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Part 1

Back in The Plunderers' camp, the two Bokoblin guards suddenly awoke.

"'Ey, wot the-?" said one, named Squinty, looking over at the wooden post where Lank had been tied up.

"The prisoner's gone!!" said the other Bokoblin, who was named Gnarly. "Whadda we do?! Tusko'll skin us fer sure!"

"'E can't 'ave gone far!" said Squinty. "We'll hunt 'im down!"

"Well, then let's go!" said Gnarly. So the two would-be guards grabbed their weapons (rusty cutlasses) a knapsack of food, and ran out of the camp.

"When we find the little runt, I'll make 'im wish he never made trouble fer us!" Squinty promised. His partner in crime nodded fervently in agreement.

"Maybe I'll hang 'im upside-down over a fire pit," said Squinty. " Then I'll tan 'is hide wit' my blade!"

"My my," said a voice suddenly. "What do we have here?"

Both Bokoblins turned around to see Kotuumath perched atop a large boulder, smiling at them. Squinty pointed his blade at the halfbreed.

"Wot do yew want, scaly-face?" he demanded, showing snaggled teeth. Kotuumath continued to smile aimlessly.

Part 2

Chapter 6 --- Chapter 7 --- Chapter 8

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