Look at this fuck
Full Name Reten
Current Age 19
Date of Birth October 3
Gender Male
Species Beorn
Location ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Align Chaotic Neutral
Current Status Alive n Kicking
Class Hero?

Ex-Smuggler Ex-Commander

Lamenters (formerly)

Launch Kraken Coalition

Family and Relations
Plum (Occasional Partner)
Main Weapon(s) A pair of pistols (Heartbreaker and Sol)
Ability/ies An unpredictable fighter
Deadly Marksman
Powerful Claws
Vulnerable To He aint very smart
Nationality Upper-Echelon Zeonian
Height 6'1
Sexuality Bisexual
Boback Peterson (Fake Identity)
Voice Actor(s)
Paul Dobson
Hair color Orange
First Appearance Lamenter Till I Die
Latest Appearance ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You try to kill me? That’s just business. You try to pretend you have authority here? I’m not in a position to tell you not to be delusional. But trying to destroy a guy’s collectible? Dick move, man.
Reten, laying down a wisdom.

Reten is Unten's counterpart from an alternate universe. Unlike the other Alternate Untens Reten actually played some part in the destruction of his Zeon and later his entire universe.


Reten is a Beorn and thus appears similar to a bear. He has orange, unkempt fur, sharp teeth like a shark's and his eyes are the reverse coloring of normal Beorns. He wears an orange jacket with fur trimming and a lamentor's patch on it. He has a gold tooth and three large claws on each hand.


Although much more mercenary and vicious than other Untens, Reten is still a rather heroic guy depsite him denying it. He tends to be quick to anger and even quicker to draw his pistols but despite Reten doesnt hold a grudge for long...Most of the time.


Reten doesn't have many actual supernatural abilities but makes up for it with a stunning proficiency with firearms and improvised weaponry. Reten also doesn't have the moral fibre of many other heroes and is willing to perform more villainous actions for less noble causes. Reten is also a rather skilled mechanic, especially when it comes to making vehicles go way faster than they really should.


Reten lived well in his home universe, spending most of his free time lounging in a space cruiser he hijacked, surrounded by Gunpla Kits and Pogs bought with blood money as he shit posted on ∆Chan. This all changed when he was one of the mercenaries (Alongside Mad Dog, Primeval Thorn, Cardinal and later Blood Ruby.) hired to form the group eventually known as the Lamenters. The Lamenters were formed as an emergency line of defense for the Huxxabu Free State against the ever-pressing attacks of the KiloBot's UPF Forces. They eventually detonated a device that caused a Defcon 1/Warpcore Breach, Causing a crack in space timeto break the universe apart and send pieces of it flying into others. A lot of the pieces (Reten included) were sent to its close neighbour, The Fantendoverse. The now homeless Reten, accompanied by a Huxxabu refugee with strange powers calling herself Blood Ruby, is currently somewhere in Nevada, being hunted by the UPF Drone Meta-Form Prime.


Primeval Thorn

Thorn and Reten are a textbook example of blood siblings. The two have fought innumerable battles together and have become fast friends.

Mad Dog

The two have a bitter rivalry and while they dont hate eachoother enough to kill, they certaintly hate eachother enough to compete recklessly and argue constantly. Primeval Thorn thinks that the pair need to "either fight or fuck" which Reten finds to be a fucking stupid analysis of their bitter hatred for eachother.


Reten sees Spree as a brother of sorts and the two often reminisce over Reten's past. He's kinda protective of Spree aswell.


Reten doesn't think much of Plum, not being as hung-up on his species' extinction as she is. However, he respects her fighting ability and enjoys working with eachother.

Trophy Information

Image Info

Plum: Dead World

An alternate universe Unten coming from the doomed Neotendoverse. Reten is a reckless and impulsive soldier of fortune who wields the dual handguns Sol and Heartbreaker. Fun Fact: Reten can turn his head around 180° like an owl!



  • Reten's pistols are references to SCUD: The Disposable Assassin. The pistols share similarities with SCUD's own pistols and are named after 2 SCUD models in the comic series.
  • Reten is not Lanky Kong
  • He isn't Jar Jar Binks either dickface!
  • Reten's motorbike is called the Maid-01 and is a heavily modified Harly-Davidson WLA. The bike was a piece of smuggler history in the Neotendoverse, being owned and added to by many high profile pilots and mercenaries. Reten's addition to the vehicle is a boombox on the side.