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Renan: The Wrath of Dr. Mewtwo

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Renan: The Wrath of Dr. Mewtwo is the second movie of the anime, and is also the end of the second season of the anime.


After finishing creating the experiment "Dark End" that looks like Renan but with flopped big ears with two earrings on the left ear and sharp jaws, Dr. Mewtwo orders Dark End to elimate Renan and his friends. Will Renan suceed to stop Dark End and Dr. Mewtwo?


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Renario "Renan" Extreme Miyu Irino Brain Beacock
Dark End Miyu Irino Brain Beacock
Hiroshi the Quilava MeJunko Takeuchi Tara Jayne
Dr. Mewtwo Masachika Ichimura Steven Blum
Kenichi Suzumura Crispin Freeman
Rexar the Croconaw Kenyuu Horiuchi Vic Mignogna
Estella the Espeon Arisa Ogasawara Michele Specht

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