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Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
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Platform(s) WiiU, Xbox One, PS4, PC, NX, Visus Sphere
Single-Player, Two-Player Co-op
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Survival Horror, Action-Adventure
Series Resident Evil
Predecessor Nintendo Biohazard
Successor Not Announced
 Resident Evil 8 is an upcoming sequel to Resident Evil 7. It like its predecessor makes a striking return to the more Survival Horror concepts of the original trilogy that were noticeably absent in the fifth and sixth game and replaced with Action-Adventure. It is the 28th game of the Resident Evil series and 8th in the numbered series. It has been announced to be released globally on the same date, although said date has yet to be confirmed. The first console to recieve the game will be the PS4 followed by the other three, stated to be approximately 2 or 3 months behind.


Approximately 2 years after the events of Resident Evil 7, a large proportion of the Viral outbreaks have subsided with all political governments signing a treaty known as the V.S.A. (Viral Safety Agreement), which denies any government from creating biological weapons and places heavy surveillance on all Biological based research. During this time, the B.S.A.A. an organization that had for a long time been inactive is restarted by a small group of its leading operatives including Chris Redfield and Jill Velntine, the new B.S.A.A. forms a security base in Montreal, Canada and spreads out embassies into nearly every country across the planet. It is stated that the organization is not a political faction and is only interested in preventing any viral outbreaks.

During the 2 years however, a small group of capitalists, later known as the 12 Unholy Disciples join together forming a secret organization from the remains of Umbrella and Neo-Umbrella called Umbrella-P (Umbrella-Pain) whose main goal is financial domination through the use of Viral attacks on countries. It is unknown where the group's main base of operations is and thus is impossible to truly destroy the organization.

Main Characters


Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield, returns as the main protagonist of Resident Evil 8, after forming the new B.S.A.A. he took it upon himself to raise awareness of the T-Virus, G-Virus, Las Plagas, T-Veronica Virus, Uroboros Virus, T-Abyss Virus & C-Virus explaining the differences between them and introducing a system known as the V.P.R. (Viral Protection Rules) that lists what to do based on the Virus encountered. Chris continues training and enhancing his skills in the field to prepare for any and all Viral outbreaks, he has become well-acquainted with most weaponry including Firearms, Artillery and Military Vehicles. During the game, the player will usually play as Chris Redfield, navigating through the treacherous areas of Umbrella-P's bases.

Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine once again returns having undergone a prolonged hiatus due to the damage done by Wesker in Resident Evil 5, she initially acts as the communications head of the new B.S.A.A. and helps handle diplomatic negotiations with the governments of the world. As Chris is infiltrating the Umbrella-P bases, Jill soon realizes a pattern in the bases and tags along with Chris in some of the later bases to attempt to gain an understanding of the experiments being conducted. Jill is more experienced in dealing with one-on-one combat than Chris is although is sometimes overwhelmed by large groups of monsters.

Barry Burton

Barry Burton was assumed lost in action by the new B.S.A.A. as he mysteriously dissapeared approximately 3 months before Resident Evil 8 starts, he acted as a lead instructor for new members of the B.S.A.A. and would occasionally go out on field missions that involved stealth tactics. Barry was last recorded having gone to investigate a mysterious signal detected in the Arctic however later rescue attempts proved fruitless in their attempts to find Barry. Chris would later stumble into Barry who is locked up in the Arctic Umbrella-P base, guarded by a monsterous human known as Russe.

Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield, Chris' younger sister had for a long time maintained a distance from Chris' new B.S.A.A. group despite multiple invitations to join the organization. Claire had gone on record stating that after Sushestvovanie Island and Raccoon City she would go on her own to help in crisis. There had been reported sightings of Claire helping civilians in Europe and Western Asia during various Viral Outbreaks, indicating that she works as a seperate entity from the B.S.A.A. Questioning on the European Union concluded that she may be being supplied by them or at least supported, it is unknown if she is under an organization however. Claire would later become a branched member of the B.S.A.A. after assisting Chris in Viral Outbreaks in Spain, Italy & Russia.

Leon S. Kennedy

After the events that transpired in Resident Evil 6, Leon saught to bring unity to the American Continents as relationships between the countries on both continents were becoming tense. Leon didn't join the new B.S.A.A. and instead saught to become directly involved in diplomatic relationships for the United States. After about 9 months of relieving diplomatic tension between the American Countries, Leon started a campaign known as the Unity Program which would later go on to form the A.U.A. (American Unity Association) a group that ensured the American Countries would work effectively in protecting each other from Viral Outbreaks. Leon and Chris would later team up a few times to deal with Umbrella-P activity in the USA and Argentina.


Albert Wesker

A clone of the former Umbrella worker, this Albert was attempted to be controlled by the 12 Unholy Disciples however as time progressed a change in power occured allowing the clone to gain control of Umbrella-P. It isn't stated whether this Albert is actually a clone or the result of the C-Virus on another individual, although evidence supports the prior as Albert infects himself with the T2-Virus near the end of the game which includes the C-Virus.

The Board

A group of Capitalists that formed a new Umbrella organization called Umbrella-P, working in secrecy the organization created an enhanced version of the Las Plagas virus that allowed them to control anyone they turned into a worker. It is revealed that they have 12 bases that work off of a central base, while throughout the game the player searches for and infiltrates these 12 Non-Main Bases, the main base is never discovered.

  • Simon Peter - Jerusalem, Islam/Palestine
  • Andrew - Raccoon City Crater, ???, USA
  • James Z. - Cape Town, South Africa
  • John - Argentina
  • Philip - Madrid, Spain
  • Bartholomew - Venice, Italy
  • Thomas - Easter Island
  • Matthew - Sapporo, Japan
  • James A. - Arctic
  • Thaddaeus - St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Simon - Alcatraz Island, California, USA
  • Judas - North Island, New Zealand

Secondary Characters


Billy Coen

After the events of Resident Evil 0, Billy went into hiding to avoid the investigation following him about his involvement with James Marcus. After the events of Resident Evil 2 (and Resident Evil 3), Billy had been apparently sighted living in Alaska where contact was minimized. Billy is encountered attempting to join up with the B.S.A.A. near the start of the game explaining that he had been hiding however with the recent viral outbreaks wanted to find Rebecca as he owed her for her vow of silence. Billy later assists Chris in investigating the Arctic B.S.A.A. base, along with Jake Muller and they find out that Rebecca and Sherry had also been investigating the base however was captured by James A. Billy later helps out by becoming an optional assistant character if the player and Billy rescue Rebecca from the Arctic Base.

Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca had initially been keeping her distance from the B.S.A.A. organization after an incident with a Bioterrorist attack in Australia. Rebecca is noted as being involved in the infiltration of the North Island Umbrella-P base however shortly after Chris infiltrated the Easter Island Umbrella-P base she had been reported as missing. It would not be until Chris, along with Billy & Jake infiltrated the Arctic base that they would find Rebecca again who had been captured and was being interrogated to try and find answers to the Proto-T-Virus made by James Marcus. Rebecca however could be rescued by Chris and Billy and help the group reach the deeper sections of the Arctic Base. Later on Rebecca would become an optional assistant however, only if Chris and Billy saved her.

Jake Muller

Jake, after his involvement in the Middle East crisis with Napad B.O.W.'s went into researching possible Anti-Viral Agents for the C-Virus, although he was able to create a vaccine for the common C-Virus, the enhanced C-Virus proved to be too great, so Jake began working with the B.S.A.A. as a lead researcher and occasionally as a field agent. Jake would later team up with Chris and Billy to infiltrate an Umbrella-P base in the Arctic after he'd found out they were holding Sherry captive for the traces of G-Virus left in her. Chris and Jake would later rescue Sherry from a monster known as Iranoid. After the group returned to the B.S.A.A. Base, Jake offered his assistance to Chris again with the incident in Jeruaslem, during this time, he and Chris settle old conflicts that were still causing tension between them after Resident Evil 6.

Sherry Birkin

After the subsiding of the D.S.O. due to lack of funding, Sherry tagged along with Leon for a while however after being approached by the B.S.A.A. Sherry reluctantly joined the organization much to Leon's dismay as they offered her a chance to help create vaccines for the numerous viruses created by the Bio-terrorists. Sherry later worked with Jake creating the vaccination for the common C-Virus and Sherry was able to extract some of her DNA to start work towards a cure for the G-Virus. However during this procedure, she was captured and held hostage by Umbrella-P at their Arctic Base. Sherry was interrogated and had her blood used in experiments to create new G-Virus infected. Sherry could be rescued by Chris and Jake and help them navigate through a secret area of the Arctic Base. Sherry would later provide assistance in Madrid if she was rescued being able to severely weaken some of the B.O.W.s encountered.

Natalia Korda

Natalia had in the recent years developed a split personality due to Alex's concious in her mind. Through research at the B.S.A.A. base on the Prototype Virus they were able to subside the concious long enough to extract all traces of Alex that hade developed in Natalia. These traces would later be burnt, destroying the Prototype Virus for good. Natalia spends most of the game in the B.S.A.A. base undergoing treatment to ensure that the Alex concious doesn't return. Towards the end of the game, Chris can rescue Natalia from Wesker at the cost of having to fight the U-21, it is implied that if Chris doesn't save Natalia, she is killed by Wesker or the U-21. Natalia, if resuced provides Chris with an alternative path to the reactor room allowing him to avoid a couple of Tyrants.

Moira Burton

Moira would later get involved in the B.S.A.A. acting as one of the leading field operatives much to Barry's attempts to prevent her from such a role. Barry and Moira would work together directly in the field until Moira was promoted to head of operations allowing her to command multiple field units. Moira remained in the B.S.A.A. base for most of the game directing Chris on some of his earlier missions. She becomes heavily involved in the Arctic Base infiltration after Barry is found. After the Arctic Base incident Moira attempts to help Chris directly however is stopped by Barry determined to not let her get into the danger that was unfolding. Moira reluctantly accepts her father's request and continues directing field groups. She is later encountered again during Wesker's attack on the B.S.A.A. base where she and Barry assist Chris in getting past the security locks on the upper levels fighting off an army of Hunters together. By the end of the game, Barry accepts Moira's determination and lets her go on field missions with him whenever she wants with one of the final shots being her and Barry gunning down a T-103.

Ada Wong

After being suspended from all work and locked in a maximum security prison due to Bioterrorist involvement and crims against humanity, Ada Wong is only mentioned having been broken out by an unknown associate presumably one of the few remaining members of Neo-Umbrella. Ada Wong would then become part of Umbrella-P working as communications between the various bases. When Chris and Leon infilitrate various bases they express their feelings of betrayal by Ada as they believed her to be against the viral outbreaks to which Ada explains that she works for the highest bidder. However it is revealed when Chris and Leon infiltrate the Madrid Umbrella-P Base that Ada was actually being threatened by the Unholy Disciple, Philip, whom was using her to try to capture Chris and Leon off-guard. Ada is eventually saved by Leon and Chris who kill the unholy disciple allowing the trio to escape. Ada then disappears for most of the remaining game, contacting Chris through ammo packages as a thank you present for saving her. She is finally encountered again at the B.S.A.A. base where when Albert and Chris confront each other, Albert attempts to inject Chris with the T2-Virus however Ada shoots Albert's hand causing him to drop the T2-Virus.


Hunk remained loyal to the old Umbrella corporation and became known as the Red Silence, acting as an assassin for hire working specifically in the line of preventing the T-Virus, G-Virus, T-Veronica Virus & Progenitor Virus getting into the wrong hands. He soon learned after Wesker had been revived by cloning that he'd taken control of the new Umbrella-P organization. HUNK joined as a commander for a new unit and would be seen on occassion by Chris and the others moving mysterious shipments. HUNK would finally be encountered face to face with Chris in the Jerusalem Base where he was determined to prevent Chris from reaching the last Unholy Disciple, however Chris disarmed HUNK and beat him unconcious in Hand to Hand combat. HUNK was retrieved by the B.S.A.A. and interrogated for his involvement with Wesker. When Wesker's forces attacked the B.S.A.A. base, HUNK used the chaos to his advantage thanking Wesker on the way out by opening a security door allowing Wesker to reach the research facility. At the end of the movie, HUNK leaves a message and small mixture of T2-Virus for the B.S.A.A. telling them that Umbrella will never die.


In Resident Evil 8 the player travels to eleven locations in the world as well as temporarily staying in the B.S.A.A. headquarters in Montreal, Canada. The player's main goal in these eleven facilities is to find and destroy any research that is linked to previous outbreaks across the world. The first couple of facilities have the player, re-introduced to the main viruses in the series while later facilities show the combination of these viruses.

In these locations the player must solve a series of puzzles as well as find and access new areas of the facilities while also facing off against various mutants and zombies. Easter Island is regarded as the introductory facility due to its low levels of zombies and being the first location to introduce the Zombie Dogs, Lickers, Tyrants & Hunters.


Across the various areas Chris and the others infiltrate to stop Umbrella-P there are numerous enemies they run into along the way. These enemies can range from a standard Zombie or Cerberus to powerful Tyrants or Lickers. Enemies are also categorized by their viral infection.

Common Enemies

Enemy Name Enemy Type Effective Weapon/s Virus
Zombie Human Shotgun Shells T-Virus
Ganado Human Shotgun Shells Las Plagas
Weaponized Ganado Human Tesla Bullets Las Plagas
Majini Human Shotgun Shells Las Plagas
Vervorm Majini Human Shotgun Shells Las Plagas
Cephalo Human Shotgun Shells Las Plagas
Kipepeo Las Plagas Mutant Tesla Bullets Las Plagas
J'Avo Human Shotgun Shells C-Virus
Cerberus Animal Piercing Bullets T-Virus
Crimson Head Human Flammable Bullets T-Virus
Common Birds Animal Any T-Virus
Bats Animal Any T-Virus
Giant Bat Animal Tesla Bullets T-Virus
Las Plagas Alpha Las Plagas Parasite Grenade Las Plagas
Las Plagas Beta Las Plagas Parasite Grenade Las Plagas
Las Plagas Gamma Las Plagas Parasite Grenade Las Plagas
Las Plagas Majini Las Plagas Parasite Tesla Bullets Las Plagas
Mutated Eagle Animal Tesla Bullets T-Virus
Mutated Roach Animal Shotgun Shells T-Virus
Mutated Mantis Animal Shotgun Shells T-Virus
Mutated Snakes Animal Any T-Virus
Colmillos Animal Flammable Bullets Las Plagas
Oso Cazador Animal Flammable Bullets Las Plagas
Alacran Cazador Animal Ice Bullets Las Plagas
Web Spitter Animal Flammable Bullets T-Virus
Acid Webber Animal Flammable Bullets T-Virus
Giant Black Widow Animal Flammable Bullets T-Virus
Armadura Las Plagas Parasite Tesla Bullets Las Plagas
Escudo Armadura Las Plagas Parasite Tesla Bullets Las Plagas
Regenerator Las Plagas Mutant Piercing Bullets Las Plagas
Iron Maiden Las Plagas Mutant Piercing Bullets Las Plagas
Uroboros Uroboros Mutant Piercing Bullets Uroboros
Anubis Mutant Acid Bullets T-Virus

Uncommon Enemies

Enemy Name Enemy Type Effective Weapon/s Virus
Hunter Alpha Hunter Ice Bullets T-Virus
Hunter Beta Hunter Flammable Bullets T-Virus
Hunter Gamma Hunter Tesla Bullets T-Virus
Sweeper Hunter Ice Bullets T-Veronica Virus
Hunter Elite Hunter Ice Bullets T-Virus
Licker Licker Shotgun Shells T-Virus
Evolved Licker Licker Shotgun Shells T-Virus
Licker Beta Licker Flammable Bullets T-Virus
Drain Deimos Mutant Tesla Bullets T-Virus
Blood Sucker Mutant Tesla Bullets T-Virus
Chimera Mutant Tesla Bullets T-Virus
Reaper Mutant Flammable Bullets Uroboros
G-Larvae G Mutant Any G-Virus
G-Adult G Mutant RPG/Missiles G-Virus
Albinoid Infant Albinoid Any (Except Tesla Bullets) T-Virus
Albinoid Adult Albinoid Shotgun Shells T-Virus
Eliminator Mutant Tesla Bullets T-Virus
Devestator Mutant Tesla Bullets T-Virus
Dolor Plagas Las Plagas Mutant RPG/Missiles Las Plagas
Sufrir Plagas Las Plagas Mutant RPG/Missiles Las Plagas
Fallecido Plagas Las Plagas Mutant RPG/Missiles Las Plagas
Executioner Las Plagas Mutant Tesla Bullets Las Plagas
Lepotitsa Enhanced C-Virus Mutant Ice Bullets C-Virus
Rasklapanje Enhanced C-Virus Mutant Ice Bullets C-Virus
Demontirati Enhanced C-Virus Mutant Ice Bullets C-Virus
Shrieker Enhanced C-Virus Mutant Acid Bullets C-Virus
Glava-Sluz C-Virus Mutant Ice Bullets C-Virus
Glava-Smech C-Virus Mutant Piercing Bullets C-Virus
Glava-Begunats C-Virus Mutant Ice Bullets C-Virus
Ruka-Hvatanje C-Virus Mutant Acid Bullets C-Virus
Ruka-Bedem C-Virus Mutant RPG/Missiles C-Virus
Ruka-Srp C-Virus Mutant Tesla Bullets C-Virus
Noga-Skakanje C-Virus Mutant Tesla Bullets C-Virus
Noga-Trchanje C-Virus Mutant Piercing Bullets C-Virus
Noga-Oklop C-Virus Mutant Acid Bullets C-Virus

Rare Enemies

Enemy Name Enemy Type Effective Weapon/s Virus
T-103 Tyrant Tyrant RPG/Missiles T-Virus
T-113 Tyrant Tyrant RPG/Missiles T-Virus
Bandersnatch Tyrant RPG/Missiles T-Veronica Virus
T-091 Tyrant Tyrant RPG/Missiles T+G Virus
T-092 Tyrant Tyrant RPG/Missiles T+G Virus
T-Nemesis Proto Tyrant RPG/Missiles T-Virus
Thanatos Tyrant RPG/Missiles T-Virus
G-Proto G Tyrant RPG/Missiles G-Virus
Proto Verdugo Las Plagas Mutant RPG/Missiles Las Plagas
Verdugo Las Plagas Mutant RPG/Missiles Las Plagas
Silenciar Verdugo Las Plagas Mutant RPG/Missiles Las Plagas
U-4 Las Plagas Mutant Ice Bullets Las Plagas
U-5 Las Plagas Mutant RPG/Missiles Las Plagas
Popokarimu Las Plagas Mutant Flammable Bullets Las Plagas
Uroboros Mkono Uroboros Mutant Piercing Bullets Uroboros
Uroboros Barafu Uroboros Mutant Flammable Bullets Uroboros
Uroboros Moto Uroboros Mutant Ice Bullets Uroboros
Uroboros Chuma Uroboros Mutant Piercing Bullets Uroboros
Ubistvo Enhanced C-Virus Mutant Piercing Bullets C-Virus


The game, like previous installments in the series has bosses serve as primary obstructions, preventing the player from progressing. Some bosses act like guards while others will hunt the player forcing them to hide until they are able to damage such a boss.

Boss Number Boss Name Description Location/s
1 Insomnia An enhanced snake, taking DNA samples from Yawn and improving the T-Virus within. Easter Island
2 T-002 A Tyrant, the same as those encountered in the Mansion in the first game. Easter Island
3 T-104 A specialized Tyrant, this Tyrant has a much larger arm and its hearts are covered partially by bone. Its lower jaw has separated allowing it to attack with large bites. Easter Island
4 T-Thomas The Board member, Thomas had injected himself with the T-Virus, biding his transformation he becomes a significantly dangerous creature with two equally large spiked-whip appendages for arms, he has a monstrous hole in his torso. Easter Island
5 G-002 A large hulking individual with a bulbous growth on their back. This creature has many eyes on its body and is an aggressive hunter; it will stalk its prey and attack with its long claws. St. Petersburg
6 Gryzun A test of the G-Virus on mammals, the Gryzun is the result of an Armadillo being injected with the G-Virus. Its face is split down the centre and its plates have morphed into sharp spikes. Its arms and legs are much longer and severely lack any hair or skin. St. Petersburg
7 Zhaba This amphibious creature was once several frogs and a toad however the G-Virus caused the Toad to absorb the frogs causing it to mutate and grow more limbs. Its back has a large eye on its back which is normally protected by several of its limbs. St. Petersburg
8 G-003 The board member for the St. Petersburg, Thaddaeus had long been testing on himself with the G-Virus. He ordered his researchers to contain him within a bomb-proof control facility and to constantly inject G-Virus particles into the air to further mutate him. This hulking individual has two arms and four legs and has a mouth that extends down to his lower chest. St. Petersburg
9 Manita This giant plant was implanted with the DNA from Alexia Ashford. Its deadly spikes are able to absorb any creature allowing it to utilize their abilities. Sapporo
10 Kyofu Kyofu was a young child when she was experimented on with the T-Veronica Virus in an attempt to replicate Alexia Ashford; however the mutation caused her to become a vile insectoid-humanoid creature bearing resemblance to the Jabberwocky. Sapporo
11 Kyojin Kyojin is the result of a liquid form of the T-Veronica Virus covering a pile of deceased bodies. The result was this monster of fused bodies. The screams and howls of the bodies can be heard from fair away, being the only warning of the creatures approach; it roams the lower levels of the Sapporo facility which were sealed off due to it. Sapporo
12 Matthew A mad man among his colleagues, Matthew was regarded to be the extremist of the group and the one who introduced the concept of combining the viruses. By the time he is cornered he reveals DNA samples from Nosferatu and Alexia Ashford. Injecting himself with both, Matthew becomes a hulking plant-like individual with three giant limbs protruding from where his head was originally. Sapporo
13 Uroboros Slank This shadowy creature is photosensitive and lurks around dark locations. It is a dangerous creature and its appearance is not properly known other than it being the product of the Uroboros Virus. Cape Town
14 Uroboros Sprong The formation of this subject to the Uroboros Virus made a surprisingly stable creature that retained some human characteristics. Its main difference are its legs that due to mutation have grown an extra joint by the removal of all but the large toe and the joints fusing, this creates a grasshopper like appendage which Uroboros Sprong uses to jump around quickly to surprise prey. Cape Town
15 Uroboros Reuse This colossal Uroboros specimen was inspired by Uroboros Aheri. Where Uroboros Aheri had insect like features, Uroboros Reuse has crustacean & arachnid like features. Most notable features are its eight legs, large stinger, pincers & claws. Cape Town
16 Uroboros Mense Prior to his mutation, James Z. was one of two James’ in the Board and worked closely with James A. mainly with the Uroboros Virus. When Chris finds both of the James board members in the Cape Town base, James Z. greets him with open arms welcoming Chris to his base. However partway through his speech James A. stabs James Z. with a needle containing the Uroboros virus causing him to mutate allowing James A. to escape. Uroboros Mense is a terrifying creature, being about eleven feet tall, the tentacles across his body form a structure similar to the human muscular system. Cape Town
17 Chains One of Simon’s personal guards. Chains initially fights Chris in his human form along with Buster and Survivor however after being mortally wounded, Chains quickly entered his Chrysalis form, revealing the C-Virus present in the facility. Once he transforms, Chains appears to form a giant gun from the bones of his left arm which is able to fire pieces of bone shrapnel from it at high velocity. Alcatraz
18 Buster Buster was encountered later to be found shot in the head, supposedly by Survivor. Buster transformed very quickly, turning into a wasp-humanoid creature with six elongated limbs that are each very loosely covered in skin. His head has turned upside-down and his mouth as expanded to encompass most of his head. Alcatraz
19 Survivor Survivor was the last of the three to transform being shot down, mid-chase by Chris. When he transforms he is stopped by Claire who threw C4 into Survivor’s Chrysalis, causing Survivor to be ejected only partly mutated. His right half has become heavily deformed shrivelling his leg and arm with his head appearing to have lost his right eye. His left side however had grown a giant scythe like arm as well as five scythe-like legs which he uses to balance. He has also grown a large horn on top of his face while he has also grown an extra left eye. Alcatraz
20 Simon Simon is encountered by Chris and Claire in the Alcatraz courtyard when they attempted to escape. His giant Chrysalis was able to engulf an entire rescue helicopter before emerging from it. Simon appears to be a more complete version of HAOS with skin covering his entire body. The creature, previously known as Simon has large metal protrusions coming out of his shoulders as well as his chest area, most likely the rescue helicopter. Alcatraz
21 The Ark A B.O.W. towering several meters above Chris. The Ark is a semi-aquatic mutant created by the combination of the T-Veronica & C Virus. Its young emerge from Chrysalis which is lays frequently. It has no appendages however its mouth is able to open up into 8 separate directions allowing it to engulf most prey. Raccoon City
22 Nemesis-2 This monster from the past was created by combining the DNA of the Nemesis, T-Veronica & C-Virus. Incredibly dangerous, Nemesis-2 is able to send out tendrils that can pierce through any surface. Nemesis-2 only mutates once and this was when its only weakness, an exposed piece of flesh on the back of its head was hit with a large amount of ammunition. Through the mutation of chrysalis, Nemesis-2 turned into a bear like creature with malting hair and skin all over, its tendrils extended out of its arms and onto the floor. Raccoon City
23 Andrew The captor of Chris for a temporary amount of time. Andrew had been replacing his internal organs with other organs much like Javier had done with Manuela due to him containing the T-Veronica & C-Virus within him. Andrew was able to gain psychic capabilities from this such as levitation and prior to his mutation, telepathy & future sight. Upon being unable to be supplied with a new heart, Andrew mutated into a vicious hulking creature similar to Steve Burnside, another victim of the T-Veronica Virus. Andrew mutated like regular C-Virus zombies having the mutations vigorously erupt from his body rather than turning into a chrysalis. Raccoon City
24 Inseguitore This mutant was the result of combining the G-Virus & Uroboros Virus. Inseguitore is the only living life form on the Blue Level and protects access to the Red Level of the facility it is based in. It is a relentless hunter and will chase down anything that it sees, it appears to be a large eye attached to a human head with several bone protrusions, below that the creature is mostly just tentacles with one particularly large tentacle that appears to be its main form of movement. The player must sneak around it initially until they activate the anti-mist which causes it to become enraged however vulnerable to attack. Its body is removed from the Blue Level soon after Chris kills it and the rest of the Blue Level is sealed off to be destroyed. Venice
25 Bartholomew Bartholomew is the level-headed member of the group, often the calmest and most in control. He is a manipulative person and has performed many tests between the G-Virus & Uroboros Virus. After the death of the Inseguitore he recovers its body and along with a variety of other mutants fuses their DNA together to create a perfect virus fusion he calls the GU-Virus. Injecting it into himself when Chris finds him, he turns into a giant reptile like creature covered in many scales. His arms have many tentacles protruding from their shoulders and his torso has three eyes on it which are able to close themselves and open up as mouths. Venice
26 Tyrant John The only living specimen in the Argentinian facility, as he had killed the other people. John had been testing on himself with the T-Virus initially and had created a serum that he claimed was able to create the most powerful Tyrant ever, a combination of T-00, Hypnos Tyrant & Bandersnatch. With no one willing to test it, John tested it on himself; he developed the Hypnos-Gene, elongated arm, sturdy hide & black claws of each tyrant.   Argentina
27 G-Tyrant John Finding himself near death after his first encounter with Chris, John fled deeper into the facility and injected himself with the G-Virus in a scene similar to Birkin’s. He mutates gaining a second set of upper limbs as well as a large eye growth on his right shoulder. His head grows a white dome that provides even more defensive capabilities. Argentina
28 GCT - John Near death again by Chris, John fled to the deepest depths of the facility finding the C-Virus sample they had recovered from Carla. Mutating into a Chrysalis like the others, John was provided enough time to emerge fully developed. Retaining the large elongated arms with black claws, a white dome head and tough hide as well as the eye moving to his neck. John’s complexion became a very pale white and his spinal bones had grown into spikes that protruded out of his back. Argentina
29 Russe One of James A’s most loyal guards, Russe protected his fellow colleagues by injecting himself with a virus called the GVC-Virus, The mutation from this virus caused Russe to develop a large eye on his abdomen, he also grew significantly in size and had plate like structures grow around his torso and arms making his arms more like flippers. His back is covered in small spikes that are bullet-proof. Arctic
30 James’ Guards James’ other personal guards. These guards try to stop Chris from reaching James A. Each one does so by injecting themselves with the T-Virus causing them to turn into Hunters. Arctic
31 James A. James A. is mainly known for his vast greed and incomparable desire to be in power. He goes to the point of injecting himself with a prototype of the five viruses together, the TUGCV-Virus or T2-Virus. This prototype causes him to mutate into a horribly deformed humanoid creature. His head is split in two with Uroboros tentacles in the gap in between. Both of his eyes have greatly expanded to take up most of each side of his head. He has grown two large tentacles as secondary arms while his main arms have become clawed and have large spines protruding from the elbow joints. He has grown a tail which is able to shoot a highly flammable liquid which is ignited by his blood, his legs have also separated and now form four two toed legs.


32 Primero Sabre As evidenced later, the Madrid facility had successfully been able to use the T2-Virus to mutate humans into large teethed creatures. The first version of these new creatures is the Primero Sabre, which looks like a hunching human with no eyes and has large lower-jaw canines. Its arms are also more muscular than a normal human’s and its spine extends out of its back creating a tail-like structure. Madrid
33 Segundo Sabre The second version of the Sabre line. The Segundo Sabre does not hunch like its predecessor and also has the G-Virus’ trademark large eye on its chest. It also has a series of tight Uroboros tentacles protecting this eye and its jaw has split open with three large spikes protruding from the middle and both ends. Madrid
34 Tercera Sabre The third version of the Sabre line. The Tercera Sabre has grown armour plates on its back as well as having grown a second set of arms and all four arms have spiked fingers. Its head has grown one large horn in the middle which it uses to charge. Madrid
35 Philip Sabre Philip in a last ditch effort to preserve his work, injected himself with this T2-Virus turning him into a Sabre. He has all the features of the Tercera Sabre as well as a third leg and all his feet have become hoof like feet. His upper jaw has split in half like the lower jaw and the side spikes on his mouth have extended to encompass his entire mid region of his head. In addition all four of his arms have eyes on the elbow joint. Madrid
36 Simon Peter Simon Peter was a religious man, believing he was to be the messiah ushering in a new age for the world; he sacrificed himself to the T2-Virus believing it would protect him. This highly concentrated T2-Virus mutated him into a monstrous being, standing nearly 60m tall. Mostly a conglomeration of mass he did form a basic worm structure with many small limbs flailing about as well as plates, giant eyes, spikes & a giant mouth with at least 8 set of teeth in a leech like formation. Jerusalem
37 Tyrant Licker During the attack on the B.S.A.A. a Tyrant and Licker were dispatched to attack the database. They were both killed by Chris however an Uroboros creature descended and absorbed them both becoming the Tyrant Licker. A Humanoid creature with a large exposed brain, it also has a long acidic tongue and very muscular arms and legs. It is able to climb on walls and ceilings and has a powerful, clawed left arm. B.S.A.A. Base
38 Uroboros Butterfly This Uroboros Creature combined itself with a Butterfly in the Biological section of the B.S.A.A. base. The resultant creature was a large Butterfly like creature with hundreds of tentacles forming its wings. It had a skull like head with two large antennae. B.S.A.A. Base
39 G-Veronica A hybrid of the G-Virus & Veronica Virus attacked Chris directly during the attack on the B.S.A.A. This creature appeared similar to Alexia Ashford’s flower form however does not have the main tentacle and instead of a human component as the top half, it is replaced with a large eye attached to a vine. The eye doubles as a mouth and the creature is able to move with its smaller tentacles. B.S.A.A. Base
40 Albert Wesker Back from the dead, this monster of a man has incredible agility and strength. It will take a quick eye and a quicker hand to defeat this master of hand-to-hand combat. B.S.A.A. Base
41 Mutated Albert Wesker In danger of being killed, Wesker injects himself with what he calls the Ultimate T2-Virus. He begins to mutate turning into a chrysalis and the chrysalis expands outwards consuming anything in its path. Chris and co. make a run for the exit and watch as Wesker’s Chrysalis engulfs the entire base, the chrysalis breaks open revealing the new Wesker. A behemoth of a creature standing over 300m tall. He has many features from Tyrants, William Birkin’s third form, Hunters, Alexia Ashford, Nosferatu, Lickers, Ubistvo & G. B.S.A.A. Base

Secret Bosses

Throughout the game the player can deviate from the main objective in some areas, this can lead to a Secret Boss, every Secret Boss guards an upgrade to one of Chris' weapons, the upgrades are not linked to the bosses however, so missing a secret boss will prevent the player receiving all weapon upgrades. There are 15 Secret Bosses throughout the game.

Boss Number Boss Name Description Location/s
1 White Tiger An albino giant tarantula, White Tiger has little to no hair on its body and contains the T-Abyss Virus. Decapitation is only effective on its head as the legs will simply move around attempting to flail at Chris. Easter Island
2 LT-Vile An attempt to recreate a scenario of Tyrant known only as Lisa Trevor, this nearly indestructible hunching monstrosity lurks in a secluded area and has no visible face due to it tearing off its victims skin and attaching them to its body. Easter Island
3 G-Unit A group of controlled G-Virus Mutants, these six masked individuals are mostly covered in armour save for some eyes located on their right shoulder, left knee and upper back. They wear mutation restricting clothing however when destroyed they take a more dog like form in an attempt to bring the player down. St. Petersburg
4 G-Digger By taking DNA from a mutated worm known as Grave Digger and combining it with the G-Virus a truly horrific monster is created. Very resistant to the cold climate, G-Digger has a single eye inside its mouth making it difficult to hurt, in addition it has small tentacles that act as secondary weapons to its mandibles. St. Petersburg
5 Vamponica In an attempt to create an airborne T-Veronica Virus a Vampire Bat was injected with the virus, however it quickly mutated becoming humanoid in shape growing two small arms while its body elongated, significantly increasing its wingspan. It has trouble flying, however its tail has alongside and become spike allowing it to grip to walls and bash the player. Sapporo
6 Dracula Taking DNA from Alexia and Alexander Ashford, this man-plant hybrid sticks to the ceiling, avoiding ground light if possible. It attacks with its 8 scythe-like vines and can release spores to create Fledgers. Sapporo
7 Uroboros Naglug A large flying Uroboros, despite its large amount of tentacles it was able to manifest a pair of wings. Its tentacles give it a squid-like appearance with and is able to grapple quickly from wall to wall. Cape Town
8 Uroboros Vreembe This odd mass of tentacles from a relatively small core of Uroboros appears to form itself into a tree like sturcture. Completely immobile, the creature is attached to a large electric generator that causes anyone that makes direct contact with its tentacles to be electrocuted, it also appears to be surprisingly resistant to fire. Cape Town
9 Jabbersnatch A hybrid of a Bandersnatch and a Jabberwock S3, due to its enhancements with the T-Veronica Virus it is able to sustain its other arm. Both arms are capable of  unleashing powerful bursts of fire which are indicated through the exposed muscle tissue throughout its body. In addition, if allowed to form a Chrysalis it will become signifcantly more defensive and its arms will become covered in spikes. Raccoon City
10 Ogrovore This very large C-Virus infected creature has an appearance similar to Ogroman however is noticeably more armoured, it also has large club-like fists and is able to use its own spine as a weapon due to it changing into a large spike. Raccoon City
11 Iranoid This large mutated Caribou appears to have a huge eye on its underside however it is protected by armour plating. In addition its antlers have grown into its own skull and fused with its tongue becoming a tendril spike. Arctic
12 Tyrant B9 This rather large Tyrant has retractable tentacles and long arms, its skin around its face and torso is extremely stretched due to the size of its body while the skin on its arms are simply just torn apart due to the stress of the transformation. Arctic
13 Silencio Sabre This unique Sabre is able to turn completely invisible, its body is surprisingly different to others as it appears to have a scorpion shape to its body with a large stinger on the end capable of spraying acid. Jerusalem
14 Bruto Sabre Another unique Sabre, the Bruto Sabre appears to have had a humanoid appearance at one point however a large iron pipe has been shoved down its entire torso. The body has split in two growing aroundthe pipe forming two heads and smaller arms. In addition its legs have changed shape to a more beastial shape. Jerusalem
15 U-21

Intially a mass of tentacles clearly comprised of the Uroboros Virus, the creature reveals its human body underneath the tentacles confirming its infliction with the G-Virus due to a large eye on the torso. The human body then forms a Chrysalis while the tentacles protect it, as well as raising the Chrysalis onto the ceiling, the player shoots the tentacles causing them to retract into the Chrysalis to reveal the monster's true form.

The new creature appears to have characteristics of Steve Monster, Bandersnatch, Crimson Heads, G Adult, U-8 & Derek's Dinosaur Form. It's large body includes a cape out of the tentacles with a large carnivorous head with the eye now within the mouth, in addition it has smaller heads around its neck that are able to shoot sharp tendrils out of their mouths. Its large arms are able to lift it off the ground allowing it to move like a monkey.

B.S.A.A. Base


  • The Plaga Infection from Resident Evil 4 is the only main infection that doesn't appear in this game
    • Resident Evil 1, 2 & 3 featured the T-Virus
    • Resident Evil 2 featured the G-Virus
    • Resident Evil 5 featured the Uroboros Virus
    • Resident Evil 6 featured the C-Virus
  • This is the second time Wesker has mutated and been the final boss, however his mutation is vastly different from the one in Resident Evil 5 as he has access to five viruses instead of one
  • Wesker's mutated form in this game may be the largest enemy ever fought outsizing even Uroboros Aheri
  • Lickers do not serve as a boss in this game and are instead introduced by the breaking windows concept
  • The Tyrant Licker is the first instance of these two B.O.W.s being combined together
  • During the attack on the B.S.A.A. base, the player has the most possible allies in any game as he has Leon, Jill, Barry & Claire assist him
  • This is the first even numbered Resident Evil game not to feature Ada Wong
  • The Board Member, known as Judas was never shown to mutate, it is unknown what his facility were researching and whether he used it on himself when Leon fought him.
    • It is theorized that due to its first appearance being in the B.S.A.A. attack that Judas' research was on the G-Virus & Veronica Virus
  • Inseguitore is one of the most aggressive hunting enemies in any videogame, as it will constantly chase Chris until it gets to an area where it can't reach, in which case it will circle around to find any methods it can get into where Chris is before giving up