Retro Mario Party is a Mario Party Game for the Nintendo Replay. It combines Mario Party, Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3 into one game, with better graphics, 1 new Character, and 1 new board!

Section 1


Mario and Co. are fighting over who the Super Star is. Wario and DK both say that a Super Star has to be strong. The two then start to fight over who is stronger. Yoshi and Peach both say a Super Star as to be sweet (Yoshi thinks SWEET as in food). The two start fight ing over who is sweeter. Nintentoad says that a Super Star has to be Smart and Skillful. Everyone starts to laugh. Mario says that he should be the Super Star because of his courage. Everyone says that he is wrong, and they all go back to arguing. Toad comes and tells everybody his great idea. They should go through the pipe at the center of Mushroom Village, and go on an adventure! On their journey, they will find out who the real Super Star is. They all agree, and start heading towards the pipe in the center of Mushroom Village.


Image Name Color
Mario Bros


Mario Red


Luigi Dark Green
Prinnsess peach


Peach Pink


Yoshi Green


Wario Yellow


DK Brown
Nintentoad Dark Red


Name Difficulty How to Unlock Goal
Mario's Rainbow Castle 1 Star Starter Collect Party Stars, and return the rainbow to the castle.
Luigi's Engine Room 3 Star Starter Collect Party Stars, and get the engine of the engine room to work once again.
Peach's Birthday Cake 2 Star Starter Collect Party Stars, and complete the cake.
Yoshi's Tropical Island 2 Star Starter Collect Party stars, and stop the whirlpools to reunite the to yoshis.
Wario's Battle Canyon 2 Star Starter Collect Party Stars, and stop the war of Bob-Ombs v.s. Bob-Omb Buddies.
DK's Jungle Adventure 1 Star Starter Collect the Party Stars, and find the lost and mysterious treasure.
Nintentoad's Busy City 3 Star Starter Collect Party Stars, and help the toad escape the building that has caught on fire.
Bowser's Magma Mountain 3 Star Bought in shop for 980 Coins. Collect Party Stars, and defeat Bowser.
Eternal Star 3 Star Unlocked by completing every board at least once. Collect Party Stars, and turn the board back to normal.


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