Requiem of Darkness
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Teen for language and violence
Genre(s) Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Suspense, Horror
Chapter(s) 100
Requiem of Darkness is a Fantendo epic of unparalelled scope, detailing the fall of the entire Fantendoverse.

WARNING! This story contains some mature themes such as violence and swearing.


Rain pours from a gray and stormy sky down onto the gray, gray city. No people walk the streets, though their blood stains the pavement with crimson splotches. A lone solitary figure leans up against the side of a gray brick building, one leg crossed over the other, smoking a cigarette. His garish purple top hat is pulled low over his eyes, and his trenchcoat writhes around him in the wind. His cane, topped with a golden "?" leans on the wall beside him.

He looks up, seemingly hearing something, though the only sound is the sky weeping for the slaughtered innocents of the city. A black cloaked being emerges from a swirling black portal, which appears to be a rupture in the very fabric of time and space rather than an actual physical object.

"So, my old friend," says the man in purple in a converational tone as he drops his cigarette to the ground, crushing it under his sickeningly orange shoe. "We meet again at last."

"It ends here, Chaos," replies the cloaked figure. "This has gone on too long. Too many innocent lives have been lost."

"Such as the poor inhabitants of Percivus?", remarks the being he called Chaos with a smirk.

"That was unavoidable," he says sadly. "You know as well as I do I would have never done it had I had a choice."

"Bull shit," the man in the trenchcoat says. "It feels good and you know it. But, alas, I have forgotten who I am talking to. You and your precious 'justice, good and honor', Order. Or what is it they are calling you now? Abaddon, isn't it?"

"I can't let you live, Chaos. Too many eternities, too many universes I've pursued you across," he says. "How many entire universes have you wiped from existance, how many good souls have you condemned to eternal torment?"

"I'm not sure," he replies casually. "Let me think for a few min-"

"This universe will not fall like the others," says Abaddon grimly. "No more will. Ever. This ends once and for all." He draws a gloved hand from inside his robe, the leather coverd fingers curled around a small metal cylinder. A long beam of purple light shoots out from the end.

The one called Chaos laughs insanely. "Finally. I've waited so long for this. It should be quite fun, my old friend," he says as he takes hold of his cane. He grips the question mark at the top and gives it a twist. He then draws a long thin blade from the black outer casing, which he drops to the ground.

Abaddon draws back, holding his energy blade horizontal at his side. Chaos leaps forward, slashing expertly, but his blow is parried. As the two waltz in their dance of death, the segment of pavement they are on starts to rise into the rainy air, ripping itself from the ground. The sheer power emenating from the two combatants seems to give it a life of its own as it settles hundreds of feet above the street.

Years pass in other realms, though to these two beings older than time itself, it seems as if the months are seconds. "You will not win," says Abaddon.

"Wanna' bet?" replies the purple clad madman. While the black cloaked Order fights fiercely with both hands gripped around his blade, his opponent holds his blade nonchalantly with one hand, singing Pink Floyd at the top of his voice as he weaves and strikes.

But then, Abaddon spots an open spot in his enemy's defenses. He lunges, and too late he sees his mistake. The one called Chaos whips around and drives his blade with deadly percision into the chest of his opponent.

Abaddon tries to say something, as he crumples to the ground, but his life force is slipping away too quickly. White smoke, pours out of the wound like blood, presenting a shocking contrast to his black robes.

Chaos cackles crazily, high with the joy of his triumph which he had sought for eternities. He slides his sword from Abaddon's torso and kicks the body from the floating platform. Raindrops pour down all around as the body of Abaddon, Order, protector of the Balance in the Multiverse, plummets to the ground bellow, his black cloak whipping in the wind as the hood is blown from his head revealing...

Chaos, The Mysterious Mr. ?, Satan, Lucifer, Lord of All and Nothing, Master of Evil, stands on the pved platform, laughing madly. "I have finally, finally done it! The balance is shattered. First the Fantendoverse will fall, then all of existance!"

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