The man in black walked silently forward in the harsh desert sunlight. The only thing around for miles were tumbleweeds and the occasional cactus. It appeared to be a perectly normal stretch of sun-baked earth, but, this had been, hundreds of years ago, the site of a catastrophe so horrible, even the government had destroyed all records of it. Only two people on the whole planet knew of the site, and of the two, one of them was dying.

The man glanced around and seemingly found what he was looking for, though there was only blank desert in all directions. He raised his arm into the air, recited several words in an arcane language not of this world, and the sand started to part, such as the fabled red sea had for Moses in the old story. But this man was not a prophet of some God, but the herald of death.

The sand formed two walls, with a pathway leading in between them... to a tarnished steel door. The man entered the door, and descended the dark passage into the vast underground facility that had once been known as Site X. He traveled the labyrinthine maze of corridors that would have baffled any other man until e came to a door marked "Lab 13". He chuckled at the irony that this was where the end of the earth as we know it would stem from. He entered the door and looked around. He saw the twisted skeletons that had once been people, but they had ceased being so even befor they died. The bones were black and twisted, with black claws on the hands. They were dressed in tattered lab coats that were mostly likely white at one point, but were now a filthy dark grey.

He continued his search until he saw a rusted metal containment unit marked with the universal sign for biohazard. He nodded, and opened it. removed a black box. He unlocked the box with a wave of his hand and opened it. He drew out the glass vial that had been nestled cozily in the dark foamy substance lining the sides. He carressed the vial with his index finger, cooing softly to it.

He had his weapon. Soon, very soon, this planet would be on its knees, and soon after that, dead. The man in black laughed.

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