Hades lowered the empty gun. He fumbled with a shaky hand in his breast pocket for another bullet. As he did this, he heard a scratching noise behind him. He whipped around instictively to see what had once been a n orderly working with the poor senile old farts at Shady Oaks.

The white coat was torn and dirty. Two dull yellow eyes gazed out at Hades from sunken sockets in the thing's head. Its skin was a dull metallic red with black nails on the claw-like hands.

Hades raised the gun and put a bullet right into the creature's left eye. A tannish jellylike substace poured from the popped eyeball, but the creature kept coming. Hades quickly loaded another bullet into the revolver and pulled the trigger. This time, the bullet penetrated smack dab in the middle of the creature's forehead. It keeled over less than two feet from Hades. He loaded the rest of the gun and walked cautiously towards the dining room.

I can't get out of this that easily, he thought. I can't chicken out and just put a bullet into my head. I started this whole thing all those years ago and I'm sure as hell gonna finish it. I'm the only one on the whole planet who has any idea what's going on. They need me out there. I have to get out of here first, though.

In the dining room, Hades ducked behind a table as he saw something that looked like the gramma from hell shuffling towards him. He peeked over the desk and fired. The demon-lady sprawled over onto a table, spilling plates of food. Hades sprinted for the hall, but not before another old-fart-zombie came towards him. It too fell to Hades gun. He ran towards the door at the end of the hall, dropping more of the monsters with his gun, and burst into bright sunlight, He made a mad dash towards a brown van parked in front of the home. He jumped into the drivers seat as the enfgine roared to life, seemingly like magic. He slammed down on the accelerator as around ten more of the zombie-demons came towards him. He plowed them over, leaving a trail of gore imprinted on the asphalt. Hades was on his way. To where he had no idea.

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