height.
  • Heat Seeker!- Podobot hovers low over the stage, and sweeps across the ground. It moves faster the hotter its flames are.
  • Minions!- Summons Pyro Knights to fight for him. Defeating them restores SP. If they are not defeated in time, Podobot proceeds to the next attack.
  • FIRE WIRE!- Podobot extends flaming beams from its body, then rotates them as it moves around the stage. The beams are longer the larger its flames are. Once it returns to the center of the stage, the wires are discharged as massive fireballs that leave flaming patches behind.
  • BLAZE ROCKET!- Podobot rockets across the stage, leaving a trail of fire behind it. It will move faster the greater its flames are. This is the only move where water attacks will have no effect.
  • FLARE BEAM!- Hovers above Mars with its mouth open, then launches a flaming beam downward. Even if it misses, it creates flaming waves that travel outward.
Because Meglooper is so big, only its tentacles can be damage. When it uses Ink Jet, counter with Brick Block to crush the tentacles. When it switches to Ink Wave, instead use Rock Roller to hit them. The only way to damage Meglooper directly is to use Brick Block when it uses Great Whirlpool or Dark Whirlpool. Keep in mind that if the water is dark, it may be better to let it use the Whirlpool moves. Podobot's moves are easy to predict because Larry shouts the name of each one, and uses them in the same order. It's power is directly proportional to its heat- while it is covered in flames, it can only be damaged by hitting the crown, but they can be reduced, and eventually extinguished, by using Water Geyser and Aqua Jet; Fire Wire and FLARE BEAM can be cancelled this way. Once the flames are gone, Podobot takes damage regardless of where it is hit.
Heavy Grinder
Ice Queen V
Ice Queen V
A heavy industry device designed for excavating and piloted by Morton Koopa Jr.. Equipped with missile launchers, flamethrowers, giant claws, and circular saws, this machine is not to be taken lightly- especially since only its head can take damage. It is poised above a mining shaft with three levels.
A machine of royal proportion, under the control of Wendy O. Koopa. Originally disguised as a massive ice sculpture, the robot slowly pursues Mars down a long icy corridor, with a bottomless pit at the end! The machine can launch ice crystals, blast frosty air, and spawn drones to attack.
  • Double Saw- Launches its massive saws toward Mars. Each saw has limited reach, so it while try to use the one closer to Mars. The move can deal multiple hits with a single saw. Paired with Giant Claw in phase 2 and 3.
  • Boom Hatch- Drops Boomers from its claws and mouth. These can be defeated for SP, but will explode after a short time. Replaced with Doom Hatch in phase 3.
  • Drill Missile- Lauches a giant missile from one of its claws or its mouth. It lodges into the ground, and explodes after a random amount of time has passed.
  • Mega Blast- Charges energy, and releases an explosion about its head. This move is only used after the mech has been knocked down, and causes the floor to fall out, leading to the next floor in the mine shaft.
  • Giant Claw- While one claw uses Double Saw, the other will aim itself at Mars, and grab him if he gets too close. The grab is fast, and deals lots of damage in a single hit.
  • Fire Triad- Releases a stream of fire from the flamethrowers housed within its claws, using them to sweep the far sides of the stage. At the same time, the head fires spread shots of fireballs.
  • Doom Hatch- The same as Boom Hatch, except one Doomer is released along with the Boomers. The Doomer will jump of the stage after sitting for a while.
  • Mining Beam- Charges up power in its claws and mouth and launches massive laser beams downward, but from only two of its openings. Mars must find the one beam that won't fire to avoid the attack. Only used in phase 3.
  • Ice Shot- Launches an icy projectile at Mars that explodes into ice crystals when it hits something. If Mars is frozen, mash buttons to escape.
  • Ice Drones- Spawns two or three drones that shoot small ice crystals downwards, creating spikes when they hit the ground. They can be defeated for SP.
  • Frost Breath- Blasts cold air from its mouth along the ceiling and floor, producing icy spikes. The ones along the ceiling will fall after some time. The ice can be broken with explosive attacks.
  • Mega Crystal- Launches a massive ice crystal from its central hatch. It is too big to jump over, so duck instead.
  • Chest Lasers- Fires twin lasers from its two chest plates. Each beam sweeps across the ground in opposite directions. Only the part touching the ground damages Mars.
  • Queen Claw- Fires its to massive claws at Mars, trying to grab him. Knocking them back grants a lot of SP, but doesn't destroy them.
  • Diamond Missile- Launches two homing missiles made from diamonds. They cannot be destroyed, and will follow Mars until they either hit him or a wall.
  • Royal Charge- Increases speed for a short time. If the pit at the halls end is in sight, it will always use this move.
  • Attraction Beam- While cloaking itself in electricity, the machine tries to inhale Mars. Mars will be damaged if he touches it.
Heavy G is the toughest machine of the lot- in fact, none of Mars moves can damage it. To attack, MArs must knock the machine down to his level. The only way to do that is to hit its Drill Missile with Fire Spire before it is released, causing it to explode. Once Heavy G is down, hit its head with Afterburner to deal damage quickly. Be careful- every time the bot goes down, it will knock the floor out- if this happens three times, Mars will fall into the mining shaft. The real danger when fighting Ice Queen V is being cornered at the end of the hall; most of Mars attacks are too weak to defeat her in time. Use Time Bomb when it attacks with Mega Crystal- hitting it while the hatch is still open will not only do lots of damage, but also knock it back a short distance. Counter Royal Charge with Supernova to knock the machine back, and prevent it from moving for a while; this can be a lifesaver if Mars is trapped between it and the pit.
Commander Kalmant
A speedy mobile weapon piloted by Ludwig Von Koopa. Even though it has an obvious weak spot, the vehicle's high mobility makes it difficult to hit- especially with it launching fireballs, lasers, and missiles! Ludwig's extensive experience in racing contributes to his skill behind the wheel.
The commander of the Koopa Troop, leading their assault on distant shores. He needs no machine to fight, instead using magic cards to summon midbosses Mars has fought before. If those fail, he can fight using his magic axe, as well as channel the power of the Amethyst Jewel.
  • Rocket Start- The MotorKoopa races across the stage at high speed. It can do this up to three times. It's wheels are covered in flames, except on its last pass.
  • Miniturbo- Charges energy in its wheels briefly, before launching across the stage. It jumps just after the boost starts, making it difficult to jump over or duck under.
  • Missiles Salvo- Fires Rocket Rons and Missile Macs from its cannons, two at a time. The Missile Macs are launched straight, while the Rocket Rons are lauchned upwards at an angle before homing in. They can be defeated to restore SP.
  • Wind Blast- If Mars is trying to attack, the vehicle will unleash a blast of wind, pushing him away.
  • Doughnut Drift- Races across the stage while whirling. It spins so fast it creates a tornado, drawing Mars in. As its speed increases more, it leaves a flaming trail behind it.
  • Fire Blitz- Launches waves of blue fireballs from its mouth, while also firing slower bouncing fireballs from its cannons.
  • Koopa Laser- Charges and fires a massive laser beam from its mouth. Lasts very long, and deals multiple hits if Mars is trapped in it.
  • Card Carry- Throws one of his cards at Mars. When it hits the ground, it will summon the corresponding midboss. Each one has less health, but will start using attacks from their second phase. Kalmant always uses two cards before attacking himself.
  • Thunder Beam- Launches a blast of electricity at Mars. Its power and size is determined by how long he charges it.
  • Drop Spark- Hits the floor with his axe, creating two electric sparks traveling in opposite directions. These continue to ride on the floor and walls for some time.
  • Axe Dash- Charges towards Mars, attacking with his axe. It will reflect projectiles that it hits.
  • Backlash- Retaliates to attacks with a quick counter attack using his axe. Only works if he is not already attacking.
  • Magic Wave- Hovers in the air, launching a wave of magic blasts along the floor. The magic has a chance of burning, freezing, or electrifying.
  • Spark Sphere- Charges a giant sphere of electricity around him, then launches it forward. Most attacks are blocked by the sphere.
The MotorKoopa is fast and dangerous, but it can be disabled to land attacks. Using Bitter Breeze will freeze the ground, causing MotorKoopa to spin out when it uses Rocket Start. This will not work if the wheels are still blazing. Chill Whirl can reflect the Missiles that are fired, both damaging it and gaining SP. Ice attacks also negate the bouncing fireballs, but not the blue ones. Lastly, the Motor Koopa's mouth can be frozen shut during Koopa Laser, damagin the mech instead. Kalmant mostly attacks using Midboss copies, but his own attacks can be dangerous if left unchecked. When he uses Axe Dash, counter with Cloud Cover to blind him, leaving him open. He can be attacked while using Spark Sphere with Sonic Twister; this can also destroy the moving sparks created by Drop Spark. Lastly, each card he uses can be attacked- doing so will cause the midboss to emerge weaker than usual.

Secret Bosses

Note: Bosses only use attacks in bold once half of their health has been depleted.
Secret Bosses
King Koopa II
Shadow Crown
The King of all the Koopas, known as Bowser Jr. He still values the so-called "Clown Copter" that his father gave to him, and has had it upgraded into a battle suit. But even when his ride is down, he can still put up a fight!
The true from of the Legendary Crown! Shadow Crown is a being that feeds on strife and hate, and plans to send the entire planet into an endless war. It can draw power from the Crown Jewels, and use their power against Mars!
  • Koopa Bomber- Hovers overhead, dropping time bombs from above. Each bomb explodes after its timer reaches zero, but not all have the same amount of time on them.
  • Furious Fisticuffs- Lowers to the ground, and travels across the stage punching wildly. If one of the punches connects, Bowser will continue punching him across the arena.
  • Clown Crusher- Hovers above Mars, and attempts to land on him. The boxing gloves give the move much more reach than one would think.
  • Cannonball- Launches a barrage of cannonballs from the copters mouth. Each one explodes on contact, and the last one sends flaming waves across the stage.
  • Guard Summon- Calls in a random Guard Bro, then waits until it is defeated to begin attacking. Each grants additional SP.
  • Abandon Ship- Bowser jumps out of the clown car, dropping it to the ground. It then explodes, covering half of the screen.
  • Fire Breath- Launches waves of deadly fireballs from his mouth. Each fireball will light the ground if they touch down.
  • Bowser Bomb- Jumps into the air, attempting to land on Mars. The move is slow, but is very strong.
  • Whirling Fortress Curls into his shell, and spins towards Mars. He jumps every time Mars jumps, making the move hard to avoid. While in the shell, most attacks will do nothing.
  • Shadow Beam- Slides about above Mars, shooting beams of dark energy downwards. The beam traps mars if it hits, dealing multiple hits.
  • Warp Blitz- Teleports all over the stage, launching homing shadow spheres. Once he appears for the last time, he will instead launch a wave of spheres around him. The spheres can be destroyed for SP.
  • Dark Gun Punch- Launches waves of small bullets from its hands, before rocketing forward.
  • Green Trident- Launches waves of three leaves at Mars. The central leaf will grow into a spiky vine or a poisonous flower when it lands.
  • Brick Roller - Surrounds itself with stones and hovers over Mars, trying to land on him. When it lands, its rock armor splits into to boulders, rolling to either side.
  • Sea Portal- Several portals appear in the sky and on the ground. Each one launches a torrent of water up or down, depending on its placement.
  • Rocket Flare- Blasts across the stage covered in flames, dropping flaming orbs behind it. Each orb erupts into a pillar of flame.
  • Bomb Smelter- Warps all over the screen, leaving exploding orbs behind. When it appears for the last time, it charges an explosion around its body.
  • Blizzard Trap - Creates an icy fog across the stage, that then condenses into several icy crystals. When these fall, the create icy spikes along the ground.
  • Storm Twister- Launches clouds across the stage, then pulls them back in with a tornado. Each cloud drops water bullets as it travels back.
  • Electric Ambience- Launches five electric spheres around the stage. Each sphere then creates a web of electricity between it and every other sphere.
While riding the Clown Copter, Bowser is tough to get at. While in the sly, Mars can hit him using Spark Orb's lighting bolt- this is especially helpful if he is using Clown Crusher, as he will fall to the ground. Once he abandons the vehicle, most attacks will be blocked when he is idle. Landing enough electric attacks will stun him; electric attacks are also strong enough to penetrate Whirling Fortress Shadow Crown is tough to beat- when he begins using the Crown Jewel attacks, Mars can counter each with the one before it. Actually, Shadow Crown is weakest to Star Bullet, but only when not using a Jewel attack. Dodge his attacks, then counter attack when he uses his dark moves.


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