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Renan: The Dark Chronicles is an upcoming RenarioExtreme RPG game for Nintendo 3DS. This game is confirmed to feature crossover characters.


(coming soon)

Confirmed characters


Renario "Renan" Extreme - He is the main protagonist of the series, and the student of the Gold Master.

Hiroshi the Quilava - Renan's best friend, and an orphan from Higakure. He is a pro at mechanics.

Estella the Espeon - She is a showgirl from Eiffelmon and Renan's love interest.

Rexar the Croconaw - A powerful and ill-tempered Croconaw and the Guardian of the Mystic Diamond.

Lenalio "Lenan" Extreme - Renan's cousin, who was originally raised by Dr. Mewtwo, and now is in Renan's side.

Shel the Oshawott - Rexar's adopted younger brother, who dreams to be a master samurai.


Dr. Mewtwo - Renan's arch-nemesis, who always seeks for world domination, but his plans always get foiled by Renan.

Axellon "Axel" E-Ville - Renan's arch-rival, a sadistic and hostile Meowth who always gets on to his way.

Bowser - The main villain in the Mario series, who joins Dr. Mewtwo's forcesto defeat both Mario and Renan.

Supporting characters

Leafia the Leafeon - Estella's best friend, who also performs with her.

Mario - The main character of the Mario series, who helps Renan stop Dr. Mewtwo and Bowser.


PokeVille - Renan's hometown while he is with the Gold Master.

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