Renard (FE:EH)
Current Age 29
Date of Birth April 17
Gender Male
Hometown Seys-Zarcrois, Del Sagnes
Starting Class Myrmidon
Reclass Options Mercenary, Soldier, Musketeer
Main Weapon(s) Swords
Affinity Fire
First Appearance Chapter 1: Revolution
Species Human
Ethnicity Delsagnegesque
Ah, mon cherie... you are too cruel, no? I mean no harm, I swear it!
Renard, Fire Emblem: Event Horizon

Renard' (ルナール, Runāru, Renard in the Japanese version) is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Event Horizon.


Renard is an influential nobleman in his homeland of Del Sagnes. Unlike most of the upper-class society in Del Sagnes, he uses his social status as a way to sway others into being more charitable, rather than use it as a way to demean the poorer. As a result, he is not as popular with his fellow upper-classmen as he is with the common people, who adore him greatly. When Del Sagnes is facing a civil war, he tries to convince the King, Megnes to resolve the situation peacefully, but he fails. Seeing what the revolution is doing to his country and the innocent people being caught up, he decides to take matters into his own hands and goes vigilante, protecting the people as the masked man, who the folk have called "The Emerald Guard". He has a personal sword, Lysèe. When deployed out on the battlefield and in most scenes, he wears his mask and hat. In the barracks, supports and cutscenes between the army, his mask and hat are taken off.


Renard is a generous man, who likes to stay true to his word. While he prefers to help others in need, he has a bit of a vain streak and is overly confident in his choices. He tends to show a flirtatious streak as well. His biggest flaws are that he is easily taken advantage of due to his trusting nature, and that he is incredibly finicky and uptight, and thus is a borderline perfectionist. He is also a very heavy sleeper and has a naïve, rose-colored view on the world. Hobbies of his include his harpsichord as well as drinking wine. Due to Del Sagnes being a predominantly French-speaking country (Catalan in the French version), his knowledge of the general language (English) is quite loose and as such his word placements may sound strange.

In Game

Starting Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Move
Myrmidon 1 18 6 0 9 9 4 4 4 5
Skills Weapon Starting Items
Avoid + 10 Swords - C Lysèe

Rapier Vulnerary Vulnerary

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res
80% 55% 10% 75% 80% 30% 35% 35%


See also: Renard/Supports

Romantic Supports


Event Tile

  • "Ah, what a good round of sword practice for now, no?" (Experience)
  • "I must stay keen with mine weapon. I must practice further." (Weapon Experience)
  • "What imbècile would leave this here, honh?" (Item)

Relationship Event Tile


  • "Ah, so what do you do when your time is free?" (free time)
  • "You are looking très content. Did you taste a good wine?" (happy)
  • "Your skills that you possess are certainly something to behold. It'd be better if we teamed up, no?" (team up)
  • "Ah, the dreams we have. They keep us waking up in ze morning, no? If I may ask, what are yours?" (dreams)


  • "I practice on my harpsichord or read a nice book. Is quite relaxing, no?" (free time)
  • "Ah, if only zat were ze case. But in actuality, I have just tasted some fine wine." (happy)
  • "I thought you'd never ask, my friend! Of course!" (team up)
  • "It would be a great life to stop all this conflict and live in peace." (dreams)

Asking - Married

  •  "Look after yourself out there, won't you, (Name)? I cannot live without you." (promise)
  •  "What is that I see that you are trying to hide? I can see it plainly; please show it to me." (gift)
  •  "Je te aime, (name). Even when this conflict is all over I shall vow to keep you safe." (love)
  • "You are looking magnificent today, (name)." (compliment)

Replying - Married

  • "Ah, but of course! It would be criminal if I were to leave you, the most precious of all treasures, alone." (promise)
  • "Ah, I have been caught! It is a modest ring. Only for you, of course." (gift)
  • "And l'feeling, it is mutual. You are my one and only, (name)" (love)
  • "You flatter me, (name). But it is you that is très magnificent." (compliment)

Level Up

  • "Aha, now none shall stop me, no?" (6+ stats up)
  • "Avert your envious gazes, please." (4-5 stats up)
  • "Another good progression for moi." (2-3 stats up)
  • "Oh, but what have I done to deserve this?" (0-1 stat up)
  • "There is not much more I cannot do, no?." (0-1 stat up, most stats capped)

Class Change

  • "But of course, this new path shall interest me."


  • "I would be remiss not to say thank you." (buying)
  • "Ah, out of funds, I see?" (selling)
  • "Make it a fabulous one" (forging)



  • "Ah, but where is everyone at this moment in time...?" (misc)
  • "Pure energy surges through my bones! I am alive, even moreso as of now!" (surge)

Greetings - Normal

  • "Ah, bonjour to you! How are you doing?" (morning)
  • "Salut! A lovely day, no?" (midday)
  • "Bonsoir! It is a beautiful evening, no?" (evening)
  • "It is very late, Rowan. Are you not tired?" (night)
  • "Un joyeux anniversaire, Rowan!" (birthday)

Greetings - Married

  • "Bonjour, my love. Up so early, I see." (morning)
  • "Rowan, so nice to see you as always. Any plans?" (midday)
  • "Ah, what a magnificent evening. Care to spend it with me?" (evening)
  • "You should get some sleep, mon cherie. It is simply too late." (night) 
  • "Un joyeux anniversaire, my sweet!" (birthday)


A Delsagnegesque nobleman with who is under cover to protect his country. The most alcohol-tolerant. Born on April 17.

DLC Pre-Battle

In Battle

Dual Support

  • "I have your back!"
  • "Now!"
  • "Ah"
  • "But of course!"
  • "Go!"
  • "We begin!"

Dual Strike

  • "And from me!"
  • "Times deux!"
  • "The pleasure is mine"
  • "But of course!"
  • "Honh."

Dual Guard

  • "Pay attention!"
  • "Not today!"

Defeated Enemy

  • "As expected"
  • "The true way, of course"
  • "Honhonhonhonh"

Partner Defeats Enemy

  • "Très bien!"
  • "Wonderful!"
  • "Merci!"

When Healed

  • "Merci, friend!"
  • "Wonderful work!"

Critical Hit

  • "Adieu"
  • "Justice!"
  • "Vive Del Sagnes!"
  • "Merveilleux!"

Defeated by Enemy

  • "Ah... but of course..."


I only wanted to know at least... one day of peace
Renard's death quote (classic mode)

Ah, I am gravely wounded! Please allow me to retreat, no?
Renard's retreat quote (casual mode)

Possible Endings

Renard - Emerald Guard
Renard returned to Del Sagnes as a hero. He declined the people's offer to become the country's first president, and he lived out his days happily in his house, visiting his old companions as time went on.



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