Reswob is an antagonist in the game  Kirby RPG and the Infinity Shard. She is also Bowser's twin sister and the step daughter of Joe Koopa

Bowser's Twin Sister
Current Age 8
Date of Birth 9/12/1994
Gender Female
Species Koopa Troopa
Current Status Too young to date
None, Shellcreeper Army
Family and Relations
Bowser, Joe Koopa
Main Weapon(s) Shell
Vulnerable To Physical Attacks
Height 5"11'
Weight 310lbs
Sexuality Female
Voice Actor(s)
LeBron James
First Appearance Kirby RPG and the Infinity Shard
Latest Appearance Kirby RPG and the Infinity Shard
Series Kirby RPG infinity Shard


Reswob was born along with Bowser, but they were both abandoned and they lived on the street. One day when they were both eight, a Koopa named Joe Koopa found them and adopted them. Once the Shellcreeper army took over, he taught them how to use Kung-Fu to defend. They were taught to fight against Kirby who would try to kill her since Joe Koopa was a Shellcreeper and teamed with Waddle Doodle

Reswob and Boweser ended up fighting Kirby, but were both soon destroyed. Reswob woke up and ould not remember who she was. She couldn't remember that she had a brother or stepfather. Reswob grew up and still never remembered her past life. After that is currently unkown.


Reswob looks a lot like Bowser since they are identical twins. One thing that is different about her though is that she has a pink bow on her head and usually wears lipstick. Her shell is also a brighter shade fo green, but it is very hard to tell and see because of the lighting in most of the pictures. She also has an extra spike on her shell but you cannot see it in any of the pictures.


Reswob is very girlish and like to use makeup and wear lipstick and jewlery. She was not a lot like Bowser, he liked to pretend to be a pirate and play with racecars. She and Bowser worked well together sicne they were forced to live out onto the streets and survive together. However, after Joe Koopa came then she changed and became more of a warrier. Since started to like fighting and survival and use less lipstick and makeup. Eventually she and bowser were a lot alike and were both determined to kill Kirby. She looked up to Joe Koopa as more of a mentor than a father. After she lost her memory though she became her normal self again, but lots of the time she was confused and could not remember a lot of things. Reswob's patronus in the game is a Unicorn because they are girly but are good warriers, but when she loses her memory it is my dog Max because he is very confused just like she is when she loses her memory.