Main Protagonists

Renario "Renan" Extreme - A mutant blue Pikachu who is chosen to be the protector of the PokeMutant World, as well as also the hero of the world. He is tempted to evil by his want to see his true family. His spirit represents Prosperity.

Hiroshi the Cyndaquil - A kind and friendly young Cyndaquil who is the best friend and sidekick of Renan. He is tempted to evil by his want to have more friends. His spirit represents Peace.

Lenalio "Lenan" Extreme - Renan's twin brother, a very independant Pikachu, who was seperated from his brother when they were both babies. He is tempted to evil by his want to protect Renan from Dr. Mewtwo. His spirit represents Independance.

Sunshine the Espeon - A beautiful, French Espeon who is a dancer at a French hotel in the PokeMutant World. She is tempted to evil by her want to be the most famous dancer. Her spirit represents Gentleness.

Rexar the Totodile - A short tempered and honest friendly rival of Renan's as well as the guardian of the Guardian Diamond. He is tempted to evil by his want to have the Guardian Diamond left alone with him. His spirit represents Honesty.

Terrell the Turtwig - A gang leader who leads the gang Jungle Troopers. He is tempted to evil by his want to have more members in his gang. His spirit represents Health.

Shel the Oshawott - A kid-aged Oshawott, who always want to be a samurai, but no one teaches him. He is tempted to evil by his want to have a sensei to teach him samurai skills. His spirit represents Obedience.

Unity the Lucario - A mysterious Lucario who travels alone by himself for many years ago. He is tempted to evil by his want to stop all of the crimes in the PokeMutant World. His spirit represents Justice.

Gold Master - The Gold Master is the ruler of the PokeMutant World, and a fatherly figure to Renan. He is tempted to evil by his want to have the Shadow Lord disappear forever.

Main Antagonists

Dr. Mewtwo - The main antagonist of the series, an evil mad scientist Mewtwo who has terrorized the PokeMutant World since Renan was a baby, until he was imprisoned by the Gold Master. Fourteen years later, he escaped from his prison and continues terrorizing the PokeMutant World.

Axellon "Axel" E-Ville - Dr. Mewtwo's most trusted minion, a Meowth with a terribly miserable past, and wears an eye patch on his left eye.

Naner - Renan's evil clone, a black Pikachu with red hair and red eyes.

Bounty Hunters - Dr. Mewtwo's other minions, who work for him to capture the Pokemon living in the PokeMutant World.

Seven Destructive Rulers - Dr. Mewtwo's top seven warriors with each of them taking over one of the seven continents of the PokeMutant World.

Shadow Lord - Former servant of the Gold Master and the current boss of Dr. Mewtwo, who usually gets upset with Dr. Mewtwo's failure.

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