Retro Goodies is a classic, NES/SNES styled game for WiiWare, and the first in the Retro Goodies (series). It stars explorer Jumpdude on his quest in the ruins searching for treasure.


There is a legend that every one, thousand years, a large ruin opens up for 24 hours. If anyone can get inside, find the treasure, and get out before the time has passed, they would be the richest person in the world. However, several bugs, adventurers, and animals end up getting sealed inside there. Radiation, spirit power, and other energy sometimes mutates them into vile monsters and undead. Now the ruins is filled with creatures, making getting the treasure ridiculously hard. However, the silent Jumpdude's totally prepared to enter the ruins with only a whip in hand!


Name Description Boss
Dune Village The first area in the game. Village Elders will teach you how to play and stuff. None
Ruins Overground The HUB area. You can get to many different places from here. None
Moss Spire A tall spire filled with moss and other plant monsters. Moss Gardener
Sandfill A landfill filled with sand and a whole bunch of sand geyser puzzles. Sand Ghoul
Sun Chamber A chamber revolving around a huge sundial that has a monster trapped inside. Sun Demon
Rock World A huge rock sticking out of the ruins. Several caves are inside. Rock Sponge
Emerald Palace After beating the other four chambers, an emerald tower rises out of the ground leading to the top of the world. None
Crystal Box A box in which the final treasure resides. However, the final evil rests within... Demon of the Ruins


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