The Fan paced silently in his ornately decorated chambers, his hands crossed behind his back. "I sense a great tragedy has occcured," he said to himself. "But what?" he said. "What could be causing this disturbance I sense?" He whipped around as he heard a cry outside the door. It burst open and a tall figure in absurd purple clothing entered the room.

"Who are you?" yelled the Fan, outraged.

"The herald of death, my dear Fan," he replies. "Your death. The death of this Universe."

"Guards!" he shouted. "Get rid of this man at once!" Two guards dressed in the dark blue uniforms of a soldier of Fantendo ran ito the room, guns held out. The Fan's unwanted visitor simply waved one gloved hand as if he was swatting a fly.

All that remained of the guards was a pool of gore spreading over the carpet. "Who are you?" asked the Fan, appalled and shaken. "Wait! My brother sent you, didn't he? Didn't he?"

"No, I am working to my own ends, I assure you," he said. "Sit down and we will talk."

Before he knew what he was doing, the Fan found himself slumping down in an overstuffed chair up aginat the wall.

"So, now, I must tell you a story," said the dark man as he sat down in a large orange recliner that was not there a second ago. "Once upon a time, there was a very powerful being called the Fan. He had a brother, who was not a very nice person. Well, the Fan wanted to rule over a universe. But he was not powerful enough to create one.

"In another universe, there was an evil king called Bowser. He created a large black hole, but was stopped by a group of beings called Lumas. They flew into the black hole, stopping it. But it also created a clone of that universe, which the Fan scooped up, shall we say, and claimed it as his own."

At this the Fan grew pale. How could he know?Not even his brother knew!

"This universe existed for thousands of years. But, at its very founding, a being called Chaos entered it, spreading his influence. Eventually, he triumphed over his rival Order. After his long sought triumph, he traveled to a great palace in the middle of a great void. There, the Fan lived. And Chaos killed him."

At this, the Fan jumped up and made a mad dash for the door. The being called Chaos whipped around and pointer his index at the Fan. A bolt of black lightning shot from the tip, plunging into the Fan's back. The ruler of the Fantendoverse fell to the ground, dead.

When his body was later found, the only trace that anyone else had been there were two red stains on the blue carpet.

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