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Return of Spikeyfruit is a Spikeyfruit tech demo shown at E3 2016. The demo includes upcoming 3DTV for graphics, a realistic physics engine, and complete voice acting, successfully synced with the mouths of characters.


Level Cap

Level Name Level Code Level Description
Snowbored LC01 A snowboarding level, in vein with the start of Ice Cap Act 1 from S3&K.
Arctic Alley LC02 A city alley that's been frozen over.
Frozen Water Slide LC03 A downwards scroller that loops forever, similar to parts of Ice Cap Act 1 from S3&K.
Half Waste-Pipe LC04 A skating minigame in a waste pipe.
Frozone LC05 A frozen demonic temple.
Boss Bleak LC06BOSS A battle against Bleak.


  • "I'm the plant man! I come out, I throw pollen all over the field, and then, I start eatin' garbage!" -Spikeyfruit, while the logo is being displayed.

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